Monday, June 18, 2012

Prepare For The Worst 101: Understand Psychopathy

Most of my recent posts deal with the CPEs: Criminal Psychopath Elites.

Understand that there are two overriding traits shared by nearly all CPEs:

1. The seek and crave power. They literally cannot live without power.

2. They have NO CONSCIENCE. None whatsoever. The Bible denotes these folks, like Pharoah, as those whom God "has seared their consciences shut" or "burned their consciences" or "hardened their hearts." Anyone who studies psychopathy knows that psychopaths are highly manipulative, but it is the lack of conscience that allows them to be that mainipulative, because they are manipulating their victims into giving them exactly what they want and do not want to have to feel bad about that later.

Notice I did not say psychopaths crave money. Not all psychopaths are rich oligarch banksters and their political cronies...

Rick McLaren was certainly not wealthy, but he was and still is a psychopath. He craved power (and still does) and he has no conscience. I have proof of this: he once refused to help a mother of a nursing 8-month-old in a legal issue he swore he would help with, and in fact convinced that mother that legally he was right and no way would the courts see otherwise, and, as a result of not helping that mother, she spent 3 days in jail when he nursing child needed the mother's breast milk. All McLaren did was sit and watch. And he did nothing again when he convinced two men that it was okay to drive in a car with no license plate; when the cops stopped the men they dragged both men through car windows they'd just broken, and dragged the men through broken glass and beat up both of them besides. All McLaren did was go through the motions of consoling the wife of one of the men. McLaren could care less even though he was the one who put these BS "sovereign citizen" notions in their minds. And, by putting BS "sovereign citizen" "common law" notions into people's minds in a time that the US was becoming more and more lawless (in other words, the 90s, when it was becoming clear that the US government was abandoning the US Constitution), McLaren was in short time able to cajole the unsuspecting victims who would go along with his bogus "Republic of Texas" movement--which was nothing more than a gun-running, money-laundering, and fruad operation in league with something called the "Washitaw Nation" (headed by a "Queen" called "Dugdamoundya"!). [Note: That is one reason I do NOT support any of the secession groups still active in Texas. Most of them had soemthing to do with McLaren's bogus movement at some point.]

Robert Hare is the most well-known theorist on psychopathy. His overall view of the psychopath is that a psychopath has no conscience and seeks power, but there are twenty specific traits he claims psychopaths have that sets them apart from "normal" folks, and people need to recognize what these traits are:

1.Glibness and Superficial Charm – Smooth-talking, engaging and slick.

2.Grandiose Self-Worth – Greatly inflated idea of one's abilities and self-esteem, arrogance and a sense of superiority.

3.Needs Stimulation/Prone to Boredom – An excessive need for new, exciting stimulation and risk-taking.

4.Pathological Lying – Shrewd, crafty, sly and clever when moderate; deceptive, deceitful, underhanded and unscrupulous when high.

5.Manipulative – Uses deceit and deception to cheat others for personal gain.

6.No Guilt/Remorse: no feelings or concern for losses, pain and suffering of others, coldhearted and unempathic.

7.Emotional Poverty – Limited range or depth of feelings; interpersonal coldness.

8.Lacks Empathy – A lack of feelings toward others; cold, contemptuous and inconsiderate.

9.Parasitic Lifestyle – Intentional, manipulative, selfish and exploitative financial dependence on others.

10.Poor Behavioral Controls – Expressions of negative feelings, verbal abuse and inappropriate expressions of anger.

11.Promiscuity – Brief, superficial relations, numerous affairs and an indiscriminate choice of sexual partners.

12.No Realistic Long-Term Goals – Inability or constant failure to develop and accomplish long-term plans.

13.Impulsiveness – Behaviors lacking reflection or planning and done without considering consequences.

14.Irresponsible – Repeated failure to fulfill or honor commitments and obligations.

15.Fails to Accept Responsibility for Own Behavior – Denial of responsibility and an attempt to manipulate others through this.

16.Many Short-Term Marital Relationships – Lack of commitment to a long-term relationship.

17.Early Behavior Problems – A variety of dysfunctional and unacceptable behaviors before age thirteen.

18.Juvenile Delinquency – Criminal behavioral problems between the ages of 13-18.

19.Revocation of Conditional Release – Violating probation or other conditional release because of technicalities.

20.Criminal Versatility – Diversity of criminal offenses, whether or not the individual has been arrested or convicted.

Add to that the substituition of power for sex (McLaren simply had NO SEX LIFE at all, as claimed by two women he was married to, including his "common law wife" Evelyn Horak, whose life was ruined by McLaren--he married he for her money, which she made by being an assistant postmaster in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, meaning her salary was close to six figures a year; she gave that up to go to jail for ten years out of loyalty to a psychopath), and numbers 1 through 16 definitely describe McLaren. I do not know about 17 or 18 (but his mother does, I'm sure). He has not done 19, but money laundering, gun running (using the Washitaw), and other types of fraud, such as paying the company that made badges for his "RoT Embassy Staff" with "Republic of Texas bucks" counts for number 20 I'm sure.

If nothing else, the psychopathy and megalomania of a Rick McLaren PROVES that the only resistance method that can work has leaderless resistance as a core principal. So-called "patriot groups" must realize that any leader they choose could be just another psychopath like McLaren.

Learn to know the twenty traits above, and look for them in individuals you meet. If the individual exhibits one or two of these but no more, then he or she is probably just a typical American. Many Americans do superficial relationships or have no long-term goals (it is hard to have long-term goals when the economy is so depressed). Many Americans are impulsive, which is why so many Americans are so deep in debt. I would say a good minority of Americans lack a sense of responsibility. But what separates most Americans (who exhibit one or two or even three of the above traits) from a psychopath, who exhibits most of them, if the overweening desire for power and a COMPLETE LACK OF CONSCIENCE.

But let me end with a high note of optimism: Number 12--inability to achieve long-term goals (even though the CPEs have certainly come up with a lot of plans for achieving these goals, like world government, stealing all the world's wealth and enslaving the rest of us). Since these folks really are psychopaths as well as criminals, number 12 clearly states THEY WILL NOT ACHIEVE THESE GOALS!

But they are too full of hubris, grandiosity, arrogance, and "superior" to us little people to notice this! And that's a good thing!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dystopian Movie Scenarios: What's Likely and What's Unlikely?

I love to see dystopian movies or read dystopian novels. Two novels required to be read when I was in High School were "Animal Farm" and "1984" by George Orwell, but I also read "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley, who was once my fave author (he also wrote one of the most interesting post-Victorian Era Social Criticism books ever, "Point Counterpoint.") Then there is a book I started but never finish, Atwood's "The Handmaid's Tale." There are other fine novels, but quite frankly I don't read much fiction anymore (the last fiction I've read is Steig Larsen's Millennium Trilogy.)

I've seen most of the top rated dystopian future movies, however, including what might be the first-ever dystopian future movie by Fritz Lang, "Metropolis." I've talked about the impossibility of worker-slaves agreeing to live without sunshine and fresh air in their underground habiations before--and having children in these inhuman conditions besides, so I won't rehash that here. I've also seen various makes of "1984," where the John Hurt 1984 version is outstanding...but if you really want to feel the terror of Orwell's "boot stomping on the human face forever" version, watch the earliest make of this movie which was early 50s. I saw it on You Tube. This version is almost exactly like the Winston Smith's colleague Symes slither into complete jelly when he finds out the Thought Police are picking him up at some pub, and Smith's absolute refusal to help him...or Smith's begrudging admiration for the "prole" woman singing some old school song as she hangs up wash beneath his rented flat where he meets Julia and has his sane asylum before the shop keeper turns him in...or Smith's and Julia's meeting with O'Brien in his luxurious flat reserved for inner party members where O'Brien and his butler do a brilliant job of convincing them they are on Smith's side. A version made in the 60s pales by comparison.

Thing is, both "Metropolis" and "1984" are well-nigh impossible dystopian societies to achieve. The CPEs (Criminal Psychopathic Elites) would have to kill us all, then genetically engineer us again as semi-robots that have no problem being enslaved and "stomped on" forever. Since "Animal Farm" has already happened (Stalin's Russia), and since "Brave New World" would require genetic engineering that might not even be possible at this point (can scientists turn one egg into 72 Epsilons at this time?), then I won't get into these movies/books. Though, I am sure if the CPEs could achieve such a thing they would create gammas, deltas, and epsilons--and plenty of soma, of course. But since they are way too psychopathic to also create alphas and betas as well, their plan if that is the plan probably wouldn't work.

Yet, there are some recent and not-so-recent dystopian fiction movies/books that could at some point come to fruition because the CPEs are mad enough to know, their own little way of doing "predictive programming." Here are a few movies/books that stand the best chance of the CPEs pulling them off, and I will explain why it could happen and why it couldn't.

I will only mention movies/books I have seen/read. Thus, "Hunger Games" didn't make the list.

Children of Men

This recent movie (book?) set in the near future in Britain, run by fanatical "white nationalists" that cage all Muslims in "relocation camps" every bit as brutal as Abu Graib or Gitmo, has a small problem: there are no babies being born, and the last young person of around 18, a boy, got killed in some accident, so all hope is lost. Or is it? Turns out a young girl from Africa--a Muslim--is carrying a child in her womb, and it is up to some enlightened folks who just happen to know there is a ship out there in the Atlantic that's a refuge for similar girls like her, to get her onto that ship--in the face of white nationalist Islamophobe stalkers and what not, the "authorities," and relocation camp guards near Land's End, where the ship is offshore. Why is this movie a possible CPE scenario? Because thanks to Monsanto and Dow Chemical and their ilk in "convincing us" to grow GMO foods which just so happen to cause STERILIZATION in certain lad animals, and other mad scientists devices to engineer the kill-off-die-off plan that some CPEs have in mind for us "useless eaters," women are no longer fertile, no matter what they do. As a result, most of the planet has been killed off, and Britain is about the only place that is still capable of supporting long as life means "no blacks and no Muslims" that is! Why is this movie NOT a possible likely scenario? Because while once a genie is loosed out of the bottle it can rage out of control and make all women infertile, the elites do not need to actually create an infertility weapon (which would make them infertile as well--don't forget, they only want to screw up little people, not themselves!). All they have to do is sterilize the so-called 99 percent (keeping a few of us around, of course, to wait on them...) It is easier to infertilize select undesirables and useless eaters than to destroy all humanity...


Created by a member of Monte Python's Flying Circus, all Britain is controlled by the Minstry of Information, which, of course, is bureaucray run amok. But Robert DeNiro (tries to) save the day against utter (and supported) incompetence, which begins when a literal fly in the ointment falsely accused Harry Buttle, not Harry (deNiro) Tuttle of "terrorism" for doing things the right way, and, when Buttle is Gitmo-ed, so to speak, it is Henry, the son of an elite woman, who tries to save the day (or at least not totally screw it up) along with Julia (I think that's her name) when he gets "promoted" (thanks to his mother) to the Ministry of Retrieval, the most important Minstry of Information. All of this, though, is in Henry's dream state as he gets interrogated. Why is this movie a possible elite scenario? Because when you think about it, the CPEs are utterly incompetent! Only an incompetent would hire psychopath wannabes as TSA agents to find "terrorists" and do such a crappy job of it, and only incompetents would use drones joysticked by soldiers who think they are playing a video game to hunt terrorists and mostly kill innocent civilians instead. Why is this scenario unlikely? Because the CPEs don't have the brains and breeding to make it work--most of them are inbred idiots, after all!

I Am Legend

Will Smith is brilliant in the role of the "lone surviver" of a cancer-drug-trial gone apocolyptic (and is based on the 50s movie, "The Last Man on Earth," which is also worth watching), where the drug turns all and sundry into "dark seeker" zombies who eventually--after he has found a cure and a woman and child to take it to the last colony of survivors upstate somewhere from NYC--eat him as well. Why is this possible? Because you how CPE mad scientists are "trying" to always and forever "cure" diseases with unforseeable consequences. Why is it unlikely? Because honestly the CPEs really do not want to cure cancer and other diseases; they'd rather we just die from them instead!

The Matrix Series

Actually, it almost seems like we are living in "the matrix" now, but more and more folks really are waking up, worldwide. Humans as "batteries" anyway is not sustainable!


This is in fact my fave dystopian movie because like the matrix I sometimes think we are living it it! "House O' Representin'" indeed! But this is sorta in the far it even possbile for people to become so stupid that they put salts (electrolytes, that is, "Brawndo") on plants instead of water?

V For Vendetta

Why is it some of the best dystopian movies are set in Britian? After the radical Islamophobic Brit version of the Christian Right takes over Britain and assigns gays, Muslims, and other undesirables to what I can only call irradication centers and prisons to be experimented upon. But "V" survives the prisons and becomes a thorn in the sides of Chancellor Sutler, McCreedy and friends, enlisting the aid of Natalie Portman and a media honcho who suddenly puts two plus two together and understands why V's rebellion must work. The framework for this movie based on the graphic novels is the 1607 "Guy Fawlkes Gun Powder Plot" to blow up Parliament to advance the cause of Roman Catholicism in a Britain that somehow resembled the movie's "Christian Right Dominionist" dystopia where the head of the church is, of course, a raging pedophile. What makes this movie not likely? Being set in Britain...most Brits could care less about "religion" and Dominionist nonsense. Unfortunately, something like this could happen in the US---the Dominionists here have dome a lot to take over the Republican Party in the last 30 years, which with Santorum, Palin, Bachmann, and Perry being of the Dominionist strain (and what the Ron Paul folks are trying to fight against by takin gover the RP themselves, so they say) is MUCH more likely here than Britain. But why is this Dominionist scenario unlikely? Only about 25 percent of Americans are even close to supporting Dominionism. Dominionism is as likely here as Sharia Law is! But they are still a threat.

Running Man

Richard Dawson is brilliant, at least as much as Ahnold. The notion of soldiers or cops in helicopters shooting at women and children in a food riot in Bakersfield, California is prescient of drones today doing the same thing, and maybe very soon, what with Obama's EO claiming all food resources for his elite buddies and mercs--I mean, who else would get it? And we all know how the sheeple love game shows, right? But, as with the Detroit of "Robocop," does anyone really think that one can keep such a bifercated two-tier system of citizenship up for very long? A huge, huge underclass in utter squalor and everyone else in blissful ignorance? Look, if Americans are waking up now with all the distractions (such as game shows, sports, "American Idol" and the rest) we have to keep us asleep, what is the probability that a "Running Man" or a "RoboCop" or even a "Judge Dredd" (coffee illegal? Are you kidding me?) or "Blade Runner" scenario happening?

On the Beach

Recently remade from the brilliant early 60s (late 50s?) version--but the original ius better of course--must be mentioned here with an Australian society going more amd more amok thanks to nuclear radiation, until finally all are dead. I honestly can't think of a more realistic possibility after Fukushima, which is eventually going to kill off most of the sealife in the Pacific (I pray that doesn't happen, but who is gonna stop it?). The only thing that makes this scenario unlikely is that if nuclear radiation really is going to be killing most life on the planet at some point, the elites--the NON-psychopathic ones, that is...yes there are a few of those still left, believe me--will have figured out how to save some of us.

Soylent Green

You know this one: 40 billion or so folks eating each other as Soylents. Not impossible, but very bloody not likely either: the CPEs will never let 40 billion people live on Earth! But recent reports of food from China having human skin in it suggests at least some CPEs are more P than E!

The Book of Eli

After a major set of wars, there are very few and far between survivers in the US, but Eli (who has a condition I won't mention if you haven't seen this movie) manages to get his "Book" (the King James Bible) all the way across the ruin-scarred country even though some psychopathic cultish leader wants him dead (but can't kill him--it's God's will, right?). Denzel Washington is outstanding, if you want to see Mila Kunis really act, this movie is for you. Gary Oldman plays (great, of course) the psycho leader who wants the "Book" Eli is "carrying." When he finally gets the Book, boy is he surprised! Eli, of course, has memorized the Bible, so it gets to its destination on Alcatraz Island. What makes this movie likely is at some point I can see the US being physically devastated somehow in the fairly near future, not necessarily by war, though. What makes this scenario unlikely though is that a small community would put up with such a psycho as leader. Then again, don't we have psychos leading us now?

The Postman

This is what I think is the most likely (but not completely likely scenario) because the society has been reduced to feudalism. Some, again, psycho, has become some sort of feudal lord in the Pacific Northwest, exacts tribute on "subject" know, he's set up a "protection racket"...but Kevin Costner, who is trying to give villagers hope that their really is a government of the US (now why is that hope?), sets up a mail delivery system that helps American survivers resist their feudal lord, whom the Postman defeats in the end. And then twenty or so years later in a renewed civilization rebuild, the Postman is honored off the coast of northwest Washington State. Honestly, in a collpased USA, the only system I see coming about--owing to the love or war among Americans as well as the love of leader demagogues that we have, you know, rugged (psycho) individualists like "General Bethlehem" is a feudalist one. Soem of that has to do with the strong parallels between the collapse of the Roman Empire with the collapse of the American one. I do NOT see a totalitarian state coming about like 1984 or some of the others I've mentioned. Americans won't go for it, but they might go for some demagogue strong leader with a "might makes right" attitude, and there will be (as with today) enough cowardly sheeple to make it work, until the sheeple see what a cowardly evil their demagogue is. What makes the Postman unlikely though is will anyone survive that can turn things around? I mean, and why would it be better to actually have a central US government? A real conundrum! And, if you like Tom Petty, this is also worth watching.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Part 2 of What Will Make Americans Completely Wake Up?

In Part 1 of this post I claimed that four of the issues or events that will surely wake up all but the most comatose Americans are the following: first, the experience of the "prison-industrial-complex" including the experience of debtor's prisons; second, hyperinflation; third, homelessness; fourth, a race war that very few really want. In this post I will mention a few more likely scenarios that should wake folks up really because they will have no choice.

5. I honestly DO see the end of the US dollar as the world's reserve currency, and that alone will collapse the US economy. "But now wait a minute," you say, "When the British Pound stopped being the world's reserve currency at Breton Woods in 1944, that did not cause the collapse of Britain's economy." True, but that is because (I think, heck, I'm not the Queen of England who was just fine with that eventuality) Britain had already had many years to prepare for that--since the end of WW1, the Brits knew that the "sun" would "set" on their Empire, which had become unsustainable, and the other reason was that the British Pound Sterling wasn't called "Pound Sterling" for nothing: this currency was NOT the worthless fiat currency the present-day US dollar is! THAT pound-sterling was BACKED BY GOLD AND SILVER! Since the British people had a currency back by a real asset (as opposed to the dollar being "backed by the full faith and credit" of the US CPE (criminal psychopathic elites) Since the British people-at-large had a real asset, they'd face hard times but NOT utter collapse. In fact, as for Britain, those folks face much worse now than they did when their empire went down, for now "the British pound" is, like the US dollar, backed by nothing and is worthless.

"But Americans are buying gold and silver in droves," you say. I say, SOME Americans are, but most are not because after all, the collapse of the US economy is just "conspiracy theory" and fearmongering! FOLKS, I DO NOT FEARMONGER! I engage in truth (as far as I know it...not that the elites tell me what they plan, but I do know a little history...the Roman Empire collapsed precisely because its currency did, and when the Preatorian Guard was no longer paid what they thought they should be paid, the stopped propping up the corrupt Emperors, and the same can be said for the Roman Legions, many of whom married "barbarian" wives and joined "the barbarians." Further, the elites at the time could hardly be bothered to care, spending half their days in vomitoriums (if you have a chance and don't mind seeing X rated movies, catch Federico Fellini's "Satyricon" sometime. I do not think anyone has captured the spirit of the end of Rome and its depraved elites better.) Further. MOST Americans cannot afford physical gold and silver at $1,000 an ounce for gold and (a way undervalued) $30 an ounce for silver. Most Americans are too busy trying to pay off the mortgage, put kids through college, pay bills, buy food and gas, and the like.

I am going to assume that the reader might have a bit of gold (or more likely, silver) and really can't afford to buy more, so here is what you ought to do: get out of debt! I mean it about those debtor's prisons! Buy a month's supply of food, gas, medications, first aid supplies, cleaning stuff, pet foods. GROW A GARDEN! If you can, get out of the cities and suburbs into the rural remote (which necessitates buying TWO MONTHS of extra gasoline!). And, oh yeah, the means of protection: guns and bullets for them, and a good knife wouldn't hurt either. If the only rural remote option is a "covenant community," then choose one with the fewest restrictions. A "gated" (very strict covenants) community is NOT an option! But even if you cannot move out of cities and suburbs, you need to prepare as best you can for the collapse of the US dollar, because the Federal Reserve's "kicking the can down the road" only goes so far...dead end ahead for the "road".

6. Food shortages for a variety of reasons. When you can't feed yourself and your family even if you have the money to do so, THAT will wake you up! Now, here are some of the reasons why a food shortage probably will occur in the US:

a. GMO foods, especially corn (and our favorite additive, "high fructose corn syrup" which big ag failed to get labled "corn sugar"--after all, "the body doesn't know the difference" [THE dumbest piece of propaganda EVER put on TV!] have been engineered to do these two following things: NOT produce viable seeds (but if they do, Monsanto will sue you for using them), and produce foods that are NOT compatible to the human body, or the animal body for that matter, and can harm you. Those who believe the CPE (criminal psychopathic elites) want to reduce the world's population by 90 percent or so say that is precisely why Big Ag is literally forcing farmers to use GMO seeds--the kill-off-die-off scenario. the other thing is that GMO seeds DO NOT grow the amount of food that Monsanto and Dow Chemical preport ot grow, and much of the corn being grown now is for ethanol, not food.

b. Seafood in the Gulf of Mexico has been poisoned (in fact on the reality TV show, "Big Shrimpin'" shown earlier this year, the shrimping industry had to go from Bayou LeBatre, Alabama, to offshore Texas to catch any viable shrimp, thanks to BP. Scientists have discovered along with fisher folks that shrimp off Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida are quite deformed, as are crabs, clams, red snapper, etc. and then you have the entire northern Pacific fin tuna have way-over-the-limit-amounts of cesium radiation off the coast of California and Oregon and Washington, etc. thanks to Fukushima, Japan, nuclear melt-downs caused partially by the Seimens computer software not shutting down the reactors in time because they were infected by the STUXNET worm (GEE THANKS A WHOLE LOT, ISRAEL! DID THE TALMUD TELL YOU TO KILL OFF US GOYIM USING A COMPUTER VIRUS???). Thus, the sea life in US coastal waters is heavily damaged and might be totally dying off as we speak. Thank God for farmed tilapia!

c. Lack of money to fix highways and byways (again, thanks, Israel, for forcing the US government to kill off more goyim for you!). This means lack of raod maintenance, which means poor highways, which means more truck repairs, which cuts into profits, doesn't it? And then you have artifical shortages of gasoline and diesel to run the 18-wheelers that carry the food and everything else. Already, according to my husband who is a paramedic, medical supplies are running short almost continuously and many EMS services are using, with medical director permission, expired medications, because orders for new ones are on "backorder." Do not forget that many of these meds come from China and India, and supply problems happen, but now they happen a lot more frequently. You cannot grow your own meds (it's illegal) but you can grow you rown food. So do so!

d. "President" Obama (more like dictator Obama) has issued an executive order (I forget the number he issues so many of them) that "in case of emergency" the US government has the right to confiscate all food, all land, all assets--and human beings if necessary (funny that a BLACK MAN wants to reinstitute slavery!...yeah, I know, he'll only enslave white folks...gimme a break!). What happens after that sounds like what happens in good ol' North Korea, where the Party insiders get the best food, then the army, then the party outsiders, and then the peasants that grow the stuff, if any of it is left, that is. The Kims took this line from Uncle Joe Stalin, who starved the farmers in the Ukraine in the early 30s, stole their food, gave it to the Party folks in the cities or sold it overseas to prove just how much food could be grown and sold overseas under his Communist System.

e. The FDA, in league with Monsanto and the rest if Big Ag are actually destroying food in the upper mid-west, whether it's raw milk (also in California) or pigs that have a different color hair, because organically grown farm animals are a threat to Con-Agra's factory farm system. And now farmers and ranchers have to deal with drones flying over their fields because, after all, we can't trust farmers and ranchers to feed the country--just government bureaucrats and mad scientists.

7. Possible Civil War, because, like I've said many many times, Americans love war. Let's see if Americans love war when it comes to them. Don't think it can't happen? For one thing, most of the countries of the world are tired of us invading country we damned well please. It seems a bit far off, but eventually the collapse of the dollar will mean collapse of the perto-dollar was well, which means the collapse of the monetary means to build all and sundry military equipment and pay military people. That includes foreign mercs that some claim are already in the US to crush rebellion (fat chance! Most Americans, let alone all patriots, would have no problem shooting a Rooskie or Chinese soldier, rebellion or not!). I actually read a post somewhere on a blog stating that, due to crimes against humanity by the US government, the UN needs to organize a "regime change" here like the US is trying to do in Syria now (and Iran later). I really would not totally discount that happening.

Kharma is a bi-otch! We WILL get, each of us, what we deserve!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Each American Will Wake Up When Each American Has To Wake Up, Part One

I had said in a previous post The American People Are "Waking Up." Fine. when Will the Elites? that slowly but surely the American people are waking up and discovering that their so-called "money" is actually debt, not wealth. And, further, the people, more and more, are realizing that their House of Representatives are (to steal a cliche from the movie Idiocracy) actually nothing more than the "House O' Representin'" and their Senate is pretty much as corrupt as the one in ancient Rome, and their Supreme Court? Hey, many have more faith in "the Supremes" and I mean Diana Ross and Company. Besides which, didn't Obama just claim that he doesn't have to follow any Supreme Court or lower Court decision, as in "I don't have to abide by the lower Court decision to NOT indefintely detain Americans without trial! I'm the dictator--er, President" (Note: If Obama really is of Kenyan descent we'll know soon enough...when he declares himself "President for Life" like many of the corrupt dictators in Africa have done in the past and in the present)

It is now a well known fact--not conspiracy theory, but fact--that elections in the US are as rigged as in, say, Belize (where, thanks to Joe Bageant, RIP, who lived in Belize when they were having elections there, we know that politicans basically and simply buy votes. This fact is as clear as day there. Getting money for voting is one top notch way folks in Belize make money to feed their families there during election years. They might get $25 from one politician and then $50 from another one--and then they vote for whomever they damned well please--or not vote, period!) In fact, Belizians have it better because at least they get paid to vote, whereas Americans vote for Criminal Psychopath A over Criminal Psychopath B and don't get paid a damned thing! Honestly, having just voted for Ron Paul in the Texas primary (won by Romney by 69 percent--and if you believe that I have the Big Bend National Park to sell you!), I ain't-a gonna-vote again for "the lesser of two evils" unless one of 'em pays me a million dollars (and by that I mean backed by gold and silver), and then I just might not vote for the psycho anyway!

Yeah, I know. Vote buying is "illegal."

Of course elections are not rigged here the way they are in Belize or other places where elections are rigged. In the US (and, I presume, most of the rest of the West), elections are rigged by voting machines, which means the COUNTERS of the votes from the voting machines. Didn't Uncle Joe Stalin once say he cares not who votes but cares who counts the votes? Example: instead of going into one of the many rigged vote counts to make Romney the Republican Nominee by primary and caucus...I mean, I know NOT ONE PERSON who actually voted for Romney or wanted to vote for Romney, and being our subdivision office manager I know a lot of people. That is, folks out here either voted Ron Paul in the Repub primary or voted for some local person in the Democrat primary, but would have voted Ron Paul except they wanted to vote for this local guy (who also supported Ron Paul, but had to run Democrat because in far West Texas anyone who wants to win locally runs Democrat). I repeat: I know not one person who supports Romney! and yet Romney won Texas with 69 percent of the vote in Texas when a Congressman from Texas was also running? How rigged is that? But anyway, I refer to the very recent recall election held in Wisconsin to recall governor Scott Walker. Walker was the guy who destroyed public employee unions in that state. Being in the upper mid-west, Wisconsin is a state like Michigan where public employee unions are fairly strong and, I think, do have a fairly good amount of support. Now, as for me, I think unions are fairly useless and rigged themselves, but I have no problem with workers, public or private, being in unions. We have unions for a reason, right? But anyway, supposedly a whole lot of people put their signatures on petitions to recall Walker, which is why the recall election occured. The results of the election show that the vote count against Walker being the governor reflects that Walker's Democrat opponent's total is the same amount as the total number of voters who signed the petitions, plus one more percent! Which means that 99 percent of those who did NOT sign the petition voted for Walker! How ridiculous is that?

Remember what I said in that "Wake Up" post I mentioned at the top of this post about the truth and mathematics? Just as 2 + 2 can never equal 5, a properly run vote count cannot have 99 percent of those who refused to sign the petitions vote for the guy who the petitions (for opposing him) were about! How do I know this? Because I actually tried to run for a political office once: Justice of the Peace for Jeff Davis County, Texas. What happened was when I was out on a drive to get voters to sign the petition so I could run (I did not have the $300 I needed to get on the ballot automatically) was that amny of the folks I tried to get to sign my petition simply told me, "I don't sign petitions." These were folks I KNEW PERSONALLY! I did not get on the ballot though even though I had enough signatures, because some of the signers were not registered voters in Jeff Davis County. The point is this: there are many voters out there who simply will not sign petitions, period, even if they support what the petition is about. So how can the vote riggers in Wisconsin actually expect me and others to believe that 99 percent of the non-petition folks voted for Walker?

Oh, and, BTW, isn't Wisconsin largely Democrat?

But anyway. My husband is right: he has not voted for President, Congress, Senate, Statehouse, and locally--ever! Why? Because "I'm not gonna vote for someone who wants to harm me."

So that, unless Ron Paul somehow finds a way to win the Republican Nomination in Tampa when the RNC will do whatever it can to keep delegates pledged to Ron Paul out of the convention, Ron Paul will have been the last person (nationally and statewide maybe, I may continue to vote for local stuff) nationally I will have voted for. Because "voting the lesser of two evils" is still voting for evil. Period. And I don't vote for evil.

I do not know what it wil take for the many Americans who are still asleep or are maybe just now waking up but confused. Here are some of the things that could happen (and if things run their course have a very high percentage to happen):

1. It is also now a well known fact that Corrections Corporation of America is taking over more and more publically run prisons and beneath all the coverups is turning prison labor into a cheaper version of the slave-wage labor they have in China. Chinese slave-wage workers can quit their jobs at least and get better ones: prisoners can't. Add to this the fact that more and more folks, for usually victimless crimes like drug use, are winding up in these prisons. Further, it is also a fact that many folks are now going to these prisons because they are in debt. Fact: Debtors Prisons (aka "Workhouses", think Scrooge's famous line: "Are there no workhouses? Are there no prisons?" in A Christmas Carol by Dickens) are not only coming to America many years after the Constitution outlawed them (but who gives a crap about the rule of law? Not our Criminal Psyhcopath Elites that's for sure!), but are already here. Heck, if you are going to go to college, and you are NOT a wiz in math or science, there are really only two options if you want a job when you graduate: teaching certification in English with a TESOL so you can go overseas and work teaching English, or a degree in Criminal Justice which will allow you to be a prison guard (or a cop, but what's the difference these days?) (note: my daughter, who is NOT a wiz at math or science, is choosing the first option I mentioned; unfortunately, Japan is where she wants to go...radiation central! Really, I'd rather she choose China). Anyway, at some point a huge amount of people will be slave laborers in the prison system. Who needs FEMA concentration camps?

How will slave-labor prisons wake more people up? One, if you have a loved one trapped in these prisons the truth will hit you as hard as truth hit me many years ago when I woke up--but that is a subject for the next post. I would say, simply based on the fact that the US incarcerates by far the highest number of people in any nation on the planet, that this truth wil wake more ans more people up. Further, the more folks who know someone who is in jail because of debt, the more folks will wake up and start getting out of debt. That means the more people will wake up to realize they don't need all that useless crap made in China. That means that more people wil wake up to discover what is REALLY IMPORTANT! Family, friends, and good times for free. Not stuff!

2. Hyperinflation. Believe me, if you want folks to stop worshiping worthless fiat currency, hyperinflation will do that in spades. It just might make the barter economy, which makes more sense anyway, take off. That way, folks HAVE TO COOPERATE WITH EACH OTHER!

3. Homelessness. If all those folks who have underwater mortgages are made homeless because not even a judge's decision on mortgage fraud can save the homeowner if the lackeys of the criminal psychopath elites force these folks out of their home at gunpoint--something I can really see happening under either Obama or Romney--all millions and millions of them--are made homeless, and these homeless folks have friends and relatives who know them and know the truth why they are homeless, these people will wake up to the utter heartlessness and criminal psychopathy of the ruling elites. There are still too many people who do not realize what criminal psychopaths our ruling elites really are...too many people think only serial killers are criminal psychopaths, and the power elites have spent many years making sure most folks thought that way!

4. Race war. I honestly believe that MOST BLACKS and MOST WHITES are tired of the race-baiting bullcrap of Obama, the KKK/Neo-Nazi/White Supremist, Jess Jackson and his black racist cronies. Most blacks are aware completely of racism--they'd be crazy not to be--but most blacks do not hate white folks just because they are white. Just like (and since I'm white I know this) most white folks do not hate blacks just because they are black. Yes, there are whites who hate blacks just because they're black and there are blacks who hate whites because they are white. But these racists are in the definite minority, probably less than 10 percent of the population. I might add here also that I think it pretty much also hold true when it comes to Muslims: most Americans do not hate folks just because they are Muslim, and I'd say those that do come closer to 1 percent than 10 percent. For one thing, if a large number of folks REALLY HATED MUSLIMS, they'd have gone up to Dearborn, Michigan by now and killed the Muslim-majority folks living there by now. This hasn't happened, either in Dearborn or Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, so I think I am right to say most Americans do not hate Muslims.

I have to go now but I have a bunch more to write so I will continue in a day or so.