Saturday, March 5, 2016

More On Lawful Resistance

In the previous post I brought up six overarching ways to resist what the psychos want to bring down on you who want to resist but do not know how or think (or have been brainwashed into thinking) "resistance is futile." Now, if you love your enslavement, get the heck outta here and go somewhere else!

These ways I will mention below are more specific and might not fit into one's plans for various reasons...if you live in a city HOA for instance you might not be allowed to run on solar panels if the grid goes down.

1. Get yourself an ATV, even if you live in a big city or suburb/HOA. You pick the brand (I have a Kawasaki, but not 4WD/low range...couldn't afford it). Believe it or not when I was in a suburb town between Houston and Galveston recently I actually saw residents of the local HOA riding on ATVs! Generally ATVs are used on dirt/non-paved roads better known as off-roads in rural areas. But (again, check your HOA covenants and by-laws if this is allowed...if not get a bicycle!) ATVs can go anywhere a car can in short distance, such as a food store, AND use a lot less gas (for one thing, most ATVs don't carry more than 3-4 gallons of gas). If you live in cities or high density areas you might want to get insurance for might even have to register it/license plate it.

2. Buy at least two "SHTF" power supply devices for when the grid goes down, and spare no expense if possible. Say, one 10,000 Watt gas-powered generator (make sure you have plenty of gas cans, and don't let the gas just sit in the container either!), and one set of solar panels (or, if you live in the perennially cloudy Pacific Northwest, get TWO 10,000 Watt generators!)

3. Work "off the books." In other words, start your own sole proprietorship without the DBA crap (now why would you set up a sole proprietorship with a "Doing Business As..." specification? Do you enjoy paying taxes? Then be my guest). And try to convince whoever hires you to pay you in cash. If they insist on you doing a 1099-Misc., screw 'em...folks you are doing this to avoid paying taxes, no? Now you won't make as much money and you won't have Social Security paid into, but so what? By the time you retire (unless you are 55 and over) there WON'T BE ANY SOCIAL SECURITY LEFT! Social Security could very well be bankrupt by 2030. Even if anyone other than Hillary gets selected as president in 2016...and if you think Donald Trump gives a crap about you, please leave this page now, because obviously you think everything will be fine if the Donald is our next prez (plus you are delusional...the whole Trump for Prez thing is a psy-op to set up Hillary for President in 2016--the elites want the USA destroyed and Hillary would love to do it!).

4. Learn martial arts (if you are physically capable of doing them). Even rural areas have dojos within driving distance. If you are homeschooling, this is a good way to institute a PE curriculum.

5. Learn a musical instrument (even if you will never be good at it). When they grid goes down you will need something to do during the day to brighten your spirits. Music (and art too) can do wonders!

6. Learn old school ways of fixing things: sewing, carpentry, plumbing, basic electrician stuff (provided you have an electricity source), using chain saws, axes, gardening tools, etc.

7. Go camping a few times this year to learn what it could take to live off the grid: putting up tents, cooking with propane/butane sources, camp fires (check for burn ban notifications, especially in desert southwest where burn bans are pert near permanent), outdoor pee-ing and poop-ing (bring plenty of toilet paper and know how to dispose of it!), water spray bottles to wash dishes, etc.

8. Buy "bug-out" land in the rural remote, a way to get there, and learn how to build a place for bugging out--or buy one of those 200-600 square foot cabin construction units and build with that (or have some local carpenter/plumber/electrician do it for you). I truly think if you think you can survive what is likely to become a zombie apocalypse in a big city or crowded suburb...I'm thinking of the movie "The Purge" here...if you can be looted, folks, you will be!...then you really haven't thought the whole thing through. Even if the land is only a couple of acres, the further you can get from the big city or crowded suburb, the better. If the land is in a POA, buy where the POA has the least restrictive covenants/bylaws with low yearly "dues/maintenance fees". My recommendation? Far west Texas, where there are several lightly restrictive/low dues POAs, and even non-POA subdivisions with no maintenance fees. If you can stand the freezing winters, large predators, tundras and "thirty-days-of-day/thirty-days-of-night" scenario, then Alaska is your destination. Make sure your ATV looks more like a Sherman tank! And enjoy the Iditarod!

9. YouTube has thousands of videos on how to skin snakes, skin rodents/squirrels/various wildlife, hunt and fish, dry meats/veggies, prepare wild game, sew with needle and thread (when the grid goes down your sewing machine probably will not work unless you have a foot powered machine which is really hard to come by these days!), use a chain saw, etc. USE IT! before your internet is lost. (And if the grid does go down, don't think having satellite internet will help...both HugheNet and Exceed-Wild Blue rely on gateways that are tied into the grid. Dial-up? Maybe, if the landlines still work.)

10. Learn Ham Radio/Two-way radio, and have a hand-powered shortwave radio handy, as well as hand-powered flashlights for when/if you run out of batteries. If you are gonna stock up on food/water/toiletries/soap/etc., don't forget about batteries, including 6-volts.

11. Do NOT forget your pets! That fierce-barking dog of yours just might keep the zombies at bay for a while. Your cat just might keep the mice/rats out of your house. (Note: By using the word "zombies" I don't mean actually undead people! I mean the stupid masses who could have prepared but didn't, and now they want to loot you!). Your pet parakeet or whatever bird just might help you take care of nusance insects, and your pet hamster just might help you keep your sanity with its constant running in its hamster little kids love hamsters! Goldfish, too!

12. Houseplants will also help you keep your sanity just by being there, and, if you take meds (besides making sure you have about a year's worth of your meds when the "just-in-time" delivery system goes down), learn what natural herbs and plants might ameliorate your medical situation, THEN GROW THESE PLANTS YOURSELF! examples: Horehound, Mullein, and Hyssop are great for colds, flus, respiratory issues...these plants make good teas as well. Note I am NOT a medical specialist...perhaps you should "talk to your doctor" about this stuff.

13. Learn to barter. Look, the criminal psychopathic elites want to ban cash, right? Screw 'em. Did you know that Hitler's Germany, when the banksters would no longer accept Deutchmarks (which were hyperinflated anyway), used barter for trade in the 1930s? (Note: I still don't like Hitler, okay?) What they did was trade coal for cars or steel for apples...whatever...they traded goods for goods, and guess what? Germany, not tied to the banksters, had a flourishing economy (even before they invaded the rest of Europe). If push comes to shove and cash is banned, trade work for goods or goods for for food...lend out your food dryer for someone's canner...that sort of thing.

14. If possible, raise livestock/chickens-ducks, for eggs, food, and even clothing materials. If possible, build an aquarium set up on your land (if allowed) and raise fish, but don't tell the EPA about it since they may fine you for a "wetland" violation! In fact, whatever you do, if you can keep it on the Q-T, do so! Busy bodies are such a headache!

15. Cleanse yourself spiritually. I will leave that between you and God.

16. Stay off government radar! Be clandestine! "Appear" to conform when you are doing anything but! Be nice to your neighbors but don't tell them anything! Do NOT give anyone a reason to mess with you. The whole "see something say something" nonsense will give certain folks a reason to take things "personally" if they think you aren't playing nice with them. If your community/HOA/POA has "factions" and you are in one, you just might have made a big mistake...with some folks, vendettas are always on the table and they'd love to "turn you in" to a totalitarian-type govt. that the US is becoming.

17. Get into the best physical shape you can, and for goodness sake (and your wallet), quit smoking! I do not care if you smoke or not (I used to smoke cigarettes), but can you afford to ruin your health and your savings, and do you really want to be tethered to an oxygen concentrator when the grid goes down? I don't think so! Avoid GMO food if you can (kinda hard to do with corn, but still...). If possible, get your fish from a fish market off a dock somewhere, and get your meat from a local "free range" ranch (and eggs from "free range" chickens/ducks).

18. If possible, build an underground shelter (I mean the elites are doing it...why not us?) and stock it. Also, a root cellar might be a good idea. See how on YouTube.

19. Buy certain valuables. Do I need to specify what valuables? You know what I mean.

20. Get whatever you need to defend yourself. Learn how to properly use and maintain these things.

Well, that's a start. Use this post responsibly, please.

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