Sunday, October 4, 2015

What's More Important: Whether Your NFL Team Wins, or Whether You Can Support Yourself and Your Family?

First of all I want to reveal a fact that presupposes what I am about to write: I have two other blogs, one is my Bible Blog and the other is an NFL Fan Blog that I share with a guy I know out here in west Texas--he is NOT a boyfriend, lover, husband, or anything like that and the only reason we shared a blog is because we rooted for the same NFL team and are both from the NYC area--but that I really haven't posted on in years. Basically it is his blog now, and even he realizes what I realized about four years ago that rooting for any one team is a fool's think they will become good and then you find out it isn't happening--and that it doesn't matter anyway. The fact is this: no football team is going to make your life better, no football team is going to make you happy, healthy, and safe. He still follows NFL football, though, but I suspect he is not long for that, either.

Basically, this message is for him even though he is starting to get it.

Dear "lifeimitatesfootball"

I am glad you have given up bring a fan of the football team we both used to root for: as you know I gave up because of the futility of rooting for a team that did not uphold the standards I had been used to seeing on this team from way back when...I cannot stand deliberate mediocrity to the point where no body on the team really gives a crap if they are mediocre or not. Sometimes teams lose because of overwhelming injuries, bad luck, or maybe even that the NFL rigs games using officials and officiating. But when it is shear incompetence and what even appears to be deliberate incompetence I will not support this. But since I will jump on another team's bandwagon either, I had to give up following the NFL (even though I like I generally watch college football, which is more exciting anyway...but just to let you know I hope Johnny Manziel gets a chance to make it in Cleveland or elsewhere.)

But you still do that NFL site we both set up, and I hope you can get over it...why are you picking game wins anyway? Why do you still watch NFL Game Rewind or Game Pass or whatever they call it? You call the New England Patriots cheaters...does it matter if they cheat or not? As far as I'm concerned the whole damned NFL cheats--mostly it's fans! You know, or maybe I think you know, that the NFL rigs some games...even you know that the NFL and AFL rigged the outcome of Super Bowl III--does anyone think Namath, who guaranteed the Jets win, just made that up? Clearly Namath knew the Jets would have it set up so they won and that the Colts of then Baltimore were just set up to lose. But what you might not want to admit--and I really think this is true even though it sounds like a conspiracy theory--is that in exchange for the Jets win, the Colts would later be allowed to move "in the middle of the night" to Indianapolis with no chastisement by the NFL in which Baltimore would later be given the right to steal the Browns from Cleveland and then win a Super Bowl a couple of years later...and here's the hard to accept part...Colts head coach Don Shula would be compensated for the loss by being allowed to be in contact with an AFL team owner, Joe Robbie, despite clear tampering by this owner, and only be punished with losing a 1971 first round draft pick--and then said coach would get the 1972 season rigged in order to go undefeated! With their starting QB, Bob Griese, out for the rest of the regular season and replaced by the same QB, Earl Morall, who lost Super Bowl III! But to overcompensate for that, when Shula retired, this team, the Miami Dolphins, would have itself rigged to become maybe the most mediocre team in NFL history even though they were way overhyped this year, which I am sure you realize now.

You yourself said, I guess with some anger and some remorse as well, in a recent post on that blog that the Dolphins suck. Now you know (perhaps) why: as they said on that horror show "666 Park Avenue", you have to pay to play.