Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Austerity Deal Germany is Forcing on Greece: I Think It Might Be Something Personal

You can blame Greece and Greeks for the new super duper austerity program Syriza--who said they'd never accept austerity--adopted or plans to adopt pretty much being "forced" to do so (or not...for pity sake do they just have to have the freakin' Euro? Really?), or you can blame Merkel, who some claim is a Rothschild or Hitler's daughter-in-law once removed or whatever...for forcing this ridiculous austerity plan on Greece. I blame them both. Sorry, but I do not think that Greece, who robber Peter (their own people, even those "lazy" Greeks you always read about on Libertarian websites, as if when someone takes a vacation every now and then in a vacation-friendly country it's an abomination!) to pay Paul (their own oligarchs and banksters who ripped off Greeks in the first place!) should be allowed to just walk off scot-free, and certainly the Rothschild-owned European Central Bank together with the IMF (why oh why is the head of this abomination named Lagarde?) and the rest of the so-called Troika, which should be ridden off into the Lake of Fire... these should not get off scot-free either. Because whether you think only Greece will be hurt by this, then you do not realize that Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, and eventually even the (bogus) "economic powerhouse", aka Germany, will face the music they created.

So why is Germany in particular (since they basically run the EU, right?) so obsessed with destroying Greece?

Fact is Germany, dating from WW2 when Hitler invaded the place (see the movie "The Guns of Navarrone" for a depiction of Nazi occupation of Greece), was supposed to pay Greece war reparations, and they have yet to do so. The fact that Greece has over the years and now demanded that Germany pay these reparations they agreed to pay after the war, and that they have refused to do so and have gotten away with refusing to do so because, you know, Germany is better than Greece and all that crap...and since Germany runs the EU and all, well, like any Mafia Don, they'd rather make Greece and offer Tsipiras will be assassinated over if he refuses... Methinks this whole thing is a just a bit more personal than, say, what Germany and the EU did to Cypress.

Of course I'm being facetious about Tsipiras's assassination...but with the psychos running Europe, who knows?

I Can See Nothing But Bad Times Ahead in the USA

First of all, political correctness has run amok. Ridiculous! Mark Dice, that guy who keeps video/polling folks who are either actors or idiots in Southern California, has gone through the roof this time doing a video/poll with the question: should Mount Rushmore figures of Washington and Jefferson be blown up because they owned slaves? I'm not gonna post the video, but it can be found on YouTube by typing in Mark Dice videos, or can be seen on WhatReallyHappened. And on FromTheTrenchesWorldReport is a cool video of the PC Version of "Dukes of Hazard," well-known to have had its model cars no longer having the Confederate Flag on the PC version among other things is this amazing truth: many Jews--especially Talmudic ones--do not consider Gentiles to be Human! That's right: the Talmud teaches that Gentiles (or Goyim meaning cattle in that anti-Christ "holy" book) are NOT HUMAN! (Gee I can't to see what they call the coming Nephilim...gods, maybe? I will soon be posting more about Nephilim on my Bible Blog, Truth Not Heresy). Then there is the fact that some teachers in public schools are promoting curriculums that tell white students they are the cause of all evil in the US just because they are white. I can't wait to see these same public schools teach their students that Christians are the most evil people in the country (even non-white ones, and there are plenty of those...aren't most Hispanics Christians? Aren't many blacks Christians? but anyway...), but that might be difficult since they can't mention God in public schools (note: In the late 80s I was on paid maternity leave from teaching high school so they hired a substitute that later had to be fired because he dared mention God in one of my classes!). But then again I forgot: they can mention Jesus because, well, Jesus isn't God, right? So there!

Second of all, California, and I suspect other states will follow, are forcing parents to get their kids vaccinated, period, and will later themselves be forced to get vaccinated...and new vaccination trials are testing on humans vaccinations that ALTER DNA because by altering DNA a person pre-disposed to get cancer or Alzheimer's can be prevented from getting these--well that's the pretext anyway. Sorry but I am not buying that BS. The criminal psychopathic elites do not give a damned about whether any of us useless eaters live or die, number one. Number two, the whole vaccination-to-change-DNA is being done because either they want the Brave New World scenario (creating, among other things, gammas, deltas, and epsilons that will willingly toil for the elites), or they want to skip that Huxleyan step and just flat out create the ABOMINATIONS TO GOD that will willingly worship the Beast since they already have the MARK OF THE BEAST, which will be altered DNA in their hands or foreheads (among other places)

(Note: it is just my speculation that changed DNA as well as transhumanism/hybridism is in fact the Mark of the Beast...but clearly the Mark is in the hands and foreheads...somehow I don't think merely putting a chip into someone makes one as having accepted "the Mark" especially if that person is forced to have the chip put in, such as ex-convicts or political prisoners. Folks, the Mark of the Beast is something that must be WILLINGLY ACCEPTED! Do you really think that a true Christian, one already marked by God, who is forcibly injected with a chip is one who accepted the Mark of the Beast?) Keep that in mind: those who take the Mark of the Beast DO SO WILLINGLY!) As for hybridism, scientists are already creating hybrid humans: super soldiers are being created, and there is a possibility of creation of chimeras--human/animal hybrids--being created as well. Final note here for those who consider predictive the late 50s or early 60s a very good Sci-fi movie, "Atlantis the Lost Continent" which was set in pre-Flood days when "there were giants on the Earth", features not only a giant who the main character Dimitrios, an enslaved Greek fisherman, had to fight against to win his freedom, but also scenes where some priest or other was turning human slaves into human/animal hybrids, mostly cows/oxen/pigs strong enough to lift huge objects as Atlantis was building an ultimate crystalline weaponized beam so they could conquer the world.)

Back to vaccinations: the fact is that regardless of "experiments" or not, forcing parents to vaccinate their children upon birth is wrong, and forcing them to vaccinate at all--when plenty of studies prove vaccinations are more likely to deliver a disease to the person rather than prevent the disease, and cause autism and ADHD as well--is simply Big Pharma making a buck off the misery of others. I know a baby recently vaccinated with the whole regimen upon birth and is now lactose intolerant...his mother can no longer breast feed him! On a related note is when Goerge H.W.Bush, when he was President, ordered all babies born in hospitals beginning in 1990 to be forced to receive Social Security Numbers. That is the MAJOR REASON I had my daughter at home in 1992. DAMMIT, WE DECIDE, NOT THE GOVT., WHEN OUR CHILDREN GET SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS!! My son needed one to go to Texas A&M's "Sea Camp", and my daughter needed one to go to Girl Scout Camp. They wanted them, so we go them for them. Both children were home schooled.

You don't need "re-education" camps when children are being "re-educated" right before our eyes in public (and likely private) schools: white folks are evil just because they are white; the Confederate flag is evil because it represents slavery (like a flag ever enslaved anyone...and it would not surprise me at all if one day very soon white Christians will be forced into slavery of some kind...oh and BTW, by "white" it means "non-Jewish" white....don't forget you can be put in jail or at least shunned if you criticize Israel or Jews on Social Media. (I hate to pick on Jews here since I grew up with them and many of my childhood friends were Jews. But WAKE UP JEWS! You are being used by the forces of evil to advance their evil agenda! Like some German Christian preacher in Hitler's time, you will find out that when they come for you, no one will be left to defend you, because you wouldn't defend them!) in schools they are promoting sex for children that really are too young to have sex; they are promoting same-sex; they are promoting sex change (in Oregon now it is a law that a 15-year-old can have a sex change WITHOUT PARENTAL PERMISSION!), they are promoting sodomy, and pedophilia as well (Not only are the "days of Noah" connections in the Bible to the end times, but also the "days of Lot"). Then there is Common Core where 2 + 2 = 5. Parents are having their kids taken away from them for not taking them or picking them up from school, for letting them play in a lot across the street or walking by themselves because they are "free range kids" and we simply cannot let kids be kids can we, and because a parent is late coming home from work and their teenage boy is taken by CPS for playing basketball alone in his back yard with no parental supervision!

Now you know why we don't want "neighbors" within half a mile of us!

Then you have the govt. allowing illegal aliens coming into the US in droves and setting illegal criminals like MS-13 psychos free from jail precisely to terrorize local American citizens, and not just "evil white folks" either. Ask any black, and I mean ANY BLACK person living in the LA area, say, Compton, how they feel about the influx of illegal Hispanics and MS-13 type gangstas into their neighborhood, and they'll tell you they hate it! Ask any Hispanic who was born here and raised here, some from parents born and raised here, and others with parents who came legally or illegally but somehow managed to somewhat assimilate, what they think of criminals from Honduras or wherever coming into their neighborhoods to recruit into MS-13 or whatever criminal cartel, and they will tell you IN ENGLISH that they don't like it one bit! And whatever you do, DO NOT buy into the bogus Donald Trump crapola! Trump is saying all this "no more illegals" stuff just to get elected! Once he's President, he'll turn on a dime the way George HW Bush did after he claimed, "Read my lips, no new taxes!" (the first thing Bush did was raise taxes...remember?)

And folks wonder why Texas is a "hostile" state in these ridiculous Jade Helm exercises? All Texas has done is begin to set up a Gold Depository by repatriating gold (and silver too I think) from a too-big-to-fail-bank in NYC and/or the Federal Reserve Bank, a bank owned by the state of Texas to be set up likely in Austin where not only repatriated gold (owned by a UTexas trust...I think A&M is also involved) will be stored that can be used as real currency, but also privately owned PHYSICAL gold (and hopefully silver...silver is cheaper than gold) can be stored there as well and can be used as real currency. Then you have finally Texas being an open carry state. And Texas has its own electric grid not connected to the national grid. Texas has oil and gets very little money from the Feds compared to other states (because it doesn't need this money), in fact Texas has one of the world's largest economies and unlike drought-stricken California, Texas grows plenty of food. Many look at Texas being hostile in Jade Helm plus the new gold depository and the fact that Texas was once an independent country and say "Texas might secede". The "Texas Nationalist Movement," which I do NOT trust (it's leadership is based on the old RTD2 crowd that opposed Rick McLaren's "Republic of Texas" movement in the 90s...yes, McLaren was a psycho scamster that ripped folks off and had no real means to carry out his program, but the fact that these leaders of the new TNM used McLaren for their own selfish ends--and I don't think they have the guts to do what they say they want to do--AND THEY ARE COMPLETELY IGNORING FAR WEST TEXAS! They have no official group in El Paso, let alone Alpine and the Big Bend region! What are these cowards afraid of? Fort Bliss in El Paso maybe? Or folks like me who McLaren screwed with?) Look. If Texas really does secede (it won't without authority from the Texas legislature), I'm not gonna stop it, but the fact is this: we will simply be replacing one oppressor with another. Remember the Who: "meet the new boss, same as the old boss" (one of the greatest lyric lines in rock music history).

Then there is the poisoning of the air with chemtrails, the water by fracking and dumping other toxic waste, the Pacific Ocean by Fukushima, the draining of the Oglalla Aquifer by psychos like T. Boone Pickens (as in "I'm 'picken' you blind, fool!), the Hanford Nuclear Power Plant and others that are one slip-up or earthquake away from releasing Fukushima-level radiation, continuing poisoning of the Gulf of Mexico by BP and others, the supposed die off of Atlantic Ocean Blue Fin Tuna and dolphins (gee will the NFL team in Miami have to change its name due to dolphin extinction?) and other species, the destruction of our food supply by Monsatan and factory farming, both which are abominations to God? Do any Christians really really think God will just punish us because we allow abortions and sex changes, but never because we are destroying God's creation and are thankful for it by eating GMO foods without thinking? You really think God just cares about the fact that we are killing babies and breaking His covenant with the Supremes (with apologies to Dianna Ross and Co.) by allowing this wicked court to make same-sex marriage the law of the land? If you really think God doesn't give a crap about how we are destroying His plants and animals as well, then you had better open up those Bibles of yours and read them! Go to Revelation 11:18: "God will destroy those that destroy the Earth."

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

TPP, TPA, TIPP, Whatever...Does It Even Matter Anymore?

By golly, we gotta stop the Senate/House/whatever/whoever is running the US government from passing...let's call it ObamaTrade because there's just too damned many plans within plans here you'd think Emperor Shaddam IV and the Benejesuit Sisterhood and the Navigators in Dune were behind it!

But here's the thing: if it doesn't pass this time (since it didn't pass last time, so all they did was rig it so they could put it forth again a week later!), they'll keep bringing it up and bringing it up until it does pass. Same tactic the criminal psychopathic elites used in Europe to get virtually every nation to join the EU. Nevermind that folks in the various nations there voted against it time and time again, made huge protests, whatever. By golly, the criminal psychopathic elites want it so dadgummit it's gonna pass, dammit!

Folks, it's past time we waste our time phoning or e-mailing our Congressmen/women and Senators. Folks, these wholly-owned slaves to the bankster/corporate/criminal psycho/minions of darkness do not care what we the people want or don't want...they are SLAVES to their MASTERS and if they do not pass this Obamanation they will either fail to win re-election or be assassinated/and/or their families will be. Members of the Congress and Senate have no choice and are too damned cowardly to stand up for the, folks, who elected them in the first place.

And does it even matter? Don't the corporations and banksters already run and own this nation? Will making it "legal" even matter?

And, BTW, the folks who will vote on this crap, as with ObamaCare, haven't even had the chance to see what's in these bills. And if they knew what was in these bills, would it even matter to them since they are SLAVES to their MASTERS?

For instance, a slave owner tells a male slave to kill his wife or daughter, or else he himself will be killed. Now what do you think this slave will do? He will do what his master says, most likely. It's the same with Congress and the Senate. No pleading for them to do the right thing will help. Sorry! (And voting them out won't help the new boss, same as the old KNOW that is the truth!)

Here is a way or two to bypass ObamaTrade or whatever you want to call it, and it follows the notion I have been saying for years (or since my old Something Happening Here blog) about getting out of the system as much as you can: one, by locally from those who market what they grow and create; learn to fix whatever it is that you can fix, such as plumbing or carpentry or sewing or duct-taping or whatever so as to avoid having to buy another product that was made with planned obsolescence in mind (and if you don't want that "free" Windows X "upgrade" for your just-fine Windows 7 machine, simply uninstall the two KB "important" patches that allows Microsoft to force this crap on you, that is, if you are the "administrator" if you have Windows 8 however you may want to go to Windows X...), or grow and create your own, including gardening and raising livestock if possible, and, if you live in a POA like I do, force the Board of Directors to change the "covenants" to allow hunting in states (such as Texas) that allow hunting on larger properties (ten acres or more); two, get the heck out of debt, get off the TV, get off the meds if you can, and get spiritually're gonna need it!

The less the criminal psychopathic elites have any sort of control over your life and property, the better. Even if the folks in Congress/Senate/White House can't get out of SLAVERY to the criminal psychopathic elite MASTERS, you can, if you choose to.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Small Wisconsin Town's Library "Stabs Israel in the Back"...Maybe Everyone Should BDS the Place, Those Miserable Anti-Semites Standing Up for the Anti-Semitic USS Liberty

Now that's a long article title!

But today, June 8...yes it's late but still...USS Liberty Day and the 48th Anniversary of that country that John Price and Steve Quayle and others say the US govt. is "stabbing in the back"...yep, the US is either kissing this country's ass or "stabbing it in the back" (which is wierd since this country HAS NO BACK, since it has no backbone...can't even beat Hezbollah when it (the country, not Hezbollah) tried to steal the Litani River from Lebanon in 2006...this country has so little backbone it requires billions in US financial and military aid every year and yet can do nothing but bully Palestinians... Sorry, it is the 48th Anniversary of Israel's attack on the USS little backbone has Israel they forced the US to blame Egypt for the attack. Now if Egypt wasn't blamed, Israel would have called the US it takes a lot of backbone to call the US anti-semitic...

But that's okay...only the USS Liberty was anti-semitic (another funny thing...most folks in Israel aren't Semites...gee how many  times do I have to say that?)

And the small town of Grafton, Wisconsin, is under attack by hordes of anti-semite-screamers (that is, the scream "anti-semite" at anyone who tells the truth about Israel...heck even I've been called anti-semite by some coward who refused to identify himself years ago on my Bible blog, Truth Not Heresy) because the town calls its library the USS Liberty Library to honor the 34 fallen sailors killed by Israel. Well, I guess Israel had to kill 34 of our sailors because the US was "stabbing Israel in the back."

Gee, if the current traitor to the United States, Jonathan Pollard, is released, will the (future) traitors to Jesus Christ, Christian Zionists, stop claiming the US is "stabbing Israel in the back"?

Don't hold your breath!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

So Begins My Quest To Dump Pharmakeia (Spelling?) for Headaches

After listening to Dr. Ted Broer on Hagmann and Hagmann as he spoke about living a more healthful life (now this is a 55-year old guy who honestly looks like he's in his 30s!), I used some coupon code thing to get a Magnesium Malate bottle of capsules from his site Health Masters. But it's going to take more than two magnesium capsules a day to prevent me from getting migraines!

I have been taking Imitrex (or generic sumatriptan) since 2003 when I had to go to the hospital overnight (cost: about $8,000.00!) because I was throwing up blood due to the pain of this migraine headache I had...I had ruptured, but not tore up, the duodenum, the upper section of the small intestines, which would eventually heal unless I kept throwing up. Now my doctor had known for years I got migraines but until this happened he didn't believe me about the severity of the migraines. So now that he believed me he prescribed Zomig, then Imitrex later.

Yes, Imitrex will get rid of the headache after a while. But there have been two issues I have had due to taking Imitrex. One, it has made my tinnitus worse and does make me drowsy and a bit airheaded when I have to take it. Two, I am retiring soon and going on Social Security (but likely not Medicare, which is the dumbest program ever invented...if this is socialized medicine then why do I have to pay for Part B? About $100 per month? For what? I'd rather pay $150 a month for Liberty HealthShare and get real benefits if I need them AND help my fellow Christians at the same time) and since I have not worked my whole life I will not get the monthly amounts that some would (when I was teaching, I did not always pay into SS and MC...don't remember why). So I will get about $500 a month. Since Imitrex is having a negative affect on my cognitive abilities, it is time I started to wean myself off this medication.

After doing research I have found that the magnesium, along with Feverfew and Butterbur, herbs that while they do not cure active headaches do try to prevent headaches from happening (along with a healthier diet of course, meaning more organics, less GMOs and HFCS), I have purchased both...Feverfew is cheap, Butterbur is not (about $35.00 a bottle of 60 capsules...ouch!)

We'll see how this goes, but it can't hurt...

Thursday, May 28, 2015

By Golly I Just Might Get More Hits For This Blog Yet, Thanks To Good Gopher

Mike Adams, the so-called Health Ranger at Natural News--an anti-GMO, anti-forced-vaccination, anti-MSM site--has created a new search engine called Good Gopher, which is now in Beta test, where any alternative news/blogger/small business entrepreneur can post his or her website knowing since it isn't an MSM site it won't get top 100 let alone top ten listing on Google, and in fact it is called "the anti-Google"! (Note: now that Google has decided to post my real name along with a google e-mail account I never use, if Good Gopher creates a site like Blogger I just might move this and my Bible Blog to whatever blog site Adams puts up.

And another thing this means is that instead of posting a few articles a year, I will be posting much more often--Good Gopher search results depend a lot on recency of posts...and since I do not and never will have a Facebook account, this is important.

I am NOT trying to sell stuff, promote myself as the world's greatest whatever, or become so out front about all this that the NSA has no choice but to lock me up in Gitmo (but if I have to do something that gets me sent to a FEMA Camp, so be it--I will NOT bow down to the criminal psychopathic elites and the forces of Satan and his Rothschildian minions (guys like Obama, Psycho-illary, the traitor Rand Paul and the rest of Satan's slaves, aka Congress and the Senate)!

But dangnabbit, there are things I must say and write and now I have an incentive to do more of it. So be it!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Warning to the Elites: If It"s Lawlessness You Want...

By now even the dumbass sheeple watching "The View" and Oprah every morning have heard of Jade Helm, so I'm not going to go into this since no one covering it seems to know is it or is it not an attempt to set up Martial Law in the US? Especially those anti-grammar knuckleheads that spell it "Marshal" Law...folks, you know if you are going to proclaim yourself some kind of "savior" of the American People at least have the courtesy of upholding the rules of our native language please? Of course even if make a typo every now and then...

But if you want to hear all the stuff every so-called expert says Jade Helm is all about, I have some suggestions not named Alex Jones or InfoWars: the Hagmann and Hagmann Report and Liberty Tree Radio as well as various You Tube videos in the Jade Helm category.

Like I said I do not have the exact truth on exactly what Jade Helm is other than a violation of Posse Comitatus and a possible set up of a false flag like 9-11 (which even many folks I know who originally completely supported GW Bush and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan now recognize as a false flag...folks sometimes it just takes a while for the truth to finally sink in!). And do you know why these folks, who freely admit they were brainwashed, now understand that the US government either 1) did 9-11, or 2) let it happen on purpose or 3) a combination of the two along with various allied intel agencies and CIA-sponsored actors that now have created ISIS and the rest? Here is why: either they could no longer hold onto to the lies that those buildings just suddenly caught fire and went to the ground in the case of the Twin Towers or a big huge hole was created by a plane that no one has been able to find parts from as with the Pentagon or the fact that there was NO FREAKIN WAY someone like Barbara Olsen (who wrote for WND and other organs at the time) could have contacted her husband on a cell phone on one of those planes, or they have seen enough videos of firefighters and cops and medics at ground zero claiming to have heard explosions coming from the basement, and have seen enough from Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth evidences about molten steel, thermite, the bogus "pancake theory" put out by NIST and propagated by "Popular Mechanics" (a magazine that should have gone under years ago their lies as so ridiculous!) the point where I feel proud to say I do not know ANYONE who still believes the government's official version of 9-11!

That is, despite the darkness descending on the USA, that the American People pretty much get it to a good extent now that makes me more optimistic than I would have been had I not realized all this. And it is precisely because the American People really are starting to put the pieces together that the elites have to do the old insanity plea: do the same thing over and over again expecting this time the result they want will happen (that is, doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result, finally the result they want.) Could be Jade Helm is part of this...but again, too many Americans know of its existence and believe it to be a Martial Law set up or something sinister like that, so it could be the elites will just have to come with something else---which I am sure with their Dune-esque "plans within plans" they have up their lizard-skins (sorry, but after hearing Dr. Michael Lake's Nephilim discussion on Hagmann and Hagmann, it could be David Icke is on to something!  ;-) )

 But let's put Jade Helm aside for now and get into the utter lawlessness that is upon us...for instance, the almost daily reports of tens or even hundreds of  reports of cops wantonly shooting dogs, including service animals, shooting little kids with squirt guns, shooting old folks on the ground having been tasered and hand cuffed, shooting pregnant women asking for directions, locking up elementary school students for not wanting to be vaccinated, shooting folks because they are driving- while-black, stealing Native American land again to harvest resources that are now owned by China...just where does it end in the reporting? Folks it is getting harder and harder to defend behavior by cops, period. Cops who want to do the right thing are punished, and other whistleblowers are jailed or self-exile themselves like Assange and others. And then there are all the small and large towns that make most of their money in bogus civil asset forfeitures...

I have come to this conclusion based on eye-witness or "ear-witness" accounts on various online videos, interviews, etc.: the reason Congressmen/women and Senators act like traitors to the USA and the American people is because if they don't they AND THEIR FAMILIES will be assassinated. They have understood that message since JFK and RFK...of course, some in Congress and the Senate willfully act like psychopaths, but not all do...and why do you think Rand Paul has betrayed his father, his constitutionalist meme, and his own soul? And why do you thin Ron Paul never quite carried out the program he claimed he wanted to? If even Ron Paul was too cowardly to work hard enough to end the Fed, why should we think Rand or anyone else would? Do not forget--John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the last good President of the United States of America, was assassinated precisely because he did what he did (United States Notes, congressional currency as per the Constitution, to replace privately owned Federal Reserve Notes). THAT is why no one in the US government will stand up for the law of the land.

But here is what the elites and their supporters cannot and will never understand: there is a reason the regular ordinary citizens of the US are acting in a lawless manner (up to and including those who break the law to aid the homeless, feed the hungry, let their kids play and explore the world around them, and others who break the law to do acts of human kindness...and it breaks my heart to know that these Christian behaviors are "against the law"...didn't the Pharisees push this same disgusting
"laws" in their days, which led to condemnation by Christ, which led to His crucifixion?) can be summed up thusly: because for hundreds and thousands or years the elites have done the same thing! If the elites and celebrities and "public servants" can break the law, then why shouldn't everyone else?

Why should anyone pay income taxes when corporations and banksters don't? Screw the "you don't mess with the IRS" crapola...especially this "tax season" with the IRS failing to respond to millions of phone calls for tax help...and there are millions calling up just because of good ol' Line 61: healthcare...see instructions (what instructions? where?...It took me TWO WEEKS to figure out I didn't have to pay the ObamaCare tax!) And why should anyone get vaccinations for their kids when it only leads to autism? Folks not every kid can be Temple Glanding! And why should anyone send their kids to school when as parents we can't even figure out how to solve a three minute math problem in less than two hours thanks to Common Crap, or because now six-year-olds have to practice masturbating or whatever in sex ed classes? Now I ask you, which state will be the first to ban home schooling? California, which recently passed a forced-vaccination law? Considering Californication is about to run out of water (but not for Nestle, which has a bogus outdated permit to get as much water as it wants), why in the blue blazes do people still want to live there?

So maybe Jade Helm really is about setting up Martial Law, because from where I'm sitting that just might be the only thing that will save these psychos from, oh...

A title of a hugely Academy Award Winning movie from a few years ago comes to mind..."there will be"...oh, some oozing red substance flowing on the ground...whatchamacallit...

 But that's okay...there's always the Lake of Fire...