Sunday, September 13, 2015

Would the Alternative Media PLEASE STOP Making the Criminal Psychopathic Elites Out To Be Anything But Slaves!

How many times do I have to say this?

Every darned day, someone in the alternative media calls We the People (of the US or Canada or Britain or Europe or Russia or China or whatever...the so-called 99.99 percent) "slaves" to the bankster.oligarchs or Rothschilds or "the new world order" or "Agenda 21" or what the heck ever...

This meme that "we are slaves" only appears to be true because we are forced to use Federal Reserve Notes or pay taxes and cannot hold allodial titles or whatever. We own nothing, you see. Own a house or land? Pay property and school taxes. Own a car? Pay registration/safety inspection fees. Have a job? Pay payroll taxes. Work in a profession? Need a "license" which of course requires a fee. Like to drive? Need a "driver's license"... Own a business? Need a "permit," and God forbid you sell raw honey at an arts and crafts fair without the freakin' "Health Dept. Permit!"

Al of these odious "laws" were passed in the secret dead of night in 1871 or 1913 or whatever by a cabal of bogus "lawmakers" on some island like Jekyll no one ever heard of, and we only know these truths because of folks like Eustace Mullins. Neither We the People nor Congress nor maybe even the President nor the Supreme Court knew what the heck was going on: we just have these BS "laws" we have to follow (but "they" don't, you see).

But here is another set of truths: we are "slaves" only if we want to be. We CAN work at a job or business without paying taxes (work off the books, or conduct business in cash only). We CAN live on property without paying property or school taxes, that is, assuming you own property (as long as you don't register your title with a title agent...believe it or not you can buy property or land using QUIT CLAIM DEEDS and there is no law that says you have to file this deed at any courthouse, that I know of. We do NOT need a drivers license to drive, or a vehicle registration/safety inspection or even insurance to drive a car/truck/van/SUV...if every American drove a vehicle without these things there is NO WAY every cop could stop every American doing this! There simply aren't enough cops around! Same with paying Taxes...there are not enough IRS people to force every American to pay taxes. Basically the only reason cops can write tickets and IRS agents can garnish wages is because only a few Americans refuse to pay taxes or refuse to follow "traffic laws". If NOBODY followed these "laws" they simply couldn't stop all of us!

The elites of course are "above" all these mundane "laws" and no one has the guts to force these psychos to follow the laws they made possible, or because no one is about to turn down a bribe from these elites if they are caught. So therefore they aren't slaves, right?

WRONG! Here is why these criminal psychos are SLAVES, big time, even if they won't acknowledge that they are:

1. A very small cabal (often called "the Rothschilds" or "the Rothschild bankers") runs the planet it is said, and they have minions under them, and these minions have minions, and so on...and if they do not follow orders either they get whacked or their family members do. (Even a Rothschild got whacked some years ago!) Why do you think all these banker folks are "committing suicide"?

2. Part of these elites are members of secret societies like the Illuminati or Skull and Bones or the Trilateral Commission or whatever "New World Order" groups. Some members of these groups have come flat and exposed these groups, such as someone called Bill Schnoebelen (the Illuminati/Masons) or Cathy O'Brien (MK Ultra, and author of "Trance Formation of America") or Svali or a few others. Basically what they say is they live in fear of their lives but still do public appearances exposing these elites, and what it comes down to is this: if you betray the elites, you get whacked and/or your families do.

This is what happened to JFK after he made law that Federal Reserve Notes would be replaced by US Notes. This is what happened to RFK after he said he would end the war in Vietnam. This is what nearly happened to Reagan after he wanted to disavow his masters. Lincoln disobeyed the banksters wanting to issue real currency upon election in 1860 and, after the Civil War ended, got whacked. Same with Garfield and McKinley. And none of these folks really challenged the bankster elites to the fullest extent, and each knew what they were doing was a risk to their lives. Same with Pope John Paul I, as told in the book  by David Yallop, "In God's Name: An Investigation into the Murder of Pope John Paul I" (who may have been the only truly God-fearing Pope in the last couple of hundred years)...he wanted to end Vatican and Vatican Bank corruption and money laundering.

Now, isn't someone who does not do what he is told a slave? Isn't someone who goes against orders, then gets whacked, a slave?

3. But the Rothschilds are also slaves, even though it appears they run the world. They have access to all kinds of wonders that Satan provides them to prolong their lives and power so that they truly appear to be masters that their minions live in constant fear over. But guess what? the Rothschilds are also slaves--to Satan. They either drink human blood to Satan, human sacrifice to Satan, traffic humans for Satan, command the world's corporations like Monsatan to grow abomination GMO DNA-altered food or raise GMO-altered animals for Satan, and serve the Fallen Angels upon their return in the End Times (some may already be here), command the alteration of human DNA through vaccinations for Satan, so that humanity accepts the Anti-Christ and worships the Beast and his image, for Satan.

So what it comes down to is this: either the Rothschilds and their minions in politics, the media and entertainment, religion, economics, academics, sports, social sciences, what have you...either they worship and serve Satan, or they get whacked.

Only their's is a double whacking! They'll get whacked on Earth, and then in the Lake of Fire at the White Throne Judgment. No wonder they want to live "forever" as a transhuman!