Thursday, May 25, 2017

Very Odd Timing of Manchester Attack (Another False Flag?)

The claims of the Manchester Arena attack in Manchester, England, being a false flag are valid since most "terrorist" attacks these days are proven false flags, but I will wait until more actual facts come in before I state conclusively this was a false flag. A video on YouTube where one hears a loudspeaker with a "keep calm" message with an American accent is not proof conclusive IMHO of a false flag. Whether as some say the performer Ariana Grande is just another pop star "Satanist" is not proof, either. (Because all "pop stars" are "Satanist", right?)

False flag or not, the timing of this terrorist attack--and clearly the doer of the attack, whose father is a member of Al Qaida as is likely the culprit, both from Libya and both fighting Kaddafi--is odd. In fact, most terrorist attacks in England just happen to have happened from the end of May to the beginning of August.

Which just happens to be between one English Football Season and the next English Football Season! Who woulda thunk it?

Question: Knowing the side known as Manchester United plays at a place called "Old Trafford," my question is does the other Premier League side from this city, Manchester City, play at this stadium?

And would this attack ever have happened at a Manchester City match? Because a terrorist attack could be more effective at a football match than just another concert of some no-talent American pop singer who likely auto-tunes her albums. (I say that because, folks, being of the 'greatest rock music ever' generation, us Baby Boomers, I know what great rock and pop music sounds like. The tripe millennials are forced to listen to these days has caused many of these millennials to listen to the Classic Rock of my day, or Japanese/Korean rock that my daughter listens to. Her fave band is The Gazette, not Coldplay or One Direction!)

Remember that attack on the London Underground on 7-7 in the mid-2000s? It might have been more effective had it happened at a Chelsea-Arsenal match. Or Arsenal-Hotspur.

Theresa May, Brit PM--who will or won't enforce the will of the Brit people and do Brexit, who knows? Only her master knows for sure--has declared in her own F-ed Up way that there will be more terrorist attacks, and the BBC (Big Brother Corporation) has said that Brits will just have to get used to terrorist attacks--after all, they've always been at war with Eurasia! So my question is--I mean, she is saying there will be more attacks, right? So clearly she knows something!--will these other attacks occur during "the transfer window" or right before the 2017-18 season? I mean, the govt. there has to "entertain" its subjects--I mean, the Queen does run the place, right?--and what better way to do that during the off-season than to stage terrorist attacks to take away more and more right in a nation where guns are essentially outlawed?

Because enslaving the people of Britain won't work during Football Season. Or will it? But only when the Master decides.

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