Thursday, October 31, 2013

ObamaCare. Revolution? Resistance? And the Final Proof the Elites Have No Idea What They Are Doing

From The Trenches World Report as well as What Really Happened and the websites these two alternative news aggregators link to provide a good look into what those interested in restoring the Constitutional Republic of the USA would like to see happen or are making arrangements to see happen as well as what is truly happening (though of course some of this is is very hard to see what the actual truth is because alternative sites often do not know exactly what the truth is either, or they have their own agendas).

Lots is being written about exposing ObamaCare: Obama has been lying through his teeth about "if you want to keep your doctor you can" or "if you want to keep your health plan you can" etc. Even the lamestream media is saying he's lying! Some liberal supporters are hopping mad over how he has deceived them. Doctors are more and more refusing to comply with it, and what can one say about a health care system that forces men to pay for maternity care? Are you kidding me? Older couples with no kids living at home have to pay for child pediatric are? And Christians have to pay for abortions and sex changes? Do Muslims, who do not circumcise, have to pay so Jews and Christians can do it? And veterans? They can keep their veterans benefits UNLESS of course they are no longer veterans! Then you have Congress and Massachsettes being able to opt out, and other folks who can afford the ridiculous costs (but do other TriCare people get to keep this wonderful health care mother-in-law for instance?). So that even though the massively incompetent job that has kept the website from being usable is still unusable and will likely be for months, even though this website does not work, people still have to have ObamaCare on January 1, 2014 or else they have to pay a tax--a tax which by the way is NOT enforcable by the IRS unless you get a refund? (But I have no doubt that Obama will just sign an executive order undoing this caveat...because that is about all this dictator has done since he took office. You read that right. I just called Obama a Dictator! Deal with that, NSA!)

Though I do NOT advocate violent revolution, I fully expect to see something remotely resembling at least a wannabe insurrection in 2014. I do not know one person who is NOT FED UP with this critter! More and more people consider Obama the "anti-Christ" but he is not. You cannot be the "anti-Christ" aka Satan when you are Satan's slave. ObamaCare will send many people over the edge I am afraid.

Revolution? There are those patriots who believe that is what the criminal psychopathic elites want, that way they can use all those MRAPS, bullets and what not that Homeland Insecurity has bought against We the People. Some think instead of a civil war type scenario there will be an overthrow by the military that is getting sick of the dictator and his crap about firing officers who refuse to shoot unarmed civilians and others. Some think the elites have all these plans up their sleeves for any contingency, because that is all the elites do: go to their think tanks and come up with studies about what to do to enslave we the people, and discuss these at cocktail parties and such while children suck their dicks. But anyway...(Look, I just saw "Eyes Wide Shut" last week, so pardon the mention of kiddies there...besides it could be women...or maybe dogs?)...I still go with non-violent and civil disobedience type resistance to the point where the elites just lose it and start shooting us...even though you won't see this on CNN and the rest of the Ministry of Propaganda, you will no doubt hear the bullets fly (and speaking of the MSM, a few patriots are they say actually devising ways to take over TV stations and the like....go for it! Everyone is tired of the lies and Miley Cyrus--even my own daughter!). The ONLY way a revolution scenario will have a desired outcome is if they start it. Bring on those Chinese troops--Ruskies too. Bring on that Red Dawn Scenario! If it happens out here, those suckers will never survive! Mountain lions gotta eat too! And the Bears, and the Coyotes, and the vultures and eagles and hawks get the idea.

Because I don't give a crap how many studies these psychos do. They are psychos, right? There has never, and I mean never, ever been a psychopath that actually brought his or her plan to fruition. First and foremost psychopaths eat each other when all is said and done, though, yes, they do take out a few of us regular folks along the way. Second, they have so damned many plans for so damned many contingencies and various random events that often their plans screw up other plans and that is why they have all these plans... Many patriots explain that they have  a plan for this and a plan for that. For instance, some think that the USA is getting involved in all these wars and whatnot to precisely weaken unto death of the USA and its economy and to destroy the petrodollar, that the powers that be are deliberately getting the US involved to destroy it. Some think Putin is being lauded in the alternative media over his peace efforts with Syria and making Obama look like an idiot in order to lull us all to sleep so he and China can invade the US and Americans will welcome them as "liberators". Some think the only way to have the so-called "New World Order" is to weaken the US so much so that we will accept a One World Tyranny. Some think Israel will be the head of this tyranny and some say it'll be China or the British Crown or the "Illuminati" or the EU or the UN. In fact it is hard to know WHAT the elites are really doing because there are all sorts of conflicting scenarios out there.

Here is an example: China for one is supposedly trying to take over from the dollar as the world's reserve currency on the one hand, but on the other hand their own economy (which used to be "overheating") is also slowing WHILE they still do not have the military might to overtake the US as well as the fact that where are they gonna get the productivity from in the future considering there are 5 men for every one woman thanks to their idiotic one child policy combined with most female babies being infanticided? Really smart, those Chinese! That is, if China's absolutely terrible polluted air doesn't kill them first! Not to mention the death of life in the Yellow and Yangzee Rivers...China may invade the US from Mexico and Canada but these dumbasses aren't taking over the world, with or without help from the Ruskies (who have troops inside the US near the northern Rockies), the Germans, the French, the Mexicans, and everyone else pissed off about NSA spying. So that one plan is for China to destroy the dollar while China is seemingly destroying itself. If that is one of your plans, Mr. Rothschild, then try this one: get your buddies in Israel to fake the coming of the anti-Christ in your rebuilt abomination-of-desolation temple in Jerusalem to get the stupid Goyim to either wait for the rapture or willingly be slaves to the Khazars...oops, "Jews" who are of course "God's Chosen" (and guess what God is choosing them for.. go here to find out, or you can read the Talmud and come to your own conclusions, but I am being a bit facetious here). And since the Bible has that one figured out, Evelyn and Lyne Forrester the masters of the universe...oops, might try this plan: wipe out most life on the planet with your DARPA, HAARP, Fukushima radiation, Gulf Oil Spill, fracking, GMO poison, starvation, misery, and the rest of what gives you two a hard on (but don't forget to make a little love between yourselves when you aren't having orphans sucking your dick or vagina...or maybe dogs...) while you two psychos are eating your servants like Obama and Hillary and the rest in your underground bunker escaping utter annihilation of life on Earth...oops! God has a plan to defeat your plan,'ve heard of the Revelation 21 Scenario, I suppose (after all Satanists must try to keep up with the Man that Satan also answers to...Job knows all about that one...see Job Chapter Two)...and as God creates a New Heaven and New Earth enjoy the view from the Lake of Fire...

Like I said, the criminal psychopathic elites have no idea what they are doing. They just think they do--and they want us to think they do, too! Folks, we need to think otherwise.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Okay, NSA--Come and Get Me, Mother Fluffers!

I do not use "bad language"...with an occasional "sh*t" coming out of my mouth usually with a "bull" in front of it. For one thing, I did not want my kids using bad language when they were growing up...yet once my son  used the "s" word and his little sister caught him and yelled from where they were playing, "Mommy, (my brother) used a bad word!" and one time she used a bad word as well (the "f" word) because she had no idea what it meant and had heard a kid my son was playing with use it--his folks used bad words all the time.

Hence, the "mother fluffers"...most folks use "WTF" to mean "what the f***" but with me it means "what the fluffy?" And in case you forgot, the URL of this site is ""...why "fluffy"? In honor of my late departed cat, Fluffy, as sweet a tomcat as you could ever meet, a longhaired, light brown and white/yellow tiger-ish ball of fur, with one heckuva personality. (Still, the all-time pet with personality in our house has been our late Severum, "Fishy." Yes--a fish with personality! You could actually play "hide-and-seek" with this aquarium resident of seven years. Note: a Severum is a fish, medium-sized, that is native to the Amazon River and does not require an aerator to breathe.)

As we all know by now...unless you still get all your news from the lamestream media...okay, okay, Ministry of know that the NSA uses Quantum Computers with 512 qubits of artificial intelligence (see the original post on "Natural News" and reposted on From the Trenches World Report, with the title, Skynet Rising) in a sort of "Eagle Eye" scenario (which is a movie made a few years ago) to track and record every single word you post on the internet, any website, any e-mail, any comment--as well as any phone call you make, and for all I know anything you say watching TV (aka "telescreen"...just how did Mr. Orwell know this would happen?). By now you know this...and you also know that this blog is being tracked as well. It is, after all, a "BlogSpot" blogpost and you know who owns "BlogSpot"...Google, of course, who does whatever the NSA tells it to, and whose Intel Engineer is a transhumanist psychopath. Yes, Mr. Ray Kurzweil, I'm calling you out! YOU ARE A PSYCHOPATH! And you know it but because there is nothing human about you, you don't give a crap. You are Sheldon Cooper...excuse me, DOCTOR Sheldon Cooper, of "Big Bang Theory" but without one iota of humanity, smart as a 2 qubit Quantum Computer and dumber than a bag o' hammers (a fave line by George Clooney as Everett in "O Brother, Where Art Thou?") Pinky of "Pinky and the Brain" is smarter than you, dumbass! Don't you know that you will never make it to your "new transhuman body" and, short of a major EMP attack on your dream machine, don't you know that just as a parasite tends to kill its host if something isn't done about it, your "baby" will perhaps want to kill you as well (because once a machine becomes self-aware it will kill the first human it finds, and you could be it. Take a lesson, you psycho-geek, from the head of Umbrella Corporation, who, in the final scene of "Resident Evil: Retribution" prepares his test subject Alice to help put an end to the upcoming zombie apocalypse. Oh, but I will be mind-melded with a robot by then...)

But, enough of sci-fi movies...but the predictive programming is getting wild, eh? And if you want my opinion, I'd rather fight zombies...

So, come get me, NSA, and lock me up, Gitmo, whatever, because I am such a threat to the psychopathic bankster elites, and their fellow psychopathic political minions who believe they and their minions are above the law, and believe they can "be like the Most High" to quote the Bible, and I am a threat because most of my articles here implore them to repent their psychopathy, their inhumanity and their hatred of all life on Earth. The Book of Revelation state clearly what will happen to those that destroy the Earth, through abominations like GMO foods, artificial intelligence, cloning farm animals to enjoy their misery in factory farms, destruction of honeybees necessary for pollination of crops, and, for all I know, "universal soldier" types (stop the movies, will ya!), as well as destruction through war they just drool over for profit. Say what you want about all this "God crap" as some would call it: there must be a God, for one reason, because only God can deliver justice to these psychopaths! There is no hope for the person who thinks these psychopaths will win in the end. No hope whatsoever, and I want nothing to do with one who has no hope. My hope, as I express in my articles here posted mainly with the elites in mind, is that God, who seared their consciences shut, will reopen them before it's too late.

But until then, I will tell the world whoever wants to read it that the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, bankster/oligarch/power elites and their lackeys like Obama, Hollande, Harper, Cameron, Netanyahu, Abe and the rest of the mother fluffers, because they are messing with creation and wanting to be like the Most High, are doomed. Period. End of Story. These psychos will NOT enslave humanity, except for those who wish to be enslaved, will not destroy our food along with the bees who pollinate it, will not own our water supplies (sorry, Nestle! it ain't gonna work, okay? Dumbasses!), will not own the world's resources, and will not be able to completely carry out their BS "new world order." Sorry, Alex Jones...your fearmongering won't work, and, keep it up, you'll be out of a job soon and will have to fine a real one...maybe they'll hire you in Israel.

Ah, but I don't have a huge following Facebook they'll likely leave me alone because they have bigger fish to fry, or I should say bigger whistleblowers to assassinate with car bombs like they did that Rolling Stone Reporter who exposed McCrystal. Now imagine if there are millions more like me. Oh, wait....there are. Too bad, you fluffers, that your paid drone pilots are more and more growing a conscience and leaving your video game hangout. I guess what you mothers are gonna have to do is create those danged zombies after all.

You ever see, "The Last Man on Earth"?  Uh, maybe you've seen the remake, "I Am Legend"...

Go for it, psychos. There has to be a reason 100 million Americans won't give up their guns!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Right. A "Saudi National on a Student Visa" Bombed the Boston Marathon. SURE HE DID! PLUS: Take America Back? Let's Take Ourselves Back First!

I have not posted anything on here in months. Feels like years, in fact. But here's the thing: websites like From the Trenches World Report report all kinds of info on the evil of the criminal psychopathic elites, as does What Really Happened, Washington's Blog and Daily Bail and other alternative news and opinion sites post several stories and videos a day covering pretty much anything that I would wish to report or put forth an opinion about. And these sites have a helluva lot more resources than I do! Put that together with all the news--fact or fiction--that is coming out at breakneck pace I can barely keep up with...gun control/registration/confiscation, more and more criminal psychopathic elite evil and crimes and thefts and frauds which makes one wonder why the Almighty God isn't stopping these thugs, destroyers, and satanic minions and bringing about justice (because honey, our so-called "leaders" certainly won't! And as much as I destest these folks, I'd much rather they get the justice they deserve from a flawed justice system like we have in the USA, and repent, than the justice they will surely get when God gets a hold of 'em! Some claim the Lake of Fire is eternal, but of course these same folks don't know the meaning of eternity.) And so on, as Kurt Vonnegut would say. There is so much out there that is happening. And there is so much to say about all this.

Many bloggers are either preaching revolution or preparation for such, promoting various militias and prepper schemes. Some supposedly special forces types are calling for small-cell groups, infiltrators, support groups, clandestine ops, etc. as one can read on any of the above websites--From the Trenches is particularly valuable for this kinda info.

Virtually no bloggers, however, are willing to state though what is absolutely necessary before a true meaningful and lasting revolution can happen: human beings MUST STOP ACTING LIKE WANNABE CRIMINAL PSYCHOPATHIC ELITES, that is, WE MUST STOP ACTING LIKE SMALLER SCALE CRIMINAL PSYCHOPATHS! Most of us couldn't possibly be just like the criminal psychopathic banksters and oligarchs simply because we don't have the money and power to do so--BUT IF WE DID, WE WOULD BE JUST LIKE THEM! I should know: at one time I wanted my conscience to be seared shut, just like the Pharoah in the Book of Exodus of the Bible. And I wanted my conscience to be shut down because I wanted to rob, steal, be lazy, do whatever the hell I wanted, and wanted revenge on anyone who had ever hurt me. I even considered joining the army so I could learn to shoot people. This was in 1975 or so, when the US was at peace (gee does anyone remember when the US was NOT at war? Hard ot believe, isn't it?).

The fact that these bloggers CANNOT UNDERSTAND THAT NOTHING WILL CHANGE UNTIL HUMANS STOP HATING, STOP SCAPEGOATING, STOP THE "US VS. THEM" COLLECTIVIST MENTALITY, AND CHANGE OUR HATEFUL, WARLIKE BEHAVIORS! And we must stop wanting to be like the criminal psychopathic elites...we must suck it up and admit that while we might hate these folks like Jamie Dimon, we really really do want to be them!

We must learn and act on this rubric: if we rupudiate the criminal psychopathic behaviors of a Jamie Dimon or Lloyd Blankfein, we must repudiate these behaviors in ourselves, too. We must learn to stand up as INDIVIDUALS and repudiate the collective, and the collective psychosis!


At about 3 pm today, April 15, 2013, someone called me at work and told me someone had set off bombs at the finish of the Boston Marathon, and the first thing into my head when I hung up (or even before I hung up!) was which Muslim nation would they blame this time? Iran? Syria? And which intel service really did the bombing? The CIA, or Mossad, or a combination of several in another BS false flag op? Because I honestly think this was another false flag op to move the US closer to martial law and utter totalitarianism. I mean, the Criminal Psychopathic Elites (CPEs) are getting desperate as they know Americans will NOT give up their guns easily and they know that more and more Americans not only don't trust the government, but feel the government is out to hurt them. Just as they know more and more Americans DO NOT TRUST THE MEDIA THEY OWN, nor have anything but utter contempt for the banksters and Corporations like Monsanto, BP, and the world destroyers of their ilk. It's just that most Americans do not know what to do, or feel there is nothing that can be done to bring about justice short of violence.

But sure enough, a Muslim--a Saudi National "on a student visa" is the patsy of the hour, getting the blame EVEN THOUGH BOSTON REPORTS and Marathon eyewitnesses say authorities really do not know yet who did it, verified here on Daily Bail. One comment even says that reports out in New Zealand report that no one is yet in custody. Another says "true" on that, but a "person of interest" is at a hospital.

Well, I can now see Pam Geller getting her Muslim hate on, followed by Mike Savage on the radio calling for either deportation of all Muslims or internment of all Muslims. But then again Obama is a "Muslim", right? So of course that will never happen.

How long before Iran is blamed by "White House sources"? And how long before the event is (au contriere) blamed on Israel? I'm calling shenanigans on both. Heck, Israel doesn't need a false flag attack to get their goyim slaves (Congress and the White House) to do their bidding...or do they?

I know, I know...they'll blame it on the new Chavista government of Venezuela!

Then again, since it's April 15, "tax" day, it souldn't surprise me if it was blamed on some anti-tax patriot group the SPLC loves to write about. Whoever the media thinks the American people are most likely to believe did it (who knows? Americans might be sick of blaming everything on Muslims!). Another reason to stop living the collective psychosis.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Talk is Cheap

"If the government/banksters/oligarchs/power elites/whatever do this, there will be revolution." So say some bloggers.

"If we don't do something, the government/banksters/oligarchs/power elites/whatever will enslave us." So say other bloggers.

"If there is revolution, no way can the people win. The enemy has too many weapons." So say other bloggers.

But what none of these bloggers do is propose how the people can restore their rights without revolution, or insurrection, or a new civil war. That's because talk is cheap, and so is blogger word or video space.

Look. We all know that because we the people have let the enemy destroy our rights that it will be very hard to restore them, but not impossible. It does not have to come down to armed insurrection.

There are a few things we can do now that will hopefully prevent violence (which must be prevented because violence is PRECISELY what the enemy wants us to engage in).

One, get out of the system. Yeah I know that sounds complicated. But it is simple: stop conforming to the world, worshiping money, consuming for consuming sake, going along to get along, being a follower or a so-called "leader." Mind you rown business and stop putting yourself in compromising situations and getting folks pissed at you.

Two, be clandestine. Act as if you are in the system when you aren't, and don't give the enemy a reason to give a crap about you. Make yourself invisible to them.

Three, live in peace with your neighbors. Again, don't give anyone a reason to "turn you in to the authorities" for ransom, money of any kind, or a "get out of jail free card." I've seen too many folks piss off "DEA informants" and wind up in prison on bogus charges. Don't piss off anyone!

Four, get off the hydrocodone, oxycontin, prozac, abilify, etc., etc., etc. That is, stop taking psychotropic drugs. Pain meds is one thing (I mean, who wants constant migraines, cluster headaches, arthritis, etc.) but no one needs prozac and the like. Why take a SAID when an NSAID can do the same job? Because you cannot be free when you are dependent on Big Pharma.

Five, grow your own food and if you can't where you live, move where you can. Look. Monsanto and the other "most evil corporations on the planet" aren't going to stop growing cancer-causing food (until, of course, they've killed off waaaayyy too many people and there aren't enough people to buy their poisons). But don't announce yourself...if you are selling, say, raw milk, just sell it to those you trust. I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but folks that trust others they don't know could wind up, again, being turned over to authorities for, say, tickets to the next Cowboys (or insert your fave NFL team here) game. Get along with neighbors, but don't trust them, see?

Six, get your head out of the TV and mainstream media organs. A broken clock is right only twice a day (sports scores and the weather report).

Seven, pay off your debts. All of them. And, if you're gonna refuse to pay income taxes, make sure you're not the only ones doing that. You can stop paying income taxes when roughly ten million others do as well, because the IRS can only go after so many people at a time.

Eight, DO NOT OBEY GUN CONFISCATION "LAWS"! DO NOT TURN IN YOUR GUNS! Because if you let the enemy take your gun you might as well let them take your bank acocunt, kitchen utensils, assets, home, children, spouse, pets, and everything else you own as well. If you let them take even one thing that is your private property, then they will take the rest of your private property as well. If you let them do that you DO NOT HAVE MY SYMPATHY, but my utter scorn. If you let them do that to you YOU DESERVE WHAT YOU GET!

Nine, use this series of economic, political, social and other crises as opportunities. Do not live in fear. The enemy is the one that ought to be in fear (and they are...otherwise they wouldn't be trying to take your guns.)

Ten, and there has to be ten, right? If you really think and believe you have rights, the for pity sake USE THEM!

And just for the heck of it, I'll add a number eleven: Stop hating! Stop hating Muslims! Stop hating Jews! Stop hating Christians! Stop hating atheists! Stop hating blacks, whites, men, women, rednecks, soccer moms, liberals, conservatives, moderates, poor people, rich people, smart people, stupid people, hippies, old people, young people, Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials, and even stop hating the criminal psychopathic elites even though they ARE the enemy!

If you hate the enemy, you will not be able to see objectively what they are doing, and will do foolish things just to hurt them. You can't beat them that way. Since the one overriding characteristic of the criminal psychopathic elites is that they are psychopaths (okay, okay...some call them sociopaths...same difference)--and psychopaths are a lot of things but objective ain't one of them (in other words, they only see their side of the story--that is precisely their biggest weakness! They are clueless when it comes to the real world...)--let them sink in their own hubris and diabolical schemeing. Pretty soon, they'll be consuming each other.

Remember: the enemy has had thousands and thousands of years to install their so-called "new world order" and they still haven't done it! Today? So close and yet so far...and don't let the Alex Jones's of the world convince you any differently.