Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Something Happening Here

From now until next March when my domain Something Happening Here comes up for domain renewal, I will be posting previous posts from that website here in case I decide NOT to renew the domain, which costs about $100 a year.

Why renew a domain that Righthaven and Stevens Media would love to steal from me when they "sue" me for posting links to Las Vegas Review Journal and various "Times-Democrat" papers...since when does putting up a link mean some jackass can sue you!--when I can put up a free blog and post what rural-remote seekers need to know about growing gardens, dealing with summer or winter, pests, wildlife, preparing for "God-knows-what" and can repost articles with all the Stevens media nonsense deleted? since when does Stevens Media even serve rural-remote issues, anyway?

So, screw you, Stevens Media! Don't worry, I will not "violate" your BS copyrights since you are irrelevant to what I write, anyway!

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, 'cos it sure isn't happening here!

It's a Fluffy?

Well, I was unable to get the name "somethinghappeninghere.blogspot.com" because it was already being used...which is BS...it had been used a couple of years ago...by me!

So, instead (being unable to get "somethinghappening" or "shh" or "andthenwhat", the only thing I could come up with was "itsafluffy" in the honor of my late, great cat.