Sunday, February 3, 2013

Talk is Cheap

"If the government/banksters/oligarchs/power elites/whatever do this, there will be revolution." So say some bloggers.

"If we don't do something, the government/banksters/oligarchs/power elites/whatever will enslave us." So say other bloggers.

"If there is revolution, no way can the people win. The enemy has too many weapons." So say other bloggers.

But what none of these bloggers do is propose how the people can restore their rights without revolution, or insurrection, or a new civil war. That's because talk is cheap, and so is blogger word or video space.

Look. We all know that because we the people have let the enemy destroy our rights that it will be very hard to restore them, but not impossible. It does not have to come down to armed insurrection.

There are a few things we can do now that will hopefully prevent violence (which must be prevented because violence is PRECISELY what the enemy wants us to engage in).

One, get out of the system. Yeah I know that sounds complicated. But it is simple: stop conforming to the world, worshiping money, consuming for consuming sake, going along to get along, being a follower or a so-called "leader." Mind you rown business and stop putting yourself in compromising situations and getting folks pissed at you.

Two, be clandestine. Act as if you are in the system when you aren't, and don't give the enemy a reason to give a crap about you. Make yourself invisible to them.

Three, live in peace with your neighbors. Again, don't give anyone a reason to "turn you in to the authorities" for ransom, money of any kind, or a "get out of jail free card." I've seen too many folks piss off "DEA informants" and wind up in prison on bogus charges. Don't piss off anyone!

Four, get off the hydrocodone, oxycontin, prozac, abilify, etc., etc., etc. That is, stop taking psychotropic drugs. Pain meds is one thing (I mean, who wants constant migraines, cluster headaches, arthritis, etc.) but no one needs prozac and the like. Why take a SAID when an NSAID can do the same job? Because you cannot be free when you are dependent on Big Pharma.

Five, grow your own food and if you can't where you live, move where you can. Look. Monsanto and the other "most evil corporations on the planet" aren't going to stop growing cancer-causing food (until, of course, they've killed off waaaayyy too many people and there aren't enough people to buy their poisons). But don't announce yourself...if you are selling, say, raw milk, just sell it to those you trust. I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but folks that trust others they don't know could wind up, again, being turned over to authorities for, say, tickets to the next Cowboys (or insert your fave NFL team here) game. Get along with neighbors, but don't trust them, see?

Six, get your head out of the TV and mainstream media organs. A broken clock is right only twice a day (sports scores and the weather report).

Seven, pay off your debts. All of them. And, if you're gonna refuse to pay income taxes, make sure you're not the only ones doing that. You can stop paying income taxes when roughly ten million others do as well, because the IRS can only go after so many people at a time.

Eight, DO NOT OBEY GUN CONFISCATION "LAWS"! DO NOT TURN IN YOUR GUNS! Because if you let the enemy take your gun you might as well let them take your bank acocunt, kitchen utensils, assets, home, children, spouse, pets, and everything else you own as well. If you let them take even one thing that is your private property, then they will take the rest of your private property as well. If you let them do that you DO NOT HAVE MY SYMPATHY, but my utter scorn. If you let them do that to you YOU DESERVE WHAT YOU GET!

Nine, use this series of economic, political, social and other crises as opportunities. Do not live in fear. The enemy is the one that ought to be in fear (and they are...otherwise they wouldn't be trying to take your guns.)

Ten, and there has to be ten, right? If you really think and believe you have rights, the for pity sake USE THEM!

And just for the heck of it, I'll add a number eleven: Stop hating! Stop hating Muslims! Stop hating Jews! Stop hating Christians! Stop hating atheists! Stop hating blacks, whites, men, women, rednecks, soccer moms, liberals, conservatives, moderates, poor people, rich people, smart people, stupid people, hippies, old people, young people, Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials, and even stop hating the criminal psychopathic elites even though they ARE the enemy!

If you hate the enemy, you will not be able to see objectively what they are doing, and will do foolish things just to hurt them. You can't beat them that way. Since the one overriding characteristic of the criminal psychopathic elites is that they are psychopaths (okay, okay...some call them sociopaths...same difference)--and psychopaths are a lot of things but objective ain't one of them (in other words, they only see their side of the story--that is precisely their biggest weakness! They are clueless when it comes to the real world...)--let them sink in their own hubris and diabolical schemeing. Pretty soon, they'll be consuming each other.

Remember: the enemy has had thousands and thousands of years to install their so-called "new world order" and they still haven't done it! Today? So close and yet so far...and don't let the Alex Jones's of the world convince you any differently.

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