Sunday, August 6, 2017

Expect Senate bill S-720 and the House version HR 1697 to Pass--What Does This Mean for Christians Who Put Christ Ahead of Israel?

Both S-720 and HR 1697 will outlaw the so-called Boycott, Divest, and Sanction BDS movement against Israel. As the ACLU put it here, “Violations would be subject to a minimum civil penalty of $250,000 and a maximum criminal penalty of $1 million and 20 years in prison.” And further: That’s because, as Josh Ruebner expertly detailed when the bill was first unveiled, “the bill seeks to amend two laws — the Export Administration Act of 1979 and the Export-Import Bank Act of 1945,” and “the potential penalties for violating this bill are steep: a minimum $250,000 civil penalty and a maximum criminal penalty of $1 million and 20 years imprisonment, as stipulated in the International Emergency Economic Powers Act.”

And just who came up with these "bills"? According to the website mentioned above, it was AIPAC. And, as Cynthia McKinney, Ron Paul and others know through experience, Israel runs Congress and the Senate anyway. I mean, Ariel Sharon, former Israeli PM, came right out and said it once: "We (that is, Israel) control America, and the Americans know it." Or something like that.

Now, fully expecting these bills to pass their respective bodies with both versions being hashed out for the final vote because after all, Israel really does control the United States (and Europe as well), my question is this since I am not a BDSer and it would be difficult for anyone to "prove" that I am "boycotting Israel" (though one can avoid buying stuff with the 729 code on their products--I mean can someone actully force you to buy something with a 729 code on it? Supermarket chains are losing money left and right--just how are they going to afford surveillence cameras everywhere, even if they do hire robots? Ever hear of "throwbacks"? There is just so much robots can do to "surveill" a sneaky and quick placement of a jar from Israel on another shelf!). is my question: it will be illegal to boycott, divest, and sanction Israeli products and businesses. But will it be illegal to put Jesus Christ ahead of Israel? Will it be illegal for a preacher or pastor to say, in truth, what Galatians Chapter Three says, that God's Israel in fact consists of believers on Jesus Christ, not some secular nation created out of a Rothschildian "Balfour Declaration" scheme, and not existing without a certain psychopathic dictater put in power by those same Rothschildian forces in Germany on 1933 precisely to bring about "the Jewish homeland" (which never would have happened with this certain dictator pulling a holocaust on said Jews? And this is straight out of Schirer's "Rise and Fall of the Third Reich"--Hitler waited to invade Austria ONLY AFTER the Rothschilds in Vienna cleared out of their mansion--Schirer himself witnessed this happening! So good ol' Adolf was NOT ALLOWED to invade Austria until the Rothschilds left the place! This should tell you who controlled Germany's "Fuerher"!)

That is, if I proclaim here on this blog--after the bills passes--heck I've been criticizing the whole Dual Covenant crapola for years here!--after the bill passes and I say that it is wrong for Christian Zionists to put Israel ahead of, or on the same footing as, Jesus Christ, will I be put in jail for putting Christ first?

Now of course the bills in question do not say anything about putting Christ before Israel. But you know the whole "gradualism" or "incrementalism" of the criminal psycho elites, right? Make it illegal to boycott Israel, and, the next thing you know, CUFI (Christians United for Israel), headed by America's number one false prophet, John Hagee, will "entice" Congress to pass a law outlawing putting Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, ahead of Israel! I mean, if AIPAC can do it...

Will a Christian Zionist who reads this blog and is pissed off by what I have to say here, turn me into "the authorities" (citing Romans 13 of course)?

Want a sign of the so-called "end times"? Folks, this sort of thing will do it for me! With or without the destruction of Damascus...Then I will know that Christian Zionism is in league with the Synagogue of Satan. And I hope and pray that Christian Zionists--of which I used to be one!--will see through this episode of strong delusion when this happens, or if it happens. Or, at least, if the 501-c3 designation of churches that oppose this thing is taken away.

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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Naturally---Another "Terrorist" Attack in Britain with the End of Football Season

And, of course, good ol' PM Theresa May is now going to get the stooges of the criminal psycho elites, aka Parliament, to "regulate the internet."

Folks, that was the idea all along...take away more of the people's rights in a land where guns are effectively outlawed.

But here's the thing--while Britain's football season goes from August to the following May--unless, of course, your team aka club is competing in the "Champions League" against, say, Juventus or Real Madrid or Barca or whatever top flight European club, with the competition there ending in early June, when the "transfer window" opens and Man United gets to spend another 300 mil on players who may or may not do much!--and all those useless eaters are watching football matches, that is, being totally distracted from what the psychos ruling them are really doing to them...well, these false flags can't be happening during a time when the proles are watching football, right?

You know, 7-7, Manchester last week or so, and now that attack on that bridge of theirs...

You know, just like here in the US of A--9-11? Right before the 2001 NFL season, right?

As for taking away freedom-of-speech internet, well, the govt.'s already taken away everyone's guns...what else but the internet CAN be taken away? 

And I am not crowing because I live in a nation that still allows gun rights--it's just a matter of time before some false flag here in the US will solve that issue! And what with looneys in control--pretty soon, no college will allow whites! Good work, Evergreen State--you should change your name to Neverwhite State!--for allowing thugs to decide who gets to and who doesn't get to go to school there. Pretty soon--after all, we can't "offend" anyone (except Christians of course), so lets just kick all whites and especially Christians out or just crucify 'em.

After all, either Sharia Law or the Talmud backed by the Satanic elites truly rule the US, as well as Britain, which gave up true Christianity a long time ago!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Very Odd Timing of Manchester Attack (Another False Flag?)

The claims of the Manchester Arena attack in Manchester, England, being a false flag are valid since most "terrorist" attacks these days are proven false flags, but I will wait until more actual facts come in before I state conclusively this was a false flag. A video on YouTube where one hears a loudspeaker with a "keep calm" message with an American accent is not proof conclusive IMHO of a false flag. Whether as some say the performer Ariana Grande is just another pop star "Satanist" is not proof, either. (Because all "pop stars" are "Satanist", right?)

False flag or not, the timing of this terrorist attack--and clearly the doer of the attack, whose father is a member of Al Qaida as is likely the culprit, both from Libya and both fighting Kaddafi--is odd. In fact, most terrorist attacks in England just happen to have happened from the end of May to the beginning of August.

Which just happens to be between one English Football Season and the next English Football Season! Who woulda thunk it?

Question: Knowing the side known as Manchester United plays at a place called "Old Trafford," my question is does the other Premier League side from this city, Manchester City, play at this stadium?

And would this attack ever have happened at a Manchester City match? Because a terrorist attack could be more effective at a football match than just another concert of some no-talent American pop singer who likely auto-tunes her albums. (I say that because, folks, being of the 'greatest rock music ever' generation, us Baby Boomers, I know what great rock and pop music sounds like. The tripe millennials are forced to listen to these days has caused many of these millennials to listen to the Classic Rock of my day, or Japanese/Korean rock that my daughter listens to. Her fave band is The Gazette, not Coldplay or One Direction!)

Remember that attack on the London Underground on 7-7 in the mid-2000s? It might have been more effective had it happened at a Chelsea-Arsenal match. Or Arsenal-Hotspur.

Theresa May, Brit PM--who will or won't enforce the will of the Brit people and do Brexit, who knows? Only her master knows for sure--has declared in her own F-ed Up way that there will be more terrorist attacks, and the BBC (Big Brother Corporation) has said that Brits will just have to get used to terrorist attacks--after all, they've always been at war with Eurasia! So my question is--I mean, she is saying there will be more attacks, right? So clearly she knows something!--will these other attacks occur during "the transfer window" or right before the 2017-18 season? I mean, the govt. there has to "entertain" its subjects--I mean, the Queen does run the place, right?--and what better way to do that during the off-season than to stage terrorist attacks to take away more and more right in a nation where guns are essentially outlawed?

Because enslaving the people of Britain won't work during Football Season. Or will it? But only when the Master decides.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Google Blogger Posting Issue Solved, Will Keep Blog Here for Now

I was going to move this and my Truth Not Heresy blogs to WordPress, but then I tried accessing the two blogs on Firefox instead of Google Chrome, and it worked after I figured out the password for this account that I had "lost" aka did not remember.

Folks, I do NOT keep any passwords on my computer, but written on notes stored "somewhere"--when there are many more hackers than honest government officials (would you believe there ARE honest govt. officials? Who woulda thunk it?), you cannot trust keeping ANY passwords on your computer (desktop, laptop, tablet, whatever).

Meaning, I will continue to post here. But keep in mind I am trying to finish up my novel that I will post online for free (and on Amazon for Kindle users--if, that is, Amazon lets my novel stay up on their site---they are not always kind to self-published authors! But then again, who is? Certainly not the PUBLISHING INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX!

Friday, April 7, 2017

And Now You Know Why I Refused To Support Donald Trump--He Really Is A Psychopath! (My Last Post Here)

Now even Trump-supporting idiot bloggers (folks, Alex Jones is beyond idiot, okay? Those who put Israel ahead of America while claiming to do the opposite when it is clear to all but idiots that he puts Israel first--as does Trump, apparently! Now you know why Jones loves Trump, okay!?) are denouncing Trump, what with his murdering of innocent Syrian civilians who were "attacked with Sarin gas" by Syrian President Assad--when the whole damned world knows ISIS and Israel, backed by Trump, did it!

LePen of France, Putin of Russia, Farage of Britain--and yes, Benny the Yahoo of the synagogue ot Satan aka the govt. of Israel (and a whole lot of Israeli Jews as well) all know that Trump is trying to ignite, if not WW3, then some horrible war for no reason other than he is an even bigger supporter of the synagogue of Satan than even Obama was! (heck it took Obama about a week to bomb Syrian innocents, it only took Trump a day or two!)

And here is the likely reason why Trump has become the murderer of perhaps millions (if not now, then soon, and maybe billions as well in the coming months and years)--because poor wittle synagogue of Satan aka Israel sent jets to attack Syria and Assad had the Israeli jets shot down because, after all, Israeli jets invaded Syrian airspace so Assad did the right thing (look, even if you don't like the guy at least he has the right to keep foreign jets out of his nation, right?)

But that's a no-no to Trump--God forbid Assad should defend his own country against Israel, the light shining nation of the world, right?

God forbid anyone should even criticize Israel--right Christian Zionists? After all, God wants genocide against Palestinians, right?

Folks, I just can't say enough to all of you out there who--IDIOTS!--thought Trump would "make America great again" by starting yet another war--and DON'T TELL ME THE NEOCONS "MADE" HIM DO IT! Bull Biscuits! Don't tell me the neocons threatened to assassinate Trump if he didn't! Nonsense! Don't tell me the Hillarybots and Soros lovers would have impeached the guy had he not done this! Are you that stupid, people?

No. Trump did what he did and will very possibly START A NUCLEAR WAR WITH RUSSIA because he, like Obama, like the Bushes, like Clinton, like Nixon, like Carter, like Reagan, like LBJ--like every president since the last honorable US President, JFK--who got whacked for his honorable stances!--is a PUPPET of the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN aka the govt of Israel and their Rothschildian masters--and Satan, Rothschild's master.

And whether the psycho Donald J Trump puts me in jail for writing this--that's up to Trump and his Satanic minions.

But that is not the reason this will be my last post here. The fact is Google has screwed my royally! it took me nearly an hour to even be able to reach my blogger posting area due to all the bullcrap "security" crap Google has reconfigurated Blogger with, and I will likely stop posting on my other blogs, with links to new blogs on WordPress.

Here will be the new link to my new Something Happening Here (or whatever I call it) WordPress blog--

But give me a chance anyway to set this blog up. Should be ready by May at the latest.

Plus, I am trying to finalize my new novel, "The Prodigal Band" about a rock & roll band that throws Satan aside and accepts Jesus Christ as Savior. Likely I will create a blog on that on WordPress as well, and a website one can download the book from--for free!