Saturday, October 27, 2012

The ONLY WAY "We the People" Will Survive the Psychopathic Onslaught of the Criminal Elites

And I mean the ONLY way!

But first, I will state what psychopathy we are truly up against.

1. We are clearly up against cold-blooded murderers, whom, being psychopaths, have no conscience. Folks want to know why many Americans are stampeding their fellows when Walmarts open on the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday? Why some drug addict in Miami literally ate the face off a homeless person? Why mobs of youths do the flash mob thing against convenience stores and gangs in Chicago now actually control some of these stores? Why sons and daughters put their elderly parents in nursing homes and literally leave them there to die? Why some folks shoot other folks dead over trifles? Why the Defensive Coordinator of the New Orleans Saints NFL team paid his defensive players extra if they sent an opponent to the hospital, and why recently defensive players on the New York Jets promised to take out a star running back of division opponent Miami Dolphins, did it, then lost one of their own later in the game for the rest of the season? This article also expounds on the very idea that our rulers are clearly and openly out to kill as many of us as they can get away with.

2. We are up against a cabal of psychopaths so bold as to supposedly kill the children of a CNBC executive that allowed the story of a $43 trillion dollar lawsuit against the banksters and their government henchmen to appear on the CNBC website, for which CNBC, frightened by the murders, has now taken down the story from their website. If this is true then the nanny that supposedly committed the murders tried to committ suicide but even the lamestream media can't explain how she could have slit her own throat after doing the murders. I mean, could it be a "coincidence" when a nanny murders two children of a high up CNBC executive ONLY after CNBC posted this story? If the nanny just got fed up with the kids she could have murdered them at any point then truly taken her own life...pills, shoot herself, turn herself in to the cops, whatever. What makes it most likely that the CPEs used some patsy like the nanny (who may have been some brainwashed Manchurian Candidate operative...gee, I wonder if Rothschild has someone like that working for him?) to do the dirty deed (I could interpose a phrase here but AC-DC might sue me for copyright infringement!) is precisely the fact that the deed was done right after the story broke. I mean, this is CNBC we're talking about, not goofy Alex Jones or conspiracy-bot Jesse Ventura. If CNBC posted the story it must be true, right? Well, the Criminal Psychopathic Elites (CPEs) can't have the MSM posting the truth, now can they? And they did it the way I'd expect: don't take out the guy who authorized posting the story. Take out his kids instead, to send him a "message."

3. Congressman Peter King of the HOuse Committee on Homeland Security says the Constitution says that extrajudicial killing is just fine. Never mind that the document he's either never read (but took an oath of uphold) or has never had any intention of upholding says nothing about extrajudicial killing, and not only that, but in Article One Section Eight a "letter of Marque and Reprisal" (yes, Ron Paul actually used that term in a Republican Presidential Primary debate once) must be issued prior to a Declaration of War. Patriot Act, you know. More like King is just another ruling psychopath, and being a psychopath, couldn't care less about the rule of law, thinking he'll never be subjected to it, that he is "above the law".

4. Casey Research explains well that our ruling class really is made up of psychopaths...only difference is that Casey wrongly calls them "sociopaths". A sociopath is a pathology on society, while a psychopath is a pathology on the individual, the mind, the soul and the spirit. Sorry, Mr. Casey, but it is individuals, not collectives, that I deal with here though I use the term "we the people". Only individuals can create change (and collectives that tried just ended up making things worse...think communist collectivism). I call them psychopaths precisely because these soulless humans (Icke calls them reptilians, but I digress...) aim for the individual, to destroy the individual and make him a nothing.

5. We are even up against such psychopaths that they are not only trying to cull folks Kissinger calls "useless eaters" (that is, us), they are even murdering their own kind if these murder victims actually show that they do have a conscience after all. Case in point: US Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens and his three aids around Benghazi. Why won't Obama explain why, when Stevens and the CIA requested help to stop terrorist attacks (by the folks "we" supported in the overthrow/murder of Kadaffi), no help was forthcoming? How do we know that Stevens, though a member of the elites as an ambassador, was not a psychopath like his muderers? Because he was trying to open a school there in Libya which was named for the farmer who saved the life of a US pilot shot down by Kadaffi's forces. But what do the CPEs care about some "useless eater" pilot? And speaking of the criminal psychopathic elites murdering their own, they think nothing of seeing to death thousands of the troops they send off to war, and, if these troops do survive, making sure these troops never get the care they need. Don't forget that these are the same CPEs that murdered one of their own, Paul Wellstone; that murdered another one of their own, Vince Foster; and murder many of their own when they murder any CIA operative. And let's not forget the 34 sailors of the USS Liberty...while they didn't murder these guys they did cover up who did it. Gee, do you think they are covering up whoever murdered 3,000 Americans on 9-11? And let's not forget either that in order for Attorney General Eric Holder to allow guns to be sold to the Mexican Drug Cartels from the US (Operation Fast and Furious), Border Partol Agents had to be sacrificed...Gee, why do TSA Agents think that their psychopathic bosses running Homeland Security not give a crap is they get cancer from those X-Ray machines they have to stand in front of all day long as they get their porn fix? And why should I give a damned if TSA Agents, many of whom really are psychopaths themselves--you'd have to be to do that job, along with groping grannies and babies, but that rock hard penis surge of power is an intoxicant after all for these droogs--get cancer? Unfortunately there are too many more droogs out there to take their places...

6. I could on and on...from poisoning the sealife of the Gulf of Mexico to the genocide of Palestinians and others to the turning of American prisons into slave labor camps and now debtor's prisons...why employ a hard American worker at decent wage when we can get a Chinese slave laborer at $2 a day...oh wait, now we can get an American slave laborer in prison for 50 cents a day! It hasn't happened yet but it is possible that every single under-water and late-mortgage-payer homeowner, especially those who abandon their mortgage and home, just could wind up in these prisons that states and FEMA is building. Peter Schiff jokes that the US will never pay back China all the money "we" borrowed from it. But with the theft of all assets belonging to these new slave laborers FEMA and them will put into these camps, most of what "we" owe China can be paid back without psychopathic thief Evelyn de Rothschild even having to pay a penny. And then there's the hate for no reason. At least the power elites hate for a reason...they hate us because we are a stumbling block to their utter total domination of all life on Earth. But why do we hate? So we have a reason to hate all Muslims? Really? But we do, many of us do hate Muslims and likely never even met one! Some of us hate Jews because of what Israel does to the Palestinians, but come on now, admit it, you just plane hate Jews, period. Some whites hate blacks for no reason and some blacks hate whites for no reason. Some of us hate OWS folks because they're "dirty hippies" and that would mean some of us hate whom we are told to hate. Like an OWS person did something bad to them or something, which is nonsense. Some of us "hate fags" because "God hate fags." Yes, "the other" which the CPEs brainwash us to hate, and some of us do what our "masters" tell us to do. To hell with giving charity to the poor; that's what the government is for so I don't have to, my tax dollar does for me, right? Why don't you come right out and say what Scrooge did, "Are there no Workhouses? Are there no Prisons?" Yeah, that nasty ol' 47 percent need to be "dealt with" and by golly Romney will deal with them, right?

Well, in six points (or already knew point number 6) I just explained why there is such pessimism about making true change in the US and the world: the one percent are evil, sure, but so are we, the 99 percent! Simply, we see what "they" do and we do likewise. Why love your neighbor as yourself (said some guy from Nazareth who got nailed to a cross a couple of thousand years ago) when it is so much easier to hate? Why love your enemies (said this same guy from Nazareth) when it is so much easier to kill them remorselessly with drones instead, with the addition rock hard penis power trip that it's only a video game? And why turn the other cheek (said this same Nazarean...gee what did they put into the water in Nazareth way back then anyway? Oh! I forgot! He was born in Bethlehem...) when it is so much easier to smite his own other cheek, or shove a taser up it? But no one gets a "charge" out of forgive and forget, right? Besides, the other guy just might vote for Obama..or Romney...or heaven fobid, write in Ron Paul.

Now I could blame all this on us trying to be like the Criminal Psychopathic Elites (CPEs), but that's just passing on responsibility. The criminal psychopathic elites didn't teach us to hate even if they did promote us to hate. No. We taught ourselves to hate! Thing is, if we are to win against the onslaught of the criminal psychopath elites, the most important thing we can do is to teach ourselves, our children, and our nieghbors--and even our imagined "enemies" to love, not hate. Some guy from Nazareth came up with that one, and he got nailed to the cross for it. Do we have the courage to live up to this idea? Because if we don't we are doomed. Period. End of Story.

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