Monday, June 8, 2015

Small Wisconsin Town's Library "Stabs Israel in the Back"...Maybe Everyone Should BDS the Place, Those Miserable Anti-Semites Standing Up for the Anti-Semitic USS Liberty

Now that's a long article title!

But today, June 8...yes it's late but still...USS Liberty Day and the 48th Anniversary of that country that John Price and Steve Quayle and others say the US govt. is "stabbing in the back"...yep, the US is either kissing this country's ass or "stabbing it in the back" (which is wierd since this country HAS NO BACK, since it has no backbone...can't even beat Hezbollah when it (the country, not Hezbollah) tried to steal the Litani River from Lebanon in 2006...this country has so little backbone it requires billions in US financial and military aid every year and yet can do nothing but bully Palestinians... Sorry, it is the 48th Anniversary of Israel's attack on the USS little backbone has Israel they forced the US to blame Egypt for the attack. Now if Egypt wasn't blamed, Israel would have called the US it takes a lot of backbone to call the US anti-semitic...

But that's okay...only the USS Liberty was anti-semitic (another funny thing...most folks in Israel aren't Semites...gee how many  times do I have to say that?)

And the small town of Grafton, Wisconsin, is under attack by hordes of anti-semite-screamers (that is, the scream "anti-semite" at anyone who tells the truth about Israel...heck even I've been called anti-semite by some coward who refused to identify himself years ago on my Bible blog, Truth Not Heresy) because the town calls its library the USS Liberty Library to honor the 34 fallen sailors killed by Israel. Well, I guess Israel had to kill 34 of our sailors because the US was "stabbing Israel in the back."

Gee, if the current traitor to the United States, Jonathan Pollard, is released, will the (future) traitors to Jesus Christ, Christian Zionists, stop claiming the US is "stabbing Israel in the back"?

Don't hold your breath!

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Milwaukee said...

Grafton, WI is a few miles north of Mequon, an area heavily populated by "semites" so I can see where the screaming is coming from! My sister actually used to be director of adult services at this library! How 'bout that! This is what we need to see more of - grass-roots activities that take a pro-American stand regardless of Israel!!
Best Wishes and Merry CHRISTmas from Milwaukee!!