Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Some Questions About the Death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia

By golly events are seemingly moving at lightning pace! Just as I was about to write a post about the conclusion of the Burns, Oregon BLM militia standoff and the murder of LaVoy Finicum, along with my usual "wake up you idiot criminal psychopathic elites" rant, I found out this past Sunday that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, THE conservative and THE guy most likely to create some 5-4 Supreme Court Decision against Obama's handwritten "laws"--and the guy most likely to DEFEND our Second Amendment right to bear arms when the Obamanation is trying to destroy this right any which way he can, "died in his sleep with a pillow on his head" (until Cibolo Creek Ranch owner John Poindexter--a name which sounds familiar if you were around during Watergate, but this John Poindexter is a Democrat--recanted that story and said he was covered by a sheet instead...now what is that scenario called when the story suddenly get changed? Think USS Liberty--first it was Israel, then two days later they blamed Egypt! Not a false flag, but a false something else.)

Now one might assume I think he was assassinated and the whole notion of changing the story coupled with the fact that the JP, Cinderela Guevara (who is a closet La Raza person I have heard...she won't play fair when the investigation concerns an Anglo), first claimed he died of a "heart attack" and then changed it to "natural causes" because darn it if you are going to certify the cause of death as from a heart attack WITHOUT INVESTIGATING THE BODY (she was out of town, as was the county judge--is that a "coinkidink" or what?) then it is safer to change it to "natural causes" when you have no clue, right? Now this "natural causes" thing is possible because he was overweight, a smoker, and had heart issues and was coming off various hunting trips on a 3,000 acre luxury spa-type resort-type ranch where most guests are at least millionaires and/or celebrities. And what better place--IF you are planning to whack some justice in order to more quickly try to take away our guns--to make the hit but a huge ranch outside of a town (Marfa, Texas) with a corrupt Anglo-hating judge (Guevara) in a county (Presidio) where several years ago a drug-running operation (supposedly aided and abetted by a man who later became Sheriff in a neighboring county, but he was declared innocent) run by the Sheriff at the time (who was indicted in good time) that happened from a border town called Candelaria to-and-from Mexico across one of the easiest illegal immigrant access bridges on the planet (so what if it is just a bunch of planks? When I taught in Presidio Independent School District in the late 80s, some of my students actually used to cross this plank bridge almost daily! In one case her dad was pimping her out...)?

Now my question isn't whether or not Scalia was assassinated--folks if Obama had anything to do with this we will likely never know the truth until this psychopath is put on trial for his crimes against the American people--and planet Earth, and we will also likely never know if his fellow psychopath Hillary Clinton is our next Rothschild/bankster puppet (folks I refuse to call these slaves of the elites "president"! They preside over NOTHING!)...Trump? who knows?...but I must say the possibility that he was assassinated is a very strong one owing to the seeming incompetence of Guevara and other officials handling the case: NO AUTOPSY? ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME, Cindy girl?
But, as some blogger suggested after finding out that Texas does not require a JP on the scene to declare a cause of death and it can be done over the phone, there seems to be something rotten in the State of Texas (which of course was where the "no autopsy" JFK assassination took place!). So maybe he was assassinated so Obama can more easily grab our guns with his appointment (and don't kid yourselves about those turncoat Republicans, they won't do squat to keep Obama from making this "recess" appointment because these folks are MINIONS of the Rothschilds/banksters just like Obama is...or I should say, SLAVES!), or a combination of things...or maybe he did in fact die of natural causes due to poor health. I  am inclined (due to my complete lack of trust in government) to believe the former, but until we know THE TRUTH it is simply speculation. However:

1. Why did ranch owner Poindexter say he had a pillow over his head, then change it to he had a sheet over his body?

2. There is a small airport on this ranch; so why did Scalia's body get transported by van when he could have been transported by plane, to a funeral home in El Paso?

3. Was the fact that Guevara and the county judge BOTH were away at the time a coincidence as to the timing of this passing on? This point is one of the biggest reasons why so many in the alternative media are already calling this an assassination.

4. Why did the MSM, not even a day after the announcement of his death, immediately start harping on "conspiracy theory whackos"? Is it getting so bad for the lying media that (finally!) most Americans are realizing lies through its teeth, and now has to do damage control at lightning speed?
Considering most in the MSM are just organs of the US Dept. of Propaganda, what did these teleprompter readers know beforehand that would cause them to create "the conspiracy theory whacko" scenario so quickly?

5. Who suggested Scalia, who was in poor health, take a trip out to a huge ranch in mountain country in dry far west Texas when local officials would be gone to go hunting in poor health over rock and ravine where mountain lions roam to kill a few quail for an entire week? Folks, folks that are in poor health simply do not normally do this sort of activity FOR A WEEK! So who's idea was this? If it was Scalia's, then did his doctor approve of it knowing the health risks?

6. If this was an assassination or just a very dumb decision, does the fact that ranch owner Poindexter is a Democrat (and therefore, a likely opponent of the Second Amendment) have anything to do with why this trip was made?

7. Though Poindexter upon noticing Scalia was not at breakfast went up to check it out and found the door open with either a pillow on his head or a sheet over his body, my question is why was the door unlocked, and did Scalia at some point lock the door, then the room was broken into? Or was any possible assassin already in the room?

8. Though Texas law says a cause of death can be issued without a visit from a JP over the phone, neither Guevara nor the family wanted an autopsy? WHY NOT?

9. Did Guevara ever mishandle a situation like this when the victim was Mexican?

10. If this was an assassination (or even maybe a suicide??), was it because Scalia was pro-Second Amendment, anti-immigration/amnesty, anti-ObamaCare, and according to some (though I kinda have my doubts) pro-Constitution? Or was it because of some shady deal Scalia made about something we are likely never going to hear about until hell freezes over? Or did the stress of being a Supreme Court Justice just get to him on a very rigorous hunting trip?

11. Where was Dick Cheney? Okay, okay...I am being facetious here...