Sunday, June 4, 2017

Naturally---Another "Terrorist" Attack in Britain with the End of Football Season

And, of course, good ol' PM Theresa May is now going to get the stooges of the criminal psycho elites, aka Parliament, to "regulate the internet."

Folks, that was the idea all along...take away more of the people's rights in a land where guns are effectively outlawed.

But here's the thing--while Britain's football season goes from August to the following May--unless, of course, your team aka club is competing in the "Champions League" against, say, Juventus or Real Madrid or Barca or whatever top flight European club, with the competition there ending in early June, when the "transfer window" opens and Man United gets to spend another 300 mil on players who may or may not do much!--and all those useless eaters are watching football matches, that is, being totally distracted from what the psychos ruling them are really doing to them...well, these false flags can't be happening during a time when the proles are watching football, right?

You know, 7-7, Manchester last week or so, and now that attack on that bridge of theirs...

You know, just like here in the US of A--9-11? Right before the 2001 NFL season, right?

As for taking away freedom-of-speech internet, well, the govt.'s already taken away everyone's guns...what else but the internet CAN be taken away? 

And I am not crowing because I live in a nation that still allows gun rights--it's just a matter of time before some false flag here in the US will solve that issue! And what with looneys in control--pretty soon, no college will allow whites! Good work, Evergreen State--you should change your name to Neverwhite State!--for allowing thugs to decide who gets to and who doesn't get to go to school there. Pretty soon--after all, we can't "offend" anyone (except Christians of course), so lets just kick all whites and especially Christians out or just crucify 'em.

After all, either Sharia Law or the Talmud backed by the Satanic elites truly rule the US, as well as Britain, which gave up true Christianity a long time ago!

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