Thursday, September 11, 2014

It Sickens Me To Know That 13 Years After 9-11 So Many Americans STILL Fall For Their Lies And Fearmongering!

Just posted a new 9-11 oriented post regarding ISIS and Obamanation's bogus speech on the eve of 9-11 calling for war with ISIS. Bullcrap! He wants war with Syria to remove Assad and ISIS is just a pretext...

ISIS is the ancient Egyptian moon goddess analogous to Semirammis, moon goddess of ancient Sumeria, wife of Nimrod and mother of Tammuz, born on December 25. Islamic countries tend to display a crescent moon on their flags, so ISIS uses that to pretend they are Islamic...they are more than just a bunch of evil radical Muslims!

ISIS stands for "Islamic State of Iraq and Syria." Cute, because in 1990 a Mossad agent and author spent time on C-Span explaining that ISIS stood for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service, and I posted the link to the entire video. So don't tell me Israel has nothing to do with ISIS!

ISIS is primarily, like al Qaida, a creation of the US government/CIA/Military Industrial Complex.

All three are true, of course...but the reason I posted the article is because on the eve of 9-11's 13th anniversary, the govt. and the media is again whipping up fear among the ignorant American masses who, after 13 years, still have not learned just who the enemy really is, and its ultimate leader is Satan.

Here's the link: It Sickens Me To Know That 13 Years After 9-11 So Many Americans STILL Fall For Their Lies and Fearmongering!

And shame on Daboo7 for posting a video of himself explaining we must fight ISIS because some doofus in Houston dressed up with an ISIS symbol on his clothes and "attacked" a convenience store.

When the supposed "truth telling" alternative media outdoes Alex Jones in crapola and fearmongering, I start to wonder if the American people really do have a legit shot at removing the psychos from power.