Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Because It's the End of the Year: What Could Happen in 2016

I am no prophetess and no clairvoyant and no prognosticator, but based on what is happening now (or what I suspect is happening...the MSM will never tell you and neither will alternative media since they don't really know either), here is what could happen in 2016.

1. Just read a headline saying Erdogan of Turkey has no regrets about what he ordered done to Russia (like shooting down a fighter plane the Sultan claimed was over Turkey but wasn't), and will invade Russia in 7 days--with NATO help of course. You know how psychopaths are, but still...could be WW3 begins.

2. The IMF/World Bank consortium has just approved China's currency Renmibi to be part of a "basket of currencies" for trading exchange and buying oil and the like, meaning the Renmibi is on it's way to replacing the US dollar as the world's reserve currency. So it could be the US dollar crashes completely in 2016 (though I don't think even the psycho elites are THAT desperate! Aren't they enjoying the dog-and-pony show a bit? Why act scared now?)

3. Obama wants all of our guns...I can hear the psycho now mimicking an old video game: "All your guns are belong to us!" So it could be (since he needs the mother of all false flags to do know, his own 9-11 but on steroids) Super Bowl L (or 50 for you Common Core dummies) will be indeed the mother of all false flags with many thousands sacrificed to set up martial law and then gun confiscation...and they'll only have to hire a thousand or so crisis actors to pull this one off. I wonder if actor David Wheeler and his wife of Sandy Hoax infamy will be there with their fake tears as thousands are killed so the Psycho-in-Charge can either enslave us (I mean, if he can use the TPP to enslave Burmese workers sold into Thailand slavery to head and peel shrimp... why not?), or cause violent revolution (which I am sure he's licking his chops over) so that way all patriots are dead leaving only the cowards for him to devour in FEMA camps...well, maybe Super Bowl 50 will be THE ULTIMATE DOG-AND-PONY-SHOW aka the mother of all false flags.

4. This past year for the first time in many years there were no cost-of-living-increases for Social Security recipients because "the price of gasoline has gone down." What a load...  But anyway, it could be that instead of no increase, SS recipients will see a CUT in monthly benefits, well, because...we have to feed all those illegals and to hell with old folks who contributed to this so-called "entitlement" that because they put in they can no longer get out... but who gives a crap about starving old folks when Obama has MS-13 to feed?

5. A lot of folks are predicting this so what the heck...Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination for President and then has an "unfortunate accident." I mean, if the false flag of Super Bowl 50 doesn't work...  As Rahm Emmanuel once said, "Never let a good crisis go to waste." Hilary of course wins the Democrat nomination, becomes President, and we'll have to wait until the end of 2016 for a prediction on what she will do, but since she craves about she signs an EO saying all our money belong to her? If Obama can get our guns, why not...

6. If even one of these events happens, Texas and maybe a few other states legislate to secede...heck it could happen, right? Let's see, roughly 80 percent of Texans own guns....Open Carry, now, too!

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