Saturday, March 5, 2016

More On Lawful Resistance

In the previous post I brought up six overarching ways to resist what the psychos want to bring down on you who want to resist but do not know how or think (or have been brainwashed into thinking) "resistance is futile." Now, if you love your enslavement, get the heck outta here and go somewhere else!

These ways I will mention below are more specific and might not fit into one's plans for various reasons...if you live in a city HOA for instance you might not be allowed to run on solar panels if the grid goes down.

1. Get yourself an ATV, even if you live in a big city or suburb/HOA. You pick the brand (I have a Kawasaki, but not 4WD/low range...couldn't afford it). Believe it or not when I was in a suburb town between Houston and Galveston recently I actually saw residents of the local HOA riding on ATVs! Generally ATVs are used on dirt/non-paved roads better known as off-roads in rural areas. But (again, check your HOA covenants and by-laws if this is allowed...if not get a bicycle!) ATVs can go anywhere a car can in short distance, such as a food store, AND use a lot less gas (for one thing, most ATVs don't carry more than 3-4 gallons of gas). If you live in cities or high density areas you might want to get insurance for might even have to register it/license plate it.

2. Buy at least two "SHTF" power supply devices for when the grid goes down, and spare no expense if possible. Say, one 10,000 Watt gas-powered generator (make sure you have plenty of gas cans, and don't let the gas just sit in the container either!), and one set of solar panels (or, if you live in the perennially cloudy Pacific Northwest, get TWO 10,000 Watt generators!)

3. Work "off the books." In other words, start your own sole proprietorship without the DBA crap (now why would you set up a sole proprietorship with a "Doing Business As..." specification? Do you enjoy paying taxes? Then be my guest). And try to convince whoever hires you to pay you in cash. If they insist on you doing a 1099-Misc., screw 'em...folks you are doing this to avoid paying taxes, no? Now you won't make as much money and you won't have Social Security paid into, but so what? By the time you retire (unless you are 55 and over) there WON'T BE ANY SOCIAL SECURITY LEFT! Social Security could very well be bankrupt by 2030. Even if anyone other than Hillary gets selected as president in 2016...and if you think Donald Trump gives a crap about you, please leave this page now, because obviously you think everything will be fine if the Donald is our next prez (plus you are delusional...the whole Trump for Prez thing is a psy-op to set up Hillary for President in 2016--the elites want the USA destroyed and Hillary would love to do it!).

4. Learn martial arts (if you are physically capable of doing them). Even rural areas have dojos within driving distance. If you are homeschooling, this is a good way to institute a PE curriculum.

5. Learn a musical instrument (even if you will never be good at it). When they grid goes down you will need something to do during the day to brighten your spirits. Music (and art too) can do wonders!

6. Learn old school ways of fixing things: sewing, carpentry, plumbing, basic electrician stuff (provided you have an electricity source), using chain saws, axes, gardening tools, etc.

7. Go camping a few times this year to learn what it could take to live off the grid: putting up tents, cooking with propane/butane sources, camp fires (check for burn ban notifications, especially in desert southwest where burn bans are pert near permanent), outdoor pee-ing and poop-ing (bring plenty of toilet paper and know how to dispose of it!), water spray bottles to wash dishes, etc.

8. Buy "bug-out" land in the rural remote, a way to get there, and learn how to build a place for bugging out--or buy one of those 200-600 square foot cabin construction units and build with that (or have some local carpenter/plumber/electrician do it for you). I truly think if you think you can survive what is likely to become a zombie apocalypse in a big city or crowded suburb...I'm thinking of the movie "The Purge" here...if you can be looted, folks, you will be!...then you really haven't thought the whole thing through. Even if the land is only a couple of acres, the further you can get from the big city or crowded suburb, the better. If the land is in a POA, buy where the POA has the least restrictive covenants/bylaws with low yearly "dues/maintenance fees". My recommendation? Far west Texas, where there are several lightly restrictive/low dues POAs, and even non-POA subdivisions with no maintenance fees. If you can stand the freezing winters, large predators, tundras and "thirty-days-of-day/thirty-days-of-night" scenario, then Alaska is your destination. Make sure your ATV looks more like a Sherman tank! And enjoy the Iditarod!

9. YouTube has thousands of videos on how to skin snakes, skin rodents/squirrels/various wildlife, hunt and fish, dry meats/veggies, prepare wild game, sew with needle and thread (when the grid goes down your sewing machine probably will not work unless you have a foot powered machine which is really hard to come by these days!), use a chain saw, etc. USE IT! before your internet is lost. (And if the grid does go down, don't think having satellite internet will help...both HugheNet and Exceed-Wild Blue rely on gateways that are tied into the grid. Dial-up? Maybe, if the landlines still work.)

10. Learn Ham Radio/Two-way radio, and have a hand-powered shortwave radio handy, as well as hand-powered flashlights for when/if you run out of batteries. If you are gonna stock up on food/water/toiletries/soap/etc., don't forget about batteries, including 6-volts.

11. Do NOT forget your pets! That fierce-barking dog of yours just might keep the zombies at bay for a while. Your cat just might keep the mice/rats out of your house. (Note: By using the word "zombies" I don't mean actually undead people! I mean the stupid masses who could have prepared but didn't, and now they want to loot you!). Your pet parakeet or whatever bird just might help you take care of nusance insects, and your pet hamster just might help you keep your sanity with its constant running in its hamster little kids love hamsters! Goldfish, too!

12. Houseplants will also help you keep your sanity just by being there, and, if you take meds (besides making sure you have about a year's worth of your meds when the "just-in-time" delivery system goes down), learn what natural herbs and plants might ameliorate your medical situation, THEN GROW THESE PLANTS YOURSELF! examples: Horehound, Mullein, and Hyssop are great for colds, flus, respiratory issues...these plants make good teas as well. Note I am NOT a medical specialist...perhaps you should "talk to your doctor" about this stuff.

13. Learn to barter. Look, the criminal psychopathic elites want to ban cash, right? Screw 'em. Did you know that Hitler's Germany, when the banksters would no longer accept Deutchmarks (which were hyperinflated anyway), used barter for trade in the 1930s? (Note: I still don't like Hitler, okay?) What they did was trade coal for cars or steel for apples...whatever...they traded goods for goods, and guess what? Germany, not tied to the banksters, had a flourishing economy (even before they invaded the rest of Europe). If push comes to shove and cash is banned, trade work for goods or goods for for food...lend out your food dryer for someone's canner...that sort of thing.

14. If possible, raise livestock/chickens-ducks, for eggs, food, and even clothing materials. If possible, build an aquarium set up on your land (if allowed) and raise fish, but don't tell the EPA about it since they may fine you for a "wetland" violation! In fact, whatever you do, if you can keep it on the Q-T, do so! Busy bodies are such a headache!

15. Cleanse yourself spiritually. I will leave that between you and God.

16. Stay off government radar! Be clandestine! "Appear" to conform when you are doing anything but! Be nice to your neighbors but don't tell them anything! Do NOT give anyone a reason to mess with you. The whole "see something say something" nonsense will give certain folks a reason to take things "personally" if they think you aren't playing nice with them. If your community/HOA/POA has "factions" and you are in one, you just might have made a big mistake...with some folks, vendettas are always on the table and they'd love to "turn you in" to a totalitarian-type govt. that the US is becoming.

17. Get into the best physical shape you can, and for goodness sake (and your wallet), quit smoking! I do not care if you smoke or not (I used to smoke cigarettes), but can you afford to ruin your health and your savings, and do you really want to be tethered to an oxygen concentrator when the grid goes down? I don't think so! Avoid GMO food if you can (kinda hard to do with corn, but still...). If possible, get your fish from a fish market off a dock somewhere, and get your meat from a local "free range" ranch (and eggs from "free range" chickens/ducks).

18. If possible, build an underground shelter (I mean the elites are doing it...why not us?) and stock it. Also, a root cellar might be a good idea. See how on YouTube.

19. Buy certain valuables. Do I need to specify what valuables? You know what I mean.

20. Get whatever you need to defend yourself. Learn how to properly use and maintain these things.

Well, that's a start. Use this post responsibly, please.

Memo to American Cowards: Resistence Ain't Rocket Science

In comments I post on a few websites (since I do not and never will use Facebook, I have limited options as to posting comments!) I have lately--due to much pissed-off-ness that so damned many Americans not only REFUSED to speak/write/post any support whatsoever for both the Bundy Ranch standoff and the Burns, Oregon standoff, but in fact called for the killings of the folks doing the standoff, and were GLAD that LaVoy Finicum was murdered!

I have known for many years--since I had been told this sort of thing several times in the mid-90s when I was put in jail for "failure to appear" in local court over "tickets for no seat belt"--that is, I wrote "UCC 1-207 without prejudice" on the back of the ticket and signed it, but God forbid a local admiralty court...yellow fringe on flags, you know...would accept that common law remedy! Oh, and, I could not afford the 100 dollar fine, so three days in jail for me WHEN I WAS BREASTFEEDING MY DAUGHTER! So then of course another court date is set, and I attended because (I will not specify why since it is not germaine to this post and is none of anyone's business!) I had no choice, and another failure to pay the now much higher fine (resulting in three more days in another jail...but at least my daughter by then was eating solid food!)...until a relative finally stepped in and paid whatever the heck I would have owed the third time--folks, it's ALL ABOUT THE MONEY, OKAY? As they say in Japan, "Soo desu nee!"...

But anyway, I have known for years that even folks you think have half a brain really don't when it comes to understanding the NATURAL FACT that they do NOT have to accept tyranny. Unless it affects them, most folks--and not just Americans...Aussies, Brits, and many others gave up their gun rights many years ago!--don't give a crap about whether tyranny exists or not, because...well, I'll just give you some examples:

1. "Since I'm oppressed, so should you be."

2. "If I have to pay taxes, so do you."

Number One on the list is not an actual quote (just how many people will ever admit they are oppressed?), but is a meme--I know, I know, that word gets overused (especially by "Western Journalism", to the point where it is sickening!)--that is, it is a mindset of victimhood without actually admitting to being a victim. Now why do folks never admit they are victims? BECAUSE THEY ARE VICTIMS, BECAUSE THEY ARE COWARDS! WHEN A VICTIM REFUSES TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT THEIR VICTIMHOOD, THEY ARE COWARDS. Example: A husband beats his wife; a wife that leaves him immediately and never goes back (even if he apologizes and begs her to come back and says he'll never do it again) has done something to alleviate her victimhood, and knows that promises to never do it again under extreme circumstance like drunkenness or rage might not be kept; but a wife who takes the apology and stays, then gets victimized again (and again...folks I have known women who have lived with this!) continue to be victims and continue to be COWARDS for putting up with abuse. Here is my point: just because some coward living in denial continues to let him- or herself be victimized by tyranny of lawless and corrupt government, doesn't mean you have to be, no matter what this coward says! And why are you listening to cowards, anyway? If someone pulls this meme on you, just call the SOB a coward!

Number Two I have actually heard MANY times for many years (including my own parents!). But the "I have to pay taxes" saying isn't out of cowardice, but out of ignorance (for the most part...some is out of cowardice). FOLKS, YOU CAN "MESS WITH THE IRS"! But you have to do it completely knowing the law regarding who and who does not have to pay income taxes. Screw the NAME IN ALL CAPS CORPORATE UNITED STATES CITIZEN NONSENSE! If you do not work for the Federal (or state or local govt. in many places) government, you are not required to pay income tax! (And guess what? Every IRS publication out there plainly says this: payment of income tax is voluntary!) Finally, for those who still believe if they "mess with the IRS" they "go to jail," anybody with half a brain can avoid income taxes anyway (much of the "income tax" problem stems from, not the employee, but the employer! How many employers refuse to deduct payroll taxes? How many employers will not pay "off the books"? Unfortunately, most employers are even more cowardly than employees could ever hope to be! Employers are convinced, absolutely convinced, that "you don't mess with the IRS"! How do I know this? Because in my final job before retirement I did payroll!)

Now I brought up the folks who were glad Finicum was murdered. IMHO these folks are zombies and I want nothing to do with them. They can rot in a FEMA camp for all I care, and they will at some point (but of course I will pray they repent of their cowardice, but for some denial is permanent, and for these same groups, they are very possibly opressors themselves...bullies, cops, military folks who were once not likely to kill but after a few shots at "enemy civilians" have lost their hearts to psychopathy, criminal psychopathic elites, yadda, yadda, yadda). It just seems that so many Americans have lost their will to defend themselves and their ideals; they are lost, so they give in even if it hurts.

So this post is for most Americans, who want to resist, but not violently and truly lawfully (violence should ONLY be used in self-defense! Those advocating violent revolution are only trying to replace one group of oppressors with another. Absolutist Monarchy replaced by Jacobins...think French Revolution here! Czarist Russia becomes Communist Russia, etc....get the picture?) but for some reason do not know how to resist lawfully or in a way that does not attract oppressor attention and/or want to resist but are still stuck in "coward" mode.

What I am going to do is post a "top ten" type post explaining the most important ways one can resist lawfully and common-sense-ically (maybe not ten, but several anyway), and then in a post hopefully shortly after this, post many many more ways. Maybe even one hundred or more that anyone can do.

1. Know what "everyone else" does, and do the opposite. The first person who ever brought this mindset up was my husband, but it is a kind way of saying "Do Not Conform to this World." (Some guy from Nazareth 2,000 years ago said basically the same know, whatsHisname?). This covers a multitude of sins: stop going into debt; stop watching TV all day; turn off the damned laptop/desktop/tablet/internet/smartphone for once; think for yourself, screw TV preachers, read the Bible yourself...and maybe then, more and more people will follow your example! Non-conformity needs to be the "new conformity"! In fact many ideas I will post on this theme relates to the next and similar notion:

2. Think outside the box. As with doing the opposite, go further and get creative. Don't just grow a garden...grow a garden in your house! Don't just grow veggies to eat...grow medicinal herbs as well. Seeds for everything from Hyssop/Horehound/Mullein (all great for colds/coughs/sinus issues) to Turmeric (cancer-fighting herbs) can be bought online. Make your own Colloidal Silver or just buy it, and buy a copper bracelet as well (fights staph infections). Have a digestive tract issue? Add a half-teaspoon of baking soda to water...likely you are too acidic. Homeschool your kids (believe it or not this can be done with both parents the schooling in the if parents work different hours of course...and don't give the nosey neighbors any idea that the kids are home all best in non-cities). Learn skills to fix your appliances, fixtures, car, house, furniture...use YouTube properly for once!

3. Be clandestine. And I don't mean go all CIA over it. I mean "act" or "appear" to be a conformist or "act" or "appear" to your nosey neighbor (look, even I, who lives half-a-mile from the nearest neighbor, has nosey neighbors! Every block or road, and every community has nosey people, the "see something say something" police state mentality neighbors who just might have a personal vendetta against you!) and "act" or "appear" to be a "go-along-to-get-along" other words, NEVER and I mean NEVER tell these folks you cannot trust ANYTHING about what you are doing! If you don't trust somebody, be friendly and nice and all but DON'T TELL THEM ANYTHING! Many women and more and more men are becoming blabbers...THIS HAS TO STOP! Example: you are "prepping" and you "boast" to your nosey neighbor (you might not think the neighbor is nosey..until it's too late) what you are doing; unbeknownst to you your neighbor's brother (or whatever) works for the FBI or CIA and this brother "visits" you as a "person of interest"... Psalm 118 says it best: "Trust in God rather than men"!

4. Hoard cash and other valuables (without saying what "valuables" know what I mean!). ONLY have in a bank account OR credit union what you need to pay bills or buy expensive stuff (car, boat, whatever)...and notice I said credit union as well. Credit Unions are under the same Federal PRIVATELY OWNED Reserve Bank guidelines (as is USAA Federal Savings Bank...don't think because its members are military the banksters won't mess with it!) And screw the "ban cash" baloney...the elites would love to do this, but then how would they conduct their own business...paying prostitutes, gun running, human trafficking, drugs, etc. All the "ban cash" BS is to try to convince us little people to spend our cash now; that we will have none left to hoard when we need it.

5. Hoard food AND water AND other necessities as well. A MINIMUM of one year's edible food, water (stored in jugs, or bought distilled water...about 1,000 jugs put up can find the room), toilet paper/tissues, washing liquid, soap/shampoo/conditioner, coffee/tea/evaporated milk/powdered milk/juice/cocoa, flashlight batteries, other kinds of batteries, stored propane/gas/heating oil/wood/whatever for cooking/winter weather, at least one gas/solar/wind powered other words, when the grid goes down and the "just-in-time-delivery-system" breaks down, have what you need to survive--and methods to keep it safe if you know what I mean...the zombies will be coming (and if not, LEOs who think hoarding should be illegal).

6. Activities for when the grid goes down. No TV, no internet, no radio, and you don't do Ham or CB radio. And your kids are going bonkers because they can't do X-Box or whatever! Board games, books (I mean books, not "nooks"), pen and paper activities, puzzles, outdoor activities, outdoor grilling, pretend camping on site, actually getting together with friends (you mean folks still do that?), walking/running/bicycle/skateboard, swimming wherever, painting, playing musical instruments, singing, dancing... next time the power goes out for a day or so, get it into your head the things that can be done instead of internet-ing, watching TV, etc.

I will stop here because these ideas are already well known to do, but some might think just how bad can it get and is what I have stored enough? To what extremes should I go in this? Ten K in cash? A year's supply of SPAM? One hundred gasoline containers? Ten thousand Watt generator, or more or less? Six solar panels, or is three okay? If I am on the city water supply and the power is down for months, how do I flush the toilet or wash my hands?

So I will now give the reader something to consider if these questions are that important--watch the new TV series on WGN America, "Outsiders." If you want to know the extremes at which some people will go to living off the grid and sticking to their land rights as a family (or amalgamation of three families) WITHOUT cash/FRNs/gold-silver, books (they are illiterate hillbillies, except for the main character who left the reservation for ten years and is their key to surviving a land-grabbing coal mining outfit), and toilet facilities (they crap in the woods) as well as other amenities we take for granted, then watch this show, even if it's the only show you watch; No TV? No problem. It can be streamed online at WGN