Thursday, February 20, 2014

Will It Be Violent Revolution? Non-Violent Revolution? Or Just Reality?

No matter where I go online for news of any kind, even MSM type news, if there is a visible comment section the feeling I get is unmistakable: more and more people are talking (buy way of their comments and counter-comments) that a revolution, a "second American revolution" is going to happen...or the notion of "why the heck hasn't it happened already?"

And not just comments on blogs or news sites, either...I am talking about actual people I know or meet out here around my sane asylum in far west Texas actually either talking about "we need a revolution" or "why the heck (or "why the substitute another word here") hasn't a revolution happened yet?" No really, it has gotten so untenable that folks are openly talking about revolution!

Now that might not be happening in liberal la-la-land, or neoconservative/dispensationalist areas that are far more concerned about the state of Israel than they are the US--and besides the "rapture" is happening soon, so to hell with the US!--but out here I almost never go a day without hearing from someone that "we need to do something." Yes, there are liberals out here, and certainly, there are neoconservative dispensationalists at least as concerned about Israel as they are with the US out here. So likelihood is in other liberal or neocon dispensationalist areas there is at least a whisper about "we need to do something" because as anyone who believes in the "rapture" will tell you, they do not know when the "rapture" is going to take place, and, thus, maybe "something" can be done now before, say, they lose whatever freedom they still have or lose their bank account, house, ignorant as some of these folks are of what the Bible really says (for instance, John 17:15), they are not so stupid as to think John Hagee will bail them out of debt...besides, Hagee is too busy sending that money he cons his way into collecting at his Cornerstone Church to Israel and its Talmudic nazis in the settlements to give a crap about his fellow Christians...

Or, maybe I'm just being delusional and reading too much into what folks say online (with a certain degree or anonymity) or what my fellows in the rural remote say out loud as there are no discernible surveillance devices out here so they can speak freely. Maybe it's just me, and the other discerible "3 percenters" who are not afraid of these criminal psychopathic elites; maybe the other 97 percent (minus the elites, who really ought to be the most living in fear, of us, but especially of God) are as fearful as that Syms guy in the book "1984" who gets himself in a horror after he's called out by the "thought police" while in a pub, and will willingly go into a FEMA camp when ordered to do so, and will not resist when he loses his wife and children who are put into separate camps. Maybe most people really are as cowardly as some alternative media honchos think.

Here is why I am not a coward, and won't be, and it is very simple. One, I have already spent time in jail defending my rights, and, on the first occasion, I had to leave my 8-month old daughter whom I was breast feeding without breast milk for about two days (though I did eventually get the breast pump and was able to get her some that was taken out for her). Two, at the point in my life when I had the greatest fear ever--the last weekend in February, 1997, when the McLaren-led "Republic of Texas" movement and its infiltration was coming to a head, and fearing that CPS would take my kids away and I and my husband would be arrested for whatever reason, and our assets in forfeiture, I turned my life over to Christ; at that moment I witnessed His manifestation, a fiery-glowing-light flashing not from the sun setting but in the midst of trees--the proof being when I got home my son said to me, "mom, your face is glowing"!--a small-scale version of what Paul the Apostle witnessed on the way to Damascus, or Moses coming down Mt. Sinai--and then I KNEW! I KNEW Christ had my back, and that I have absolutely nothing to fear from the criminal psychopathic elites, or McLaren the scam artist, or State of Texas prosecutors.  Finally, I know for a fact that the criminal psychopathic elites will lose. They will lose BEFORE Satan is cast down to Earth with his angels (see Revelation 12) and becomes the false Christ (the anti-Christ), and they will certainly lose after Christ really does come down and rules with a rod of iron.

Here is why the criminal psychopathic elites will lose the first time: short of Satan coming to Earth as the anti-Christ where the Rothschilds and their minions and sub-minions get to "rule" on the Earth for a short time, there is NO WAY they can rule before this happens. This isn't just my opinion, and now I will bring up a few empirical facts that point to THE REALITY of the predicament of the criminal psychopathic elites (who do not live in reality but in their own fantasy world...if they lived in reality they wouldn't even attempt to do what they plan on doing!). Just a few facts...that's all I need.

1. Let's start with population distribution: I did the math the other day in my head...there are about 7 billion or so folks on the Earth now. Let me divide this sample (?) into the 99 percent vs. 1 percent groupings... but this is wrong, actually. First, let me divide the 1 percent: you have the .99 percent and the .01 percent...but let's divide the .1 percent into the .099 and the .001 percent, and then let's divide the .001 percent into the .0099 and .0001 percent. Then we have the .00099 and .00001 percent, but we have to go all the way to .000099 and .000001 before we get to some hard numbers.

With 7 billion people, let's start dividing for population numbers: Multiply 7,000,000,000 by .000001 and you get 7,000. That is a close approximation as to the population of the members of the Rothschilds and "old money" ruling bankster family members, including the Royals in Britain (the Windsors), other European ruling monarchies including the so-called Black Nobility, the Vatican and the Jesuites, the Rockefellers/Morgans/Carnegies and the various other owners of the Federal Reserve Bank like Lazard Brothers, etc. Next, the .00001 percent represent their closest minions, the folks who personally carry out their agenda, meaning the folks who actually run the world behind the scenes, like Kissinger, etc. These folks are about 70,000 people and include the heads of administering organizations for the Rothschilds, etc. Not just Kissinger, but the UN, policy making think tanks, IMF, World Bank, BIS, and their enforcers...the folks who will have jobs creating the so-called New World Order and answer directly to the Rothschilds, etc. Next, the .0001 percent, or 700,000 people. These are the Jamie Dimons, Lloyd Blankfeins, Wall Street Hedge Fund people, criminals like Corzine, Madoff, Janet Yellen or Ben Bernanke and folks who run the think tanks like Endowment for Democracy such as George Soros, or guys like Warren Buffet or Bill Gates. These are the folks that we most identitfy as the criminal psycho elites. Next we have folks who run governments on behalf of the aforementioned grouping: the Obamas, Clintons, Hollandes, Blairs, Netyanyahoos, and yes, the Putins and Chinese leaders themselves, and their govt. minions, Parliament members, Senators, Congress, what have you, ministers of various kinds who take their orders from above and not the people they claim to serve. There are about 700,000 of them, the .001 percent. Then you have about 7 million bureaucrats who run say, the CIA, NSA, Interpol, FSB, etc., or the EPA and any top level govt. agency anywhere and their minions: the .01 percent, and included in this are the owners of the MSM of various nations, and other multinationals. In all of these groups you have billionaires, and those who aren't, multi-millionaires. Then you have the .1 percent who answer directly to the .01 percent, about 70,000,000 people, including underlings on Wall St., media personalities and celebrities, millionaire religious pastors like Hagee and Joel Osteen, and other hucksters, world over. Then you have the 1 percent, which includes members of these folks families and other privileged-son types, Ivy Leaguers and wannabes who have connections and get lucky and/or wealthy.  All told, we have 700 million people world over who can be considered enemies in one way or another, but, thankfully, some of these folks in the bottom rung here have a conscience and will not oppose us, or might even oppose them if necessary. This is often where the whistleblowers come from, or rich folks who want to do the right thing. Thus, not all the 1 percent are criminal psychopaths, but it is far less likely that those in the upper sections of the 1 percent are not psychopaths. If one is not a psychopath before he achieves this, he becomes one after achieving this.

Now, let's subtract: 7,000,000,000 minus 700,000,000. The answer is 6 billion, 300 million people, aka the 99 percent. But let's be more acccurate as to the true enemy, the implacable enemy, the enemy that cannot turn aside from being enemies because too much is at stake, and it is far less than that. Among the 1 percent as I said are those who financially are in the 1 percent but out of conscience or guilt or good vibes or whatever will join the 99 percent because they cannot stand to see what is happening to people, kids, animals, the environment, etc. Then at some point those amongst the minion classes will see that they are just being used in order to be discarded by the true elites; they will repent or die trying, and also their family members will be sacrificed...among these folks are those bankers who are "committing suicide" at JP Morgan, etc. recently.

So I think when all is said and done, we are only talking about maybe 100,000 people or less, that will truly be our enemies, the truly psychopathic.

2. Like I just said, psychopathic. Our enemies are psychopaths. Never mind that psychopaths have no conscience, are manipulative, charismatic, etc. This is the problem for us that they are this way because too many of us can fall sway here. I am talking about the problem for them here. Here it is: psychopaths CANNOT DEAL WITH REALITY! Remember that quote by some neoconservative policy maker to Ron Suskind about US foreign policy: "we're an empire now and we can make our own reality." Psychopaths MUST make their own reality because they cannot deal with real reality...why do you think owners of the MSM are so hell bent on trying to create reality for us 99 percenters? In fact, if the 99 percent REFUSE to accept the reality they are trying to create for is, then THERE IS NO WAY THEY CAN WIN!

3. At some point even the Rothschilds will have to face reality. Even after they make a damned good concerted effort to set up their bogus New World Order and have their one world currency and Agenda 21 and whatever else they want in place, there is still the reality that there will be opposition, there will be individuals out there out of that system (remember the "savages" of Huxley's "Brave New World"?), there will still be free thinkers and non-conformists, and those who cannot and will not live in "sustainable communities" in 16 by 16 "houses" for the "collective good." The reality for Rothschild is this: now that you own all the world's wealth, now what do you do? There is only one way: down, and (seeing a tint of what they experience in, say, the movie "Eyes Wide Shut") can any scenario other than utter degradation be possible? Do these idiots really think becoming transhuman will save them?

So, they will only think they can rule us. They're gonna need a little help from Satan to actually rule us. And they won't enjoy it, either, because they'll know that they are just slaves, after all, despite all that money they've stolen.