Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Straw That'll Break The Camel's Back

But first, a word from our sponsor...

The website "Something Happening" will be defunct beginning June 8, 2011, because I see no point in keeping it up by paying over $100 per year WITHOUT doing what most blogs do: beg for donations. Whatever it is I put up at that site has been given to me somehow by God, either with knowledge, experience, or just flat out inspired; thus, what God has freely given (the sometimes back-breaking work notwithstanding), must be freely given by me, such that asking for donations is like the typical telepreacher spending half his programming time begging for "tithes" or "love offerings"! Therefore, I have had Bluehost shut the thing down as of June 8, 2011.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled service...

The site mentioned above that for all intents and purposes no longer exists was not just some personal vehicle for my own pontification, although I did plenty of that. It was started precisely to provide information on how to benefit from living in the rural remote, without the "bunker mentality." Overall, however--even if the reader had no intentions of moving to the rural remote--the site was about GETTING OUT OF THE SYSTEM physically, emotionally, mentally, financially, and spiritually, as much as one could. In other words, preparation for getting off the grid (and not just in terms of energy supply), getting out of debt, getting completely independent from any from of government handouts and primary education (ie. homeschooling), becoming physically independent from "conventional" medicine, and, if one couldn't (me, for instance, because there ain't a homeopathic medicine capable of dealing with the migraine and cluster headaches I've been getting most of my life), getting pharma drugs cheaply (that is, Progressive, run by an American pharmacy that gets its medicines from overseas for an 80 percent reduction in cost...or, if you can game the system, from Wal-Mart)...and, before I forget, relying on your neighbor when you can't rely on yourself (or won't rely on God--not everyone that went to my site was a fact, I'd say my readership was represented by all faiths including the ridiculous faith in mankind..."secular humanist" for those that like labels...or no faiths, period.)

Well, I've said about as much as I could say on the subject of preparation and it ain't worth my while paying another hundred bucks to keep saying the same ol' thing, so I gave up the domain and web hosting. And, wouldn't you know it? I can put a lot of my original stuff from the site onto this very blog!!! For free! So, that's what I'm gonna do, all in due time: how to deal with birds eating your bean sprouts, grasshoppers eating your greens, how to fix your dirt driveway, edible herbal meds, building your own house or outbuilding, homeschooling, disasters, self-defense, etc.

But for right now is the urgent issue that has many bloggers speculating: what will it take for Americans to FINALLY not only wake up for ACT UP?

So many bloggers look at Iceland and Greece and France and Egypt and Tunisia and Britain, even--and now, Spain--and get their panties all in a wad about WHY O WHY WON'T AMERICANS GROW A PAIR AND DO THE SAME?

Answering WHY Americans won't get all out in the streets and protest or whatever--DO SOMETHING!--is easy! Folks, no matter what some uppity foreign blogger (such as the guy on Information Clearinghouse--CIA, BTW!--who signs his comments "Dangerous Creation" and is so-anti-American you know he's a CIA agent! Okay, okay...Mossad) writes about just how stupid 99 percent of Americans are (the other 1 percent are the elites)--and, if the blogger is Canandian, attempts to prove it with ridiculous "American Idiot" the very least he should pay Green Day for using that meme!...I mean, just how stupid are Canadians if they actually believe Americans don't know what the capital of the US is!!!-- And no matter how frustrated American bloggers are that Americans are just sitting there and taking all that the oligarchs dish out including having to choose between feeding the kids and paying the mortgage, which is why they beat their heads against the proverbial wall musing why Americans seemingly will NOT get out and protest...

Well, I can answer that in very few words (but, if you've ever read my site you know I will use more than just a few words!): combine the fact that most Americans simply aren't that bad off yet or do not think they are at any rate, with the other fact that the Orwellian jackboot of a foot-on-the-human-face-forever-scenario simply hasn't happened here yet, and add in a little mythology (" can do," "you can be whatever you want to be including president" and "land of opportunity"...all of which no longer exist, except in the minds of many) that adds up to one big denial, and NOW YOU KNOW WHY AMERICANS WON'T GET UP AND PROTEST BY THE MILLIONS.

Further, with the exception of Iceland, which just might be the most homogeneous society on the planet living on an island that is partially above the Arctic Circle and has the least vegetation per square mile of anywhere outside of Antarctica and Greenland, and, oh yeah, lots and lots of volcanoes--those other countries that have all those protests and riots and whatnot: has anything changed for the people, what with all those protests and riots? Is Greece freer? Is Egypt less under the control of the military? Are the workers of France wealthier? Are the people of Britain more likely to want to throw off the Rothschild-backed "royal" family (it is said that Will's wife Kate is a Rothschild...who knows?). Will days and days of protests bring more jobs to Spaniard youth?

In other words, what good do protests do? Venting. That's all that is! And all the cops beating on heads aside--the PTB will allow this sorta thing as long as all it is, is venting!

And when Americans do protest--think Wisconsin--has it done any good, other than, yes, venting? Are Wisconsin teachers better off now? I don't think so!

So, all that BS about why don't Americans get out and protest is just that: BS.

In fact, I suspect most Americans already know that protesting will NOT do anything to make the situation better and it is all just appearances. and, I'd like to remind the Canadians, the Brits, that Greeks, the Spaniards, and ESPECIALLY the French: YOU WOULDN'T HAVE BUPKUS WITHOUT US AMERICANS, BACK IN 1776, SHOWING YOU ALL THE WAY!!!

But anyway...

In short, it is going to take a helluva lot more than mere unemployment, stagnant wages along with growing income inequality in favor of the oligarchs, police state crapola along with TSA shenanigans, underwater mortgages and ridiculous student loan debt, criminal psychopaths in the White House and Congress that owe allegiance to a foreign country (guess which one?) and not their own while they bend over for banksters and Wall Street, and all-war-all-the-time to get Americans to "do something."

Here are a few possible events that could get the majority (you'll never get "most" Americans to do anything--you'll have to settle for a simple majority) of Americans to effect real change for the better for the American people:

1. Taking the guns away. Now, the elites KNOW that if they try to outlaw firearms in in the US in any way, shape or form, that us 90 million gun owners will do something about it. 90 freaking million! That is pert near ONE-THIRD OF THE US POPULATION!!! I'll put it to you this way: the elites do NOT like those odds! And so that is why they have done only lip-service to taking our guns away. NO Democrat in his right mind would seriously attempt to seriously outlaw firearms, and NO Republican in his right mind would alienate their voter base enough to even think of letting Democrats do such a thing. There is only ONE WAY this can happen: if the US is dissolved into some "North American Union," which is course has been "in the works for years" by the NWO crowd. But, if you want the results of that, look no further than the EU, which can't seem to control their own currency... Anyway, if it becomes the North American Union, don't think that Mexicans or Canadians will put up with that any more than Americans will. In other words, the elites won't just have us to worry about.

2. A complete collapse. Even if a totalitarian police state were to result from that and even if the usual 70-percenters live in their usual state of fear, 24/7--even if those 70 percenters live in some sort of "nice" concentration camp so that they can "be safe" from "terrorists" after some sort of false flag op convinces them to listen to the "government, and we're hear to help you" scenario--there are enough independent thinkers out there that will never let it become "the boot stomping on the human face forever" scenario, and eventually even the "sheeple" that put up with the concentration camp will be too much for the warders (foreign or otherwise--after all, who is gonna pay these folks what they want when the economy completely collapses? Do not forget that only mercenaries would betray their countrymen and principles).

3. Lack of any opportunity. The idiots why think that it is really really cool that more and more students are parents will not be able to afford college and will go willingly into indentured servitude to get an education that increasingly means little, and thus think that this will keep the people down in slavery are TRULY IDIOTS! On my site I call them "inbred idiots" because that is what they are! You see, since they live in the proverbial ivory tower and never really have anything to do with us "little people" they are clueless as to really what we are about. The one thing they absolutely cannot do (besides take our guns away) is to take away opportunity. If they take away opportunity then guess what young people will do--they will either leave the country (my best recommendation for college students is to learn Chinese! Or Japanese or Korean or Hindi or even Arabic (men only, though...women need to beware of mostly Islamic societies)...well, some Asian language anyway. Because Asia is where it's at...--okay, they will either leave the country, or they will take this country back, and the elites really really know it. Funny. The more they try to enslave the rest of us the more trouble they themselves get into. Their greed and psychopathy really really will do them in this time!

4. Some random event that even I can't consider predicting. But here's one that I can see happening because it has already begun. Right now, the National Football League is in a player-coach lockout; that is, the players and coaches cannot work out or train at team facilities, and cannot have contact with each other. Further, free agent rookies or veterans cannot be signed---some of the most productive players historically have been those who have not been drafted (for instance, the Miami Dolphins have three very outstanding players who were not drafted over the last five drafts: LB Cameron Wake, Pro-Bowler, Davone Bess, a top slot Reciever, and Dan Carpenter, a top FG Kicker. Another example is Cowboys QB Tony Romo, undrafted in 2006). The team owners decided to do the lockout because the players union decertified around March 2011, and want to turn the screws on the players, who of course want more money (mostly from TV rights). Well, last week the 8th Circuit Appeals Court put in a stay on the lockout thinking that they can force the two sides to negotiate and get this over with. So, each side now has a chance to "brief" the Court to their own side, along with Amicus Cureai "friend of the court" briefs as well--and it turns out that the Baseball/Basketball/Hockey Players Associations, followed of course by "friend of the Court" briefs by each and every Baseball/Basketball/Hockey team owner (!) (I'm suspecting, anyway) will do the same... And then there are us sports fans, us "little people" out there who utterly and completely want football this fall, or else. and I DO MEAN THE "OR ELSE"!

You wise guy Europeans who think all us Americans know how to do is follow "bread and circuses" will give us the last laugh when, as a result of "no football," the minions of testosterone-filled Sunday afternoons decide to "go on the rampage" and shoot the bastards! As in "oligarchs." You think I'm kidding? (I hope I'm kidding! But having lived much of my life around Jets fans--and seeing as how Jets and Dolphins (!) players will be training together next week or so--if Jets players can get together with hated Dolphins players, then who's to say Jets fans can't get together with Fins fans--and Steelers fans with Ravens fans, and Cowboys fans with Redskins fans, and Saints fans with Falcons fans, and Packers fans with Bears fans, and Chargers fans with Broncos fans, and Titans fans with Texans fans, and even Colts fans with Patriots fans (!)...then we will know the joys of the taste of "oligarch on the barbie" (for you Aussies out there) and "grilled oligarch."

Okay, okay, I'm kidding about the "grilled oligarch" part. Who wants to grill someone that's been swinging dead from a noose or pitchfork for a few hours?

Not that I'm advocating violence. I'm not. But the thing is the elites are TOO DAMNED STUPID to do the right thing and make sure that doesn't happen. So, it likely will, whether I want it or not. Because I don't.