Thursday, April 26, 2012

The American People Can Be "the Savior" We Are Looking For

Aside from the fact that "savior" Ron Paul is unlikely to get the Republican Party Presidential Nomination to begin with, Ron Paul is NOT the "Savior" many of his supporters think he is.

I said in a previous post titled "On Ron Paul" that even if he did win the Republican nomination and then did beat Obama for the presidency, there is not a whole lot Paul could do to restore liberty and sanity in this country: Congress, bought and paid for by the banksters, oligarchs, and Israel (and in most cases all three), will foil him at every turn, and so might the "Corporation-is-a-Person"-loving Supreme Court; if he isn't assassinated, he will have to do something that is highly unconstitutional: he will have to annul all unconstitutional laws (like indefinite detention of Americans for any reason, killing Americans for any reason, ObamaCare, the Patriot Act and Military Commissions Act and a host of others passed by W. Bush, Obama, Clinton, Bush I, Reagan (yes, I said Reagan! Ever hear of "REX84"?), Carter, Ford, Nixon, Johnson and maybe even Kennedy (though he was the last of the fairly decent Presidents, which was why THEY assassinated him!)...all of these "laws" would have to be annulled by Executive Order--that is the ONLY way Congress won't be able to stop him, and, oh yeah, End the Fed. And after he did all this, THEN THEY would assassinate him and restore fascism, and not only that, they'd use some Muslim or other patsy to do the assassination, after which they'd use that excuse for Martial Law and total lockdown of the US. And did I mention they'd take our guns away?

Thus, Ron Paul is NOT our "savior" and CANNOT BE our "savior." Nor can Rand Paul be our savior, nor Gary Johnson, Andrew Napolitano, John Stossel, Lew Rockwell, Mike Rivero, Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, Alexander Higgins, Dennis Kucinich, Marcy Kaptur, or any other reincarnation of MLK, JFK, RFK, or Mother Theresa.

No. While we need to pray that our leaders make the right decisions, don't hold your breath because they simply haven't done so and may even be incapable of doing so because they do what they are told by those that own them.

And let's face it: the American know, not have enough money left over after being taxpayers, as well as buying food and necessities and mortgages and car repairs and insurance, yadda yadda yadda, to "own" the politicians that they hold their noses and vote for.

At the same time, the American people LET the politicians they voted for get owned by the oligarchs and banksters and Israel or all three by not demanding proper leadership from almost the beginning. I mean, do proper leaders create wars to genocide Native Americans? Do proper leaders do everything in their power to make sure certain folks remain slaves? Dp proper leaders steal land, resources, and bamboozle foreign nations into war? Do proper leaders (I'm calling you out Monroe!) threaten to bully the rest of the hemisphere because they think they can? Do proper leaders crush any and all dissent from legal immigrants, mine workers, women who want to vote, soldiers (think "Bonus Army" and Dwight D. Eisenhower, who ordered them to be shot rather than pay these WW1 vets what they were promised?)... In fact, say what you want about most of the Constitution, but this document was drafted precisely to be as vague as possible, with all kinds of pretexts for the "rule of law" under such spurious nonsense as the "commerce clause" or "general welfare clause" which opened up the possibility of forced individual mandates in ObamaCare. There is a reason that the 14th Amendment abolished sovereign citizens and left us all UNITED STATES CITIZENS (that is, corporate citizens), all on behalf of those who wanted to incorporate freed blacks into citizenship without pissing off their original slaveowners.

In other words, We The People let politicians become scumbags, criminals and psychopaths! WE LET THEM! WE DID!!!

Don't go blaming Rothschild for this, WE DID IT! Don't go blaming Israel for this, WE DID IT! Don't go blaming Nixon. Or Reagan. Or Clinton. Or W. Bush or Obama or Cheney or Petraeus or some "power behind the throne" for this. Don't go blaming "the Illuminati" or the Pope or Jesuits or Knights Templar or 33rd Degree Freemasons or the UN or the CFR or the Trilaterals or the Bilderbergs.

It is about time the American People TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for what we have created.

Some guy named Louis Beam (who I understand was a Klansman...YUK!!!) once authored a piece on "Leaderless Resistance" where small groups of people UNAFFILIATED with other small groups of people, as well as being leaderless groups, could make changes or restore the rule of law, what have you. One of the reasons groups had to be small and leaderless was because the government would otherwise send in infiltrators--having known "Republic of Texas" leader Rick McLaren and how his group became completely infiltrated, I know what I am talking about. Besides which, "revolutionary" groups led by various leaders will call for violence, and you can take that to the bank.

I say to hell with groups, period. We can all affect change for the good AS INDIVIDUALS. AS INDIVIDUALS, we can resist the culture of something for nothing...isn't this "something-for-nothing" culture the reason why shoppers in Wal-Mart riot for the latest crap from China? Isn't this why visiting fans of rival football teams pick fights with hometown fans, and even beat them up and pepper spray or taze them (which brought DHS into the act and now you can't go into an NFL stadium without the pat-downs and such at the gates)? Isn't this thuggish culture the reason why young mothers abandon their babies, middle-aged children abandon their parents in nursing homes, cities abandon the homeless, the DoD has abandoned its veterans to the streets and psych wards, charities pay themselves before the poor and widows and orphans, the government "takes care of the poor" because churches have abandoned the dictum of Christ to take care of "widows and orphans"?
Are you getting what I am saying?

There are several things we can do right now to make lasting change in the USA:

1. Again, Christ said it: love your neighbor as yourself (whether you love God with your whole mind, heart, soul, and strength or not...heck, atheists can love their neighbors just as well as Christians, and they often love them more than Christians do!)

2. Stop hating! Hate no one! Stop the Islamophobia! Hate what Israel does to Palestinians? Stop hating Jews over it! Jews, stop doing what the Talmud says, because the Talmud says to hate Gentiles! Muslims, if there is even a possibility that some whacked-out (and FBI funded) "jihadist" can get to you, don't let them! Christians, put your desire for "rapture" behind you and love, not hate, your Jewish and Muslim and atheist and any other religion neighbors because who knows? You might plant the seeds of conversion in them. You "one percenters" stop hating the "99 percent", and you 99 percenters stop hating the rich and the one percent.

3. Understand psychopathy. You can start by reading "Political Ponerology: A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes" by Andrew Lobaczewski, who was a Polish and Jewish psychologist who studied and lived in the totalitarian Stalin state of Poland before leaving there for the US, and he relates how the US is becoming just like Stalinist Poland. Understand that PSYCHOPATHS cannot change no matter what you do, so if you want to be nice to them be very very careful because these are the most manipulative folks on the planet. I knew one. His name? Rick McLaren! (I am, BTW, a certified counselor with a BA in Psychology; even so, how can I call McLaren a psychopath without diagnosing him as such? Biggest clue: he had absolutely NO SEX DRIVE! In most psychopaths, it is POWER, not sex, that gives them the hard-on. Pedophiles, politician or not, do not get off on sex with kids, but on the power they have over these kids. That is why one or two or three sex-capades with any number of kids in a given time period is never enough.)

4. Get into the habit of taking responsibility for your actions and TEACH RESPONSIBILITY to your children. I am as guilty of this as anyone because even though both my kids are good kids, with my daughter anyway I tend to still keep on trying to do things for her she needs to do for herself, and take responsibility for actions or lack of necessary action.

5. STOP GOING INTO DEBT!!! You don't need that "thing" you think you need because you saw it on TV or your neighbor has it. What drives folks into debt? Two of the "seven deadly sins": envy and jealousy. One way to NOT go into debt is to live more healthily, exercise and eat right. For many people, illness is a reason they are in debt in the first place.

6. GET OFF THE PROZAC! Or Abilify or whatever it is that deludes you into thinking you need "something" to make your life "better" and less "depressing." For most people, it isn't a lack of job or being stuck in a rut that causes depression. It is lack of love from themselves and others that causes depression, and lack of a life. Get a life! You can start by truly helping the less fortunate.

7. Find something you love to do and do it! Paint. Read. Write. Cook. Plant a garden. Be with your dog or cat. Play with your kids. Teach whatever it is you are good at. Do puzzles. Create something. Tinker with the car. Fix something. Clean and organize things in the house (believe it or not, but when I'm pissed off say, at my husband, I's therapy so to speak). Play a musical instrument or learn a foreign language (another big complaint I have about Americans is they have no desire to learn a foreign language, and the culture that goes with it.) Turn off the TV and play your favorite music and dance to it!

8. Find a "mountain" to climb and climb it. I don't necessarily mean literally mountain climbing. But you know more than anyone what your own "Mount Everest" is. Or, as Jesus put it, "moving mountains." Christ literally COULD move a mountain (as well as calm a raging Galiliee), but what He meant was find a personal Mount Everest and climb it. That is how I quit smoking cigarettes. I cold turkey'd. That is how I became a math teacher despite being terrible in math in was determination. That is how I beat bulimia after six years or eating and then vomiting. I simply decided that if I didn't stop vomiting I'd die, period, end of story. I suppose this could even work in a circumstance that you were born with, say, autism. This is what Temple Glanding did, but she also used her autism to relate to farm animals and thus revolutionize animal husbandry! Want an even huge-er story? How about the author of "Escape from Camp 14", Shin Dong-hyuk, who actually escaped from a concentration camp in North Korea?

9. If you have a relative or neighbor who is a cop, an INS agent, an IRS agent, a TSA get my drift? other words, earns a living being an agent of the fascist police state we live in and does bad things to people as a matter of policy, and you know this neighbor is NOT a psychopath (because there really is not anything you can do for a psychopath other than avoid one), and you think this neighbor or relative is starting to not want to do the things he or she has to do (like groping two-year-olds and 90-year-olds), help him or her to see that they can quit their jobs and do something else. Now, if the person in question loves beating up protestors or tazing school kids, then wipe your feet of this person for he or she is either a psychopath or a psychopath-wanna-be. Have nothing to do with psychopaths or psychopath-wannabes if you can at all help it. Who knows? Having no friends (other than fellow psychopaths) might make the light turn on inside that person. It could happen, and it did happen a couple of thousand years ago to a very bad evil doer named Saul. When he saw the light, he became Paul. You may have heard that story.

Or, at least pray for that person, which is why I pray for our leaders to make the right decisions.