Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A Tale of Two BLMs: It's the Worst of Times; It's the Best of Times

Well, it's time for me to put in my two cents on the Hammond-Bundy-Militia business going on in Oregon...thus one of the two BLMs just so happens to be a government agency that Constitutionally is likely illegal...but of course that will never stop FedGov and the Spawn of Satan that controls it (until We the People get off our butts and stop it for them!...there I go again...wishful thinking, right? After all, too damned many of us are waiting for someone else to do the heavy lifting...) But anyway...

Under what is sometimes called "color of law" (which means there is enough ignorance of the real law to allow bogus "de facto law" to come into affect...few actually know what the law constitutes and most couldn't care less anyway until they find themselves in a FEMA Camp), the Fed Gov back I think (if I have my facts straight) in the 1800s began to take over western and also southern lands for whatever reason they could possibly conjure up and eventually created the "Bureau of Land Management" precisely as national debt was piling up. I do not think this is just a coincidence. And cut the crap about protecting some endangered species or "the environment",,,folks, do you really think a Maurice Strong or a George Soros actually gives a crap about, say, turtles or fish or even a tree-hugging tree worth hugging?

Folks, these folks are psychopaths. And you don't need a degree in Psychology (which I happen to have) or a Masters Degree in Counseling (which I also happen to have) and you don't need to read the DSM-V (which I have not read, but I've read the DSM-IV, so there!) to know what a psychopath is, or cataloged in the various DSMs as "Antisocial Personality Disorder" or "Narcissistic Personality Disorder" (why do you think I keep insisting that narcissists are wannabe psychopaths? Because even the Psych Eval industry says so...)

But back to why the Bureau of Land Management was created. Now the government can say whatever BS they want as to why it was created, because like I said it was created at about the time around the Civil War that FedGov was deep in debt to the banksters (you know, the Rothschilds...the Rockefellers and the rest came later) and what if they could not pay their debts back? Now this was when the US dollar was NOT a fiat currency and was backed by gold (but remember, the Rothschilds and their minions who later created the Federal Reserve Private Bank were just starting to get that ball rolling...why do you think Lincoln was so adamant about NOT creating a privately owned fiat currency? Say what you want about Lincoln: he was right about this one....and keep in mind all the Greenback and SageBrush Rebellions at that time). So I will cut to the chase: The BLM (or whatever they called it back then) was created so that under color of law and color of "saving wildlife and the environment" the government could either steal land to later sell off land to pay debt, or just hand it over as collateral.

And here is why, technically, We the People will have a very difficult time stopping this lawlessness: We the People DO NOT HAVE ALLODIAL TITLE to this land that we think we privately own...and the govt. has the force of arms to steal from us under, you guessed it, "color of law." (Remember, this means "the law" is what FedGov says it is!) And how do we know we do not have allodial title? Because if we had allodial title to our land, we wouldn't be paying property and school taxes, and the word "TENANT" wouldn't be on our "Warranty Deed" (or any Quit Claim Deed with a Warranty Deed that proceeded it). Folks, look at your deed and if you don't find TENANT or something similar on it, then either you actually own the land or the lady at the courthouse or realtor made a mistake. Do you pay property and school taxes? If you do, then you DO NOT ACTUALLY OWN YOUR LAND!

Now, who has Allodial Titles to land in the US? Railroads, Land Grant bodies (especially in Texas after the Republic of Texas was founded; many were done away with though after the Civil War and the so-called "Reconstruction" period when the banksters started stealing private land...Carpetbaggers and Scaliwags, dontcha know.). Trusts (owned by oligarchs, etc. and powerbrokers and maybe even original landowners from colonial times) and the like--and yes, the Queen of England and other European Aristocrats from colonial times as well (and the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, of course) and Native Tribal Nations (but not of course what they used to hold...most of their lands were just flat out stolen). In fact my husband went down to the courthouse one day many years ago requesting an Allodial Title and of course it was denied. In fact the land we live on is in fact owned Allodially by some railroad block that the ranch land that was sold to create the POA we live in was created out of back in the 1870s. (That is, even the ranchers here do NOT own the land they ranch on!)

Now as we all know FedGov is deep in debt, so deep to the Rothschilds etc. that the only way they can pay this debt back is to either steal under some pretext or another private lands, then sell as much previously privately owned US land as possible to pay back the debt, or just hand the land over to the Rothschilds, etc., which would make us, you guessed it, serfs or tenant farmers or sharecroppers. But if we don't like this situation we can move to cities and live in Stack and Packs, right? (No way, Jose...I am claustrophobic...Oops! Better retract that...the govt, might force me to give up some gun which I don't own or have or possess because "claustrophobia" is a "phobia" and a "phobia" is in the DSM V! Just wait until they put me in a FEMA Camp! Will I go bonkers? Nope, because they won't be putting me into a FEMA Camp, period!)

So, you see, that is why the BLM has put the Hammonds back in jail for the crime of improving the land by doing controlled burns (which just so happened to wind up burning an acre or two of BLM owned land...send these folks to the gallows!), when at the same time the BLM has burned cattle, homes, and thousands of acres because, well, they can (the same justification for cops killing babies and old ladies and disabled vets, among others--because they can. Just like Obama can claim to steal our guns while he sells guns to ISIS. Christians can't have guns, but Christian-killers can...don't you just love Barry boy, the "House N-word"? Maybe Samuel L, Jackson can reprise his roll in "Django Unchained" as Barry Boy in a movie...but will Quentin Tarantino be the Director?

Which leads me now to that other set of BLM thugs...the most racist pieces of trash since the KKK and the Neo-Nazis, "Black Lives Matter." Do these psychos, thugs, and black trash actually think killing off every last white person is going to solve their problems when it is the thuggish communists (and you thought I was going to use the word "liberals"...honey, liberals are too stupid to factor into this equation!) such as their "Dear Leader" Barry "the House N-Word" Obama who is using them for cannon fodder in the coming "Divide and Conquer" War for the Satanic New World Order? And another thing...how are these "Afro-American" idiots gonna handle their "Dear Leader" letting in millions of "darker-skinned white folks" from Mexico and Central America to compete with them for the title of most racist nation? And I can't wait to see Crips and/or Bloods in a war with MS-13... I wonder how God will sort these psychos out...

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