Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Bankster Belong in Jail...But Don't Hold Your Breath

From Washington's Blog, featuring Carl herman and other fine bloggers to From the Trenches, hundreds of other bloggers besides are demanding that the fraudster banksters, LIBOR and all, be put in jail where they belong. No one, from what I have seen, is demanding they be hung, shot, drawn and quartered, guillotined, or waterboarded.

Thing is, that just might be what happens.

Now, be honest, bloggers and blog readers: do you honestly expect ANY of the criminal psychopath banksters that committed fraud in the trillions to get put on trial, let alone put in jail?

When it comes to us little people, yes, we will be put in jail for the slightest infraction.

But when it comes to the criminal psychopath elites, since they own the judges just like they own the courts, the government, the media, and anything else that gives them power and money, YOU ARE ALMOST DELUSIONAL IF YOU THINK ANY OF THESE CRIMINALS ARE GOING TO TRIAL, LET ALONE JAIL.

There will be show mock "trials" for entertainment purposes, but they will get a few mil in fines and wrist slaps and no more. DO NOT EXPECT JUSTICE HERE!

I do not want these fraudsters to be hung, shot, drawn and quartered or treated cruelly in any way (even if they deserve it). I want them to face justice as anyone else would. But unfortunately, the court system in the US doesn't have the ball, the guts, the chutzpah, the cajones, the nerve and the sense of justice to do so.

Thus, the criminal psychopath elites THINK they will get away with their trillions in fraud because they KNOW they will never be prosecuted. I wish they didn't think that way, because they'd be better off getting what they truly deserve through the courts.

Right now in Iceland (the new land of the free and home of the brave) there is an investigation organization tracking the doings and whereabouts of these fraudsters in order to try to bring them to justice at least in Iceland. So far so good. but here is where it could get sticky for the psychos. In a word, hackers.

Hackers could hack into the computers of this Icelandic organization and get the names and whereabouts of these criminals, clandestinely hunt them down and "bring about justice" of another sort.

How many bodyguards would Jamie Dimon have to hire to keep, say, a Marine sharpshooter from blowing this turkey's ass away right when he thinks he's got millions or even billions of dollars worth of mercenary protection? How much sleep would Dimon get at night knowing he's got to have his own sharpshooters outside his door and at his windows? Does he tell the guards to leave when he wants to have sex? And would an assassin have Dimon's place bugged so he'd know when the guards left the room?

Memo to the criminal psychopath elites: get yourselves in front of an honest judge and get yourselves in a nice secure "country club" jail and quickly because justice will be served, one way or another--and you Jamie and you Blankfein and the rest of you criminals really really don't want the more permanent form of justice.

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