Monday, August 1, 2016

"If You Don't Vote For Trump, You Support Hilary"--A Load of Crap!

This morning on What Really Happened was posted a link to Investment Watchblog that carried a video by a guy who does a lot of supposed alternative media videos where he simply READS from articles he downloads to his own computer and then uploads them to You Tube or whatever. That is, a male Lisa Haven! But the nice guy he is, he actually presents the link to the actual article he refers to--this one was at the Economist here. (If this doesn't work, the video is here.)

At the beginning of his video, he explains why--for us "never Trump" types---that if we do not vote for Trump, we are voting for Hilary!

This reminds me of 2012. A visiting preacher--a Christian Zionist, naturally!--told me right to my face that if I did not vote for Romney I was de facto voting for Obama. (In fact, in the last election...sorry, SELECTION!--I will ever vote in for President, I wrote in Ron Paul, because I had wanted to vote for Ron Paul for years!). Then he pulled the ultimate boner and said "If someone put a gun to your son's head while you were in the voting booth in order that you vote for Obama, would you do it?" What he said then is exactly what this video guy is saying now: if someone put a gun to your head to vote for Hilary, would you do it?

Just to let you readers know: if someone put a gun to my head telling me if I don't vote for Hilary I will be shot, dead...well, they'd just have to kill me!

As for Trump...well, Hilary-bots could easily make the same argument. Now imagine DeRay "psycho" McKesson of Black Lives (don't) Matter being the one putting the gun to your head...after which, of course, George Soros give him a sack o' loot....