Saturday, June 18, 2016

Orlando is Beyond False Flag!

Folks I had just finished my "Orlando shooting is a false flag" type article and was going to post it the next day--we are talking June 14 here, two days after the shooting and being already convinced it was another false flag in the United States of False Flag--but didn't because every site from here to Timbuktu was already posting similar info, but too damned much was conflicting: one site said Mateen beat his wife while another one said he gave her his bank account; one site said nobody could exit the Pulse gay nightclub where the shooting happened while another one said there were injured people exiting everywhere AND others showed videos of supposedly injured people going TO the nightclub, dancing along the way! One site said Mateen's dad was going to become head of Afghanistan while others said no to this, and that Mateen was in fact gay, while others said no to this. Some sites said he was a lone gunman while others said three or four others helped.

Folks, I only want to print the truth here. And folks, I do not know at all, what with all the conflicting stuff online, what the truth is. But I will say this. I knew almost immediately that something like a false flag had to have taken place, but not because of anything online being reported, let alone the MSM that I basically pay no attention to (except for the weather or sports)...I haven't watched CNN or FOX in years, and why bother with MSNBC, NBC, ABC, or CBS?

So how did I know almost immediate that this event was likely a false flag? Because the whole scenario was ridiculous: since when does a radical Muslim who supports ISIS go into a gay nightclub, Pulse, baring what had to have been quite a weapon with quite a lot of ammo (I mean after all, weren't 50 or so folks killed there? Or is that nonsense as well?) in the first place? Since when does ANY Muslim of ANY level of Muslim faith go into a gay nightclub in the first place? You don't need to be an expert in the Koran to know Islam despises homosexuality, perhaps even moreso than Christianity or Judaism. Homosexuality is an abomination before the Lord in each religion, and, as one who has seen what can happen when one gets close enough to a gay or lesbian (I once sat next to a lesbian in a college class and that lesbian touched my leg just to see how I would react...I told her to cut it out and never sat next to her again!), I know that no non-gay not accompanied by someone else goes into a gay nightclub thinking no gay person will touch them! Which leads to why would any Muslim not a gay Muslim (is there such a thing?) just walk into a gay nightclub in the first place? And then realize seconds later he is carrying a big bad weapon with loads of ammo? Just what bouncer lets ANYONE he doesn't know or has never seen before into a nightclub with any kind of weapon and ammo?

Well then over the course of the next couple of days we learned that:

1. Mateen was indeed gay and had been at the Pulse many times.

2. Mateen was mentally disturbed.

3. Mateen, as well as his dad, had ties to both the FBI (he was a "person of interest") and a security company, G4S, that among other things hires crisis actors.

And other stuff. But these three items above almost certainly indicate that this was a false flag. All the other info, conflicting or not, just adds spice to the spice cake.

As to the FBI...just how many false flags has the FBI set up since 9-11? A lot, that's how many, if most alternative websites are to be believed (remember, I believe virtually nothing the MSM says!), including the Boston Bombing (and there is a reports connection between Mateen and Tsarnev, who was the patsy in that false flag). FBI agent-whistleblowers even admit the FBI does false flags as SOP.

As to mass shootings...whether it's Columbine, Sandy Hoax or some other event, the perpetrators/patsies are almost always mentally disturbed and/or on psychotropic drugs.

As to crisis actors...well, if they are being paid 15 dollars an hour by Soros or whoever on Craigslist at a time when so many people are either unemployed or underemployed and where the average debt per household is between 20 thousand and 90 thousand depending on the mortgage/student load/whatever, then I would say being a crisis actor can be lucrative and can attact many people to the job!

As to being gay...folks there are indeed gay Muslims (this must be true because if there weren't gay Muslims, Saudi Arabia wouldn't be beheading them!), gay Christians (including a gay minister who marries gay couples), gay Jews (Israel has the highest per capita population of gays on the planet), and gays in other religions. But this also means that these gays who claim to follow a religion simply are not practicing what they preach if they preach against such behaviors while doing them. In other words, they live a life of cognitive dissonance, and living in cognitive dissonance can lead to mental instability which can lead to becoming a "person of interest" for the FBI, which can lead to being used as a patsy by the FBI.

So this event was in all likelihood a false flag. What makes it "beyond" false flag? That is, what makes this "worse" than simply being just another false flag in what is becoming the United States of False Flag? It is worse, because for every fact reported by reasonably trustworthy alternative news sites as well as local MSM (which can be truthful at times, after all, it has been shown that local affiliates of major networks do have a bit more latitude to reports semblance of truth), a conflicting fact is reported as I stated above. Which leads to one conclusion: nobody knows what really happened and why.

After all, any set of "crisis actors" or just plain anyone can set up a video showing supposedly injured people heading TO, and not AWAY FROM, the scene of the crime, dancing along the way when the cameras are off.

Couple this event with a Walmart shooting in Amarillo, Texas around the same time where of course the shooter is killed during the event--dead men tell no tales, after all--in a community, Amarillo, that has been forced to take in a boatload of Muslim "refugees" by the Obamanation Administration...

Folks, if I was Muslim...and I'm a woman so I'd have to be nuts to be Muslim!...but if I was Muslim, I wouldn't become a refugee coming to this damned dangerous.

But I am Christian, a true believer in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And I guarantee it that a time will come when it will be Christians, true or otherwise, who will be the patsies in the United States of False Flag, instead of Muslims.

All we would need to know otherwise is if there are unwalled villiages in Israel.... See Ezekiel 38 and 39.