Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Reasons I Have Never Believed the "Official Version" of 9-11

A friend called around 9 am or so; my husband was up making the coffee Tuesday morning, September 11, 2001 and the phone woke me up. The friend said turn on the TV, the World Trade Center was on fire and hit by a plane. He meant the North Tower. As soon as I got up and we both watched the fire, the South Tower was hit by another plane. Shortly thereafter, the South Tower collapsed and then the North Tower. Then the Pentagon...then Shanksville, PA...and then something really really suspicious happened on one of the TV networks we were watching...and this was after I had determined in my own head that Bin Laden would be the one who would get blamed for it:

1. One of the networks, I forgot which one--and only this network!--had a report from Boston's Logan Airport, where some of the planes involved had left from--with cameras and all on a van (I think it was a white van) parked at the airport (I think long term parking, but can't remember exactly now), and in the front seat as shown by the cameras was Arabic literature--that is, written book materials in the Arabic language-- and one of the pieces of Arabic literature was a manual in Arabic of some training manual for flying, among other things. I think the Koran in Arabic was also there but again I'm not sure. Still, ANY ARABIC WRITTEN MATERIALS left behind at an airport where they could be scrutinized by the media as witness to the notion that 19 Arabs with boxcutters could hijack planes and ram them into buildings in a terror attack was suspicious, in my opinion! I immediately smelled a set-up. Again, few 9-11 articles I have read over the years mention this fact likely because only one network reported it. This event was the first event that made me suspicious of the "offical version".

2. The fact that the buildings collapsed so damned quickly after the planes hit them, and such smoke coming out of them on collapse moving down the streets real real fast. First there were fires at the beginning, then shortly thereafter huge billows of smoke? Buildings made of steel collapsed so damned quickly? Again, suspicious. When it comes to physics I can't explain much but I can "do the math." I had my suspicions that steel simply couldn't collapse that quickly.

3. Either that day or the next or the next, it was determined that a passport had been recovered in the wreckage. And, guess what? That passport had an Arabic name on it..or as some might say a Muslim sounding name. Now that was convenient!

4. A day or two or three later on Antiwar.com, Justin Raimondo reported that "5 dancing Israelis" had filmed the event as it was happening and that folks who had seen them dancing swore up and down that the cameras to film the event had been set up PRIOR to the event happening, as if they KNEW what was about to happen! They then high-fived each other according to witnesses, moved about with "Urban Moving Systems" vans--later it was determined that Urban Moving Systems was a Mossad op--and to top that off an Israeli leader (Sharon, I think) said the attack was "good" for Israel!

5. A day or so after the attack on the WorldNetDaily site--before WND showed itself to be nothing but a neocon apologist for all sorts of dirty deeds by Israel and the warmongers beloved by Arab Zionist Joe Farah--it was reported that one of its columnists, Barbara Olsen, had been on one of the planes taken down by the attackers, and she had tried to get a hold of her husband and supposedly did. Again, suspicious. I didn't think cell phone use on planes that high up was good enough to
reach reception on the ground at that time, and I was later proven correct.

6. The scenes on the ground at Shanksville made no sense at all. It looked as if there was no evidence of anything. I'd seen plane crash scenes on TV before and this scene just didn't look like a plance crash scene. Weird.

7. The hole in the wall of the Pentagon looked too damned small for a huge plane to have hit it. Again, it did not look like a typical crash scene.

8. The whole notion that neither Bush nor Cheney no anyone bothered to scramble fighter jets and take these planes down either peacefully or shoot 'em down made no sense.

9. Bush was at an elementary school on Florida's west coast and reading a book about goats to second graders even when he had been told about the attack. Now I realize he didn't want to frighten little kids during the visit by leaving suddenly, but seriously? Aren't Presidents supposed to immediately initiate doing something to lead in a response to an attack? Then a really big whopper came about a month or so later by Jared Israel at the Emperor's New Clothes site: As most folks only got to see the second plane hit the South Tower, Bush's Secret Service folks at the school had CCTV set up so he could see the FIRST PLANE hit the North Tower! Doesn't this suggest that Bush KNEW what was gonna happen? And why was Cheney bunkered down in Nebraska while all this was happening unless some sort of "continuity of government" scenario was being set up--and why would such a scenario be set up anyway unless Cheney KNEW what was coming down? According to Norman Mineta (sec. of transportation, I think, at the time), Cheney issued STAND-DOWN ORDERS TO NORAD that meant interceptor jets would NOT intercept the planes like they should have.

10. Well, my suspicions already aroused that something fishy was going on, a few days later, Rumsfeld (sec-def) goes on TV and says Iraq would be invaded (Iraq? Weren't the al Qaida attackers based in Afghanistan?), and that some news sites reported a killing by put-option traders on United and American Airlikes stocks. United and American Airlines, of course, owned the planes that did the attacking.

11. Finally, why in the blue blazes did Building 7 collapse on the afternoon of the Twin Towers attacks when no plane hit Building 7? Add to that sometime later over the internet was a video of a BBC broadcast showing the Building 7 collapse BEFORE the building did collapse?

Add to that my natural distrust of anything anyone high up in the government and its mInistry of Propaganda (aka the mainstream media) says, and, yes, I can honestly say I have never believed the "offical" or government version of 9-11.

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