Wednesday, December 17, 2014

About that "We have MRAPs to fight Constitutionalists" Viral Video...

Well after months of not posting anything here I finally got something that has forced me to post here--and I will really try to find things to post about more...but again I'm not posting every week or even every month. I post when I must.

Some deputy in Spokane, Washington, was recorded saying his sheriff's department has MRAPs to use against Constitutionalists, and his sheriff boss says the viral-ness of the video posted by good ol' Alex Jones's Infowars site (do I really need to post a link here? If you haven't seen the video it's likely because you haven't been online in the past week or's on,, etc.)..well, his sheriff boss says the video is out of context because the MRAP will "never" be used against "law-abiding citizens" (in a county and state that has just outlawed certain right-to-bear-arms laws in order to confiscate guns at some my foot!). Now it is known that various gun owners (thousands in fact) are not only protesting due to the viral video, but are refusing to comply with the new law to the point where they are bringing guns to the protests, and exchanging them, even selling them, as well--right in front of the cops monitoring the protest! AND THE COPS ARE NOT DOING ANYTHING TO STOP IT!

But the point of me writing about this is--

Some deputy claims his department has MRAPs to use against Constitutionalists that when he says it he knows is being recorded...which he is doing for either one or two reasons: either he is setting up the Constitutionalists to get the word out or he is daring the Constitutionalists to come out in the open to expose themselves. OR. He is just reciting what he was trained to say or thinks he was trained to say as he has received training to precisely use the MRAP against Constitutionalists and he's too stupid to refrain from speaking the truth.

Now, about that protest where protesters are bringing guns and openly refusing to obey this new law while the cops there refuse to stop this:  maybe, just maybe, some cops anyway are starting to figure out that, like our troops (cannon fodder that is) who go off to war for the criminal psychopathic elites and when they come home are discarded by the elites having outlived their usefulness to the elites--and are homeless and hurt and PTSD'd and not getting the help they need -- you know, discarded--maybe these cops know that when they outlive their usefulness to the elites (fighting Constitutionalists, militias, patriots, preppers, and the rest of the "three-percenters"), they too will be discarded.

Compared to this, Ferguson was a dog-and-pony-show on steriods...and I am not going to comment much more about that. Because anything that the elites use to try to stir up racial hatred is nothing but a dog-and-pony-show...but it is good to know fewer blacks than I thought would fall for this did...and the ones that did in the Ferguson area are now regretting their burning down of businesses! Wake up, blacks! White folks are not the problem! The criminal psychopathic elites ARE the problem!