Thursday, May 22, 2014

Can the Criminal Psychopathic Elites Do the Math? I Doubt It (But At Least They Can't Blame Common Core for Their Ignorance)

In the following articles I have posted here I make the case--a very legitimate case, IMHO--that the criminal psychopathic elites are completely void of math skills. I will now list them:

1. Will It Be Violent or Non-Violent Revolution?

2. The American People Are Waking Up. Fine. When Will the Elites?

Yeah I know two articles is hardly a case but still...I am a certified secondary teacher of math as well as English, and homeschooled my two kids in both (and more), plus I am a glorified bookkeeper for property owners association. And if you read through my other posts I do bring up the numbers there as well on why the elites are chasing a many-millennial-pipe-dream of world domination and enslavement of humanity. In fact I will say now that they are about as close as they are going to get.

Now you might say that "as close as they are going to get" is during the "end times" when Satan comes to rule the Earth for a short time, but when that happens they have already lost--Satan, not Rothschild, not Rockefeller, not the head of the UN, not the President of the US or the EU or whatever country is the big super power at the time, or the PM of Israel, or whoever the Pope happens to be--Satan will rule the Earth. As in Satan, the Dragon of Revelation, the Anti-Christ, the devil, Lucifer, whatever you want to call him--not his minions, but Satan himself, AS Satan himself (and not someone like Judas Iscariot, whom Satan merely inhabited for a time). So that when Satan comes to rule the Earth, we will know that they, the criminal psychopathic elites, have already lost. If they had won, why would Satan be needed to return?

So you could say, "Well, Satan hasn't returned so they must be winning!"

But they are not winning...they only think they are! They are psychopaths; how could they NOT think they are winning?

How do I know they are not winning?

If they were winning, they'd have reconquered Iceland and reinstituted their bankster fraudster scheme there. If they were winning, the roughly half the planet that has banned GMO would not have banned GMO. If they were winning, guns would be banned in the United States, and the Bundy Standoff would have seen the BLM not only arrest all the Bundys and the folks who stood with them, but would have seen them kill all of their cattle, not just the few that they did. If they were winning, most Americans would have at least tried to sign up for ObamaCare. If they were winning, every state in the US would be adopting Common Core and no state would be giving up on their adoption that did adopt it. If they were winning, eastern Ukraine would never have stood their ground against the neo-Nazis the US is supporting (and not so ironically Israel as well). If they were winning, various Popes, Royals, and their minions in and out of the various churches would not be standing trial through the International Law Court of Justice (which is common law and the elites don't pay attention to common law because they think they are above the law...which is why they are going into hiding to escape justice) for genocide against various Native Peoples in Canada and the US, as well as their rampant human trafficking of all kinds, as with the Dutroux Affair. If they were winning, the one world government-one world currency would already be with us. If they were winning, there would be no alternative media on or off the internet. If they were winning, no one could homeschool their kids, and if they were winning, all true believing Believers in Jesus Christ (such as myself) would be on his or her way to being tortured, beheaded, whatever. All of that and more will come, but only when Satan arrives, and, for the sake of the elect as it says in the Bible, this time Satan has to rule will be cut short, that is, it will NOT be seven years and it will NOT be three and a half years (otherwise the elect would all be killed...and YES, THERE WILL BE NO RAPTURE!). It will be months, but in those months Satan will do a great deal of damage, and, no doubt, will hand Rothschild and minions the punishment they will deserve.

But okay, some of you readers are not Believers in Jesus Christ. So let me explain to you--again--why they cannot win, let alone will not win. It's all in the math. I will also assume you are not convinced they are psychopaths, criminals, or sociopaths, or just plain evil. You want empirical logic, not my "opinion".

Here is the "empirical logic" you seek:

You have between 5 and 10 thousand members of the elite families like the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, various royal families including the so-called "Black Nobility", and elite religious authorities, such as the Knights Templar, Jesuits, Talmudic Rabbi leaders, Imams and whatever Muslim leaders, leaders of the Brahmin Hindus and leading Buddhist monks, and some would include 33rd degree Masons, CFR/Trilateral Commission/Bilderbergers/Committee of 300/Club of Rome/etc., but many of these folks are simply minions.  As for the minions, you have maybe 100,000 of them, and maybe a million or two of their lackeys, including nearly all government entities in service to the Rothschild banksers, including all dictators (even non-bankster controlled dictators of North Korea). You also have the Bill Gates types, the oligarchs, and their minions in all the various foundations they control, and immediate lackeys. This number is likely between two and five million. Finally, you have those, willingly or not, who will support the enemy no matter what, because they believe their lives and the lives of their families depend on it. CIA operatives, governmental assassins and intel folks, mercenaries who will kill whomever they want killed for the money and only the money (until the money runs out...something the elites never consider because they think they have a back-up crew to mop up after them)--these likely make up between five and ten million, maybe more because this is worldwide.

Let's add up these numbers: What you get is a bit over 17 million, and, if you include the immediate families of the desperate few who will lay down their lives for psychopaths, let's round this number to about 25 million. But of course in the latter group of mercenaries many are psychos themselves.

Now let's do more math:

According to Lobacziewsky in his book, "Political Ponerology:A Scientific Study of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes" roughly 4 percent of the world's population are psychopaths. If the world's population is roughly 7 billion, then the rough estimate of the number of psychopaths is 4 percent of 7 billion, which is 280 million people. But these people live everywhere, from the cities of the west to the deserts of the middle east to the jungles of Africa to the cold steppes of northern Asia to the hot spots or the world. They are everywhere, and I guarantee it, some will side with We the People against the enemy. Some won't side with anyone. Some, like Rick McLaren, will attempt to take over the movements of We the People. Some will fight both sides. Some are so far out there they won't even register. But, of that 17 million who side with the enemy, most of them can be counted among the 280 million.

Even so, that is 17 to 25 million in a population of 7 billion. Let's round that off to 20 million in a population of 7 billion. Here is the percentage of enemy: 20 million is what percent of 7 billion?

Answer: .29 percent!

Not 1 percent. .29 percent. That is less than one percent of the world's population!

Now as we ought to know, only 3 percent of the American colonists fought for the American Revolution, and assuming only 3 percent (and I DO assume this! Most folks are too old, too young, or too cowardly...and you cowards can stay home thank you--just don't back the enemy!) to get involved with the enemy. Now, how much is 3 percent of the world's population of 7 billion?

Answer: 210 million. So we have 20 million fighting against 210 million. And do not assume that the 20 million with all their armour piercing bullets, MRAPs and the like, can win just because they have all these weapons. Weapons can change hands if you know what I mean, even "smart" ones like voice activated weapons...these can be reprogrammed. Then you have the possibility of EMP attacks. Both sides could pull that off, and it will affect both sides, right? So their weapons can fall into the "wrong" hands or not work, and if the mercs can no longer be paid, guess what these folks will do? I will leave that to the reader's imagination.

Now I said something before about them going into hiding. Many of the wealthiest ones will, with their servants. Maybe underground. Maybe on remote islands in the South Pacific. Maybe in Antarctica. Maybe they will have submersible cities under the oceans. Maybe justice will prevail and they will be rounded up and sent to some large far away asylum with all the "affluenza" amenities where they can "eat" each other. I am hoping and praying they repent. But anyway, I am hoping that they are separated from us normal folks for our sake. The less evil that affects us, the better.

So, either we take care of this issue ourselves, or let God do it after Satan returns with the false peace and very short rule of the Earth, and then Satan gets taken care of. Either way, we win. They lose.

Now, lets' take a year or so and work this one out using Common Core Math...oh, never mind...who wants to go through about 1 million steps?

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