Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Elites Are Too Damned Stupid To Rule Us!

Well, I could call this piece "Ten Reasons Why The Elites Are Too Damned Stupid To Rule Us," but I don't think I can come up with just ten reasons at this point.

Reason Number One: Do these idiots actually think they can print 40 billion new dollars a month to buy off worthless mortgage-backed securities and save the too-big-to-fail-banksters, which will keep their doomed game going? INDEFINITELY??? It didn't work for Zimbabwe...and I'm sure it wasn't 40 billion there...maybe more, maybe less...and it won't work for the still-world's-reserve-currency, either. Why? Because hyperinflation doesn't work. Never has, never will, and I don't give a crap what the world's reserve currency is! INDEFINITELY? or until the Chinese Yuan or some other currency replaces it? Now if you're thinking the US will nuke somebody to keep the worthless dollar as the world's reserve currency, don't forget China and other countries also have nukes. And we've already seen what happens after the US and it's bankster-owned allies overthrow a government that gets rid of the pertodollar (that is, Iraq and Libya)--after the US gains control it loses control.

Reason Number Two: I know the story about how the criminal psychopath elites want to rob every single "non-elite" person (known now as the "99 percent") of every cent that person makes, working or not working, and "enslave" us. Won't work. More and more folks are (as I have advised since putting up my old "Something Happening Here" blog in 2007) GETTING OUT OF THE SYSTEM. Should these folks have all their dollars stolen from them, it'll be a major inconvenience but we will survive anyway, without your worthless fiat currency, without your FEMA camps, without your land-stealing AGENDA 21, without your false-flag op to confiscate our guns, and without your FDA-approved destruction of our gardens, raw milk dairies, and non-factory farm meat. At least three percent of us will shove your GMO-Agenda-21-safety-and-security-and-US-Ministry-of-Propaganda (aka the mainstream media) up-your-arsenal of you know what I mean. And just whom do you think you can rob from after you have already robbed us of everything we own? You can't squeeze blood out of a turnip for a reason. But then I suppose you will turn on each other, and be so distracted by that, that we can build a new system without your "help".

Reason Number Three: I have heard of Vice-Presidential candidates (such as Eagleton under McGovern and Dan Quayle under George HW Bush) making idiots out of themselves during campaigns, and I have heard of potential Presidential candidates making idiots out of themselves (Muskie in 1972 with the "Canuk" letter, Ford in 1976 saying "There is no Soviet domination of Eastern Europe" in a debate against Carter, and Bush's "Read my lips: no new taxes" in 1989 which Clinton used in 1992 against Bush to its full effect). But, after that viral video of Romney saying "47 percent of Americans don't pay taxes" and other statements saying he couldn't care less about the poor in the US--on top of viral videos about how he screwed American workers when he was in charge of Bain Capital, and on top of a video explaining how Bain Capital bought factories in China so that he could hire Chinese workers for two bucks a day instead of hiring American workers at ten-plus bucks an hour--about the only way Romney will win the Presidency is if he has the voting machines rigged so badly that even Obama winning 60 percent of the vote (which he likely will, now) won't get the incumbent back in. And did you hear the one about the Iowa Electoral College Elector who quit being an elector because she could not vote for Romney if Romney won Iowa--because Romney stole Ron Paul's delegates? BTW: the only way the US goes to war on Israel's behalf against Iran is if Romney wins. Why? Because it is a well known fact that Obama cannot stand Benny the Yahoo and will not go to war for this jerk. Of course, you never know with Obama's controllers...

Reason Number Four: I am sure there are plenty of Americans who believe what the Ministry of Propaganda (aka the US mainstream media) says about why Chris Stevens, Ambassador to Libya, was assassinated: some Muslim extremeists there were pissed about some anti-Muhammed "movie" that no one can find in full and no one knows who made it because the makers are "in hiding," so these pissed-off Muslim extremists assassinated the only US middle-eastern ambassador who was sympathetic to their plight. Sure...and pigs fly only at midnight. But there are plenty of Americans who don't believe it, and don't believe the official version of 9-11, don't believe Egypt attacked the USS Liberty while Israel did, and don't believe Benny the Yahoo is sane, either. I am sure there are plenty of Americans who see no Muslims but crazed ones (under their beds or not), but there are plenty of Americans who don't hate Muslims, either...and BTW, how is it okay for "crazed" Chinese folks to burn Japanese buildings and embassies in China over some islands China thinks it owns, but it's terrible that pissed off Muslims can't demonstrate against an affont to their prophet? These might be the same folks who think it's okay for American Jewish extremists to demonstrate against Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ" and call everyone who disagrees with them "anti-Semitic," but God forbid Christians complain about the removal of Nativity Scenes from courthouses and a sculpture of Christ set in urine. And finally, these might be the same folks who love Israel but hate Jews--and Palestinians as well, whom they think should just disappear, somehow. My point? That old saying of "you can fool some people some of the time and even fool some people all of the time but you can never fool all the people all of the time" is as true now as it ever was. BTW: I DO NOT PITY THE FOOL!

Reason Number Five: China is now trading for oil in yuan. Iran and other countries as selling oil for silver and gold. Saudi Arabia is starting to run out of oil. How much do you want to bet that when most of the world stops buying oil in pertodollars the stupid criminal psychos in the elites will either blow themselves up with the rest of us or will slink off to their private little islands to await their eventual judgment? I'll leave it to the reader to determine the naturwe of that judgement.

Reason Number Six: It's one thing to start the criminal banking cabal back in 1694 with the Rothschild-owned Bank of England. Did these idiots really think they could get away with the same scam for more than 300 years without a fairly good number of folks figuring that one out? Did I tell you the one about my late dad, who, while he worked as a foreign exchange trader for Banker's Trust until he retired in 1980, had told me that the US dollar, after it went off the gold standard in 1971, was now worthless, and also that in the late 60s he told me the Federal Reserve Bank was privately owned by the Rothschilds and Rockefellers? it didn't matter to me then but it does matter to me now. Quite a few folks now know that truth.

Reason Number Seven: Putting US military personnel in mental hospitals because they criticize the government is a really really stupid idea! There are enough of us still around who remember that is what the old Soviet Union did, and why in blue blazes would the criminal psychopath elites put into prison for no reason the ONLY people who have ever laid their lives on the line for their criminal psycho schemes? Who thought of the "bite the hand that protects you" BS? Ah, but now the criminal psychopath elites are hiring mercs like "the Federal Reserve Police" and the like. Only so long as you don't debase the currency you are paying them in, YOU MORONS!!!

Reason Number Eight: For only those in the elites who are Zionists or "Christian" Zionists--so you really think an Isreali attack or nuking of Iran by Benny the Yahoo or any of his fellow psycho nutcases running "God's Chosen Nation" is going to hand over to you rule of the world as the Talmud says, rule of about one million "chosen" Jews (as opposed to non-chosen ones who don't buy into the Talmudic "Gentiles are our slaves" crapola) until your BS "messiah" comes with his BS Noahide Laws to enslave the rest of us forever...or, on the other hand, a nuking of Iran will cause Iran to destroy Israel and mark the awaited "two-thirds of the world's Jews are slaughtered" "joyous" event that will bring about the "rapture"--I mean you, "Christian" Zionist!--so you really think God gives a crap about what you want? Keep deluding yourselves, because God will do what He will do on His own time schedule, thank you very much! Besides, you all need to be careful what you wish for!

Reason Number Nine: So, you might want scientific proof of your stupidity? Here it is. Because you are criminals and you act like criminals and more folks know you are criminals, you are stupid. Because you are psychopaths (or sociopaths as some say...same difference) and you act like psychopaths and more folks know you are psychopaths, you are stupid. Because you think of us 99 percent or sheeple or slaves or whatever you want to call us, because of that you refuse to have anything to do with us except to rob us, which means you keep intermarrying amongst yourselves which means you are diluting your own gene pool, and because this in-breeding is not much different than what happens in, say, Appalachia, where stupidity (or I should say the old redneck ignorance is a badge of honor as redneck leftist, the late Joe Bageant used to inply) regins supreme along with drug use, you are stupid! Who knows? If you keep this up we just might wind up like the movie "Idiocracy" in 500 years!

Reason Number Ten: I could give more but I'll stop here anyway. Because you worship money, worthless or not. Because you worship death, unborn or not. Because you hate. There is no love in you. Your vibes reek of disharmony, discord, disunity, distaste, or to turn a phrase from Dante's "Inferno," DIS. You know, the tenth circle of hell, where Satan will swallow you whole after he gets done with Judas Iscariot.

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