Monday, April 15, 2013

Right. A "Saudi National on a Student Visa" Bombed the Boston Marathon. SURE HE DID! PLUS: Take America Back? Let's Take Ourselves Back First!

I have not posted anything on here in months. Feels like years, in fact. But here's the thing: websites like From the Trenches World Report report all kinds of info on the evil of the criminal psychopathic elites, as does What Really Happened, Washington's Blog and Daily Bail and other alternative news and opinion sites post several stories and videos a day covering pretty much anything that I would wish to report or put forth an opinion about. And these sites have a helluva lot more resources than I do! Put that together with all the news--fact or fiction--that is coming out at breakneck pace I can barely keep up with...gun control/registration/confiscation, more and more criminal psychopathic elite evil and crimes and thefts and frauds which makes one wonder why the Almighty God isn't stopping these thugs, destroyers, and satanic minions and bringing about justice (because honey, our so-called "leaders" certainly won't! And as much as I destest these folks, I'd much rather they get the justice they deserve from a flawed justice system like we have in the USA, and repent, than the justice they will surely get when God gets a hold of 'em! Some claim the Lake of Fire is eternal, but of course these same folks don't know the meaning of eternity.) And so on, as Kurt Vonnegut would say. There is so much out there that is happening. And there is so much to say about all this.

Many bloggers are either preaching revolution or preparation for such, promoting various militias and prepper schemes. Some supposedly special forces types are calling for small-cell groups, infiltrators, support groups, clandestine ops, etc. as one can read on any of the above websites--From the Trenches is particularly valuable for this kinda info.

Virtually no bloggers, however, are willing to state though what is absolutely necessary before a true meaningful and lasting revolution can happen: human beings MUST STOP ACTING LIKE WANNABE CRIMINAL PSYCHOPATHIC ELITES, that is, WE MUST STOP ACTING LIKE SMALLER SCALE CRIMINAL PSYCHOPATHS! Most of us couldn't possibly be just like the criminal psychopathic banksters and oligarchs simply because we don't have the money and power to do so--BUT IF WE DID, WE WOULD BE JUST LIKE THEM! I should know: at one time I wanted my conscience to be seared shut, just like the Pharoah in the Book of Exodus of the Bible. And I wanted my conscience to be shut down because I wanted to rob, steal, be lazy, do whatever the hell I wanted, and wanted revenge on anyone who had ever hurt me. I even considered joining the army so I could learn to shoot people. This was in 1975 or so, when the US was at peace (gee does anyone remember when the US was NOT at war? Hard ot believe, isn't it?).

The fact that these bloggers CANNOT UNDERSTAND THAT NOTHING WILL CHANGE UNTIL HUMANS STOP HATING, STOP SCAPEGOATING, STOP THE "US VS. THEM" COLLECTIVIST MENTALITY, AND CHANGE OUR HATEFUL, WARLIKE BEHAVIORS! And we must stop wanting to be like the criminal psychopathic elites...we must suck it up and admit that while we might hate these folks like Jamie Dimon, we really really do want to be them!

We must learn and act on this rubric: if we rupudiate the criminal psychopathic behaviors of a Jamie Dimon or Lloyd Blankfein, we must repudiate these behaviors in ourselves, too. We must learn to stand up as INDIVIDUALS and repudiate the collective, and the collective psychosis!


At about 3 pm today, April 15, 2013, someone called me at work and told me someone had set off bombs at the finish of the Boston Marathon, and the first thing into my head when I hung up (or even before I hung up!) was which Muslim nation would they blame this time? Iran? Syria? And which intel service really did the bombing? The CIA, or Mossad, or a combination of several in another BS false flag op? Because I honestly think this was another false flag op to move the US closer to martial law and utter totalitarianism. I mean, the Criminal Psychopathic Elites (CPEs) are getting desperate as they know Americans will NOT give up their guns easily and they know that more and more Americans not only don't trust the government, but feel the government is out to hurt them. Just as they know more and more Americans DO NOT TRUST THE MEDIA THEY OWN, nor have anything but utter contempt for the banksters and Corporations like Monsanto, BP, and the world destroyers of their ilk. It's just that most Americans do not know what to do, or feel there is nothing that can be done to bring about justice short of violence.

But sure enough, a Muslim--a Saudi National "on a student visa" is the patsy of the hour, getting the blame EVEN THOUGH BOSTON REPORTS and Marathon eyewitnesses say authorities really do not know yet who did it, verified here on Daily Bail. One comment even says that reports out in New Zealand report that no one is yet in custody. Another says "true" on that, but a "person of interest" is at a hospital.

Well, I can now see Pam Geller getting her Muslim hate on, followed by Mike Savage on the radio calling for either deportation of all Muslims or internment of all Muslims. But then again Obama is a "Muslim", right? So of course that will never happen.

How long before Iran is blamed by "White House sources"? And how long before the event is (au contriere) blamed on Israel? I'm calling shenanigans on both. Heck, Israel doesn't need a false flag attack to get their goyim slaves (Congress and the White House) to do their bidding...or do they?

I know, I know...they'll blame it on the new Chavista government of Venezuela!

Then again, since it's April 15, "tax" day, it souldn't surprise me if it was blamed on some anti-tax patriot group the SPLC loves to write about. Whoever the media thinks the American people are most likely to believe did it (who knows? Americans might be sick of blaming everything on Muslims!). Another reason to stop living the collective psychosis.


Epiphany said...

They used to hate us for our freedom. Now they hate us because we have taxes! Next they will hate us because we have the Federal Reserve and massive debt. I find it interesting that in the Middle East 911 and April 15th mean absolutely nothing, yet they seem to know when to hit us on dates we have trouble forgetting. This is most definitely a false flag. Soon we will find a passport, on top of the debris, in pristine condition telling us who did it. Under that, amazingly unscathed, will be the written diary of the bomber and all the details of the event itself. And then a few weeks later, some internet blogger will find that the bomber is alive and well living in his home country and wondering why he is being blame for something he had no part in. I get the feeling the people who plan false flags have little imagination. Or think we don't.

hp said...

Pay no attention to the dancing Israelis here to "document the event."