Thursday, May 28, 2015

By Golly I Just Might Get More Hits For This Blog Yet, Thanks To Good Gopher

Mike Adams, the so-called Health Ranger at Natural News--an anti-GMO, anti-forced-vaccination, anti-MSM site--has created a new search engine called Good Gopher, which is now in Beta test, where any alternative news/blogger/small business entrepreneur can post his or her website knowing since it isn't an MSM site it won't get top 100 let alone top ten listing on Google, and in fact it is called "the anti-Google"! (Note: now that Google has decided to post my real name along with a google e-mail account I never use, if Good Gopher creates a site like Blogger I just might move this and my Bible Blog to whatever blog site Adams puts up.

And another thing this means is that instead of posting a few articles a year, I will be posting much more often--Good Gopher search results depend a lot on recency of posts...and since I do not and never will have a Facebook account, this is important.

I am NOT trying to sell stuff, promote myself as the world's greatest whatever, or become so out front about all this that the NSA has no choice but to lock me up in Gitmo (but if I have to do something that gets me sent to a FEMA Camp, so be it--I will NOT bow down to the criminal psychopathic elites and the forces of Satan and his Rothschildian minions (guys like Obama, Psycho-illary, the traitor Rand Paul and the rest of Satan's slaves, aka Congress and the Senate)!

But dangnabbit, there are things I must say and write and now I have an incentive to do more of it. So be it!

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