Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I Declare My Independence This Independence Day, July 4, 2012

I declare my independence from the criminal psychopaths running this country, the USA.

ObamaCare can kiss my butt. I ain't paying.

Obama Care wants to ration medical procedures, create a euthanasia ("Soylent Green") scenario, make it so most employers will have to fire their full time employees so that they won't have to pay their employees something they can't afford to do, and mkae it so only an HMO (ie. the government under the guise of these BS "exchanges") will decide whether you get the medical procedure you need and to heck with what the doctor thinks!

That's like putting the Quartermaster in charge of a military operation! That's like putting the hospital receptionist in charge of patient medications, and that's like putting an EKG technician in charge of open-heart surgery!

The Federal Reserve Bank, Goldman Sucks, and BoA and Citi and the rest can lick my toenail fungus. I ain't bailing out those suckers. Now Romans 13 says you have to pay taxes, right? WRONG! Paying taxes for services and infrastructure is one thing, but paying taxes to the IRS, the enforcement arm of the Federal Reserve, so that the banksters can continue to commit fraud without consequence is enabling criminal psyhcopathy.

Yet, the next thing you know is Obama (or Romney or whoever) will get Congress to pass a bill to tax childbirth (over one child in your family, you pay a tax), or driving a gasoline powered car (get a Prius or pay a tax), or tax gardening (grow your own food and pay a tax to do it), or live in a rural area and not a "sustainable community" and pay a tax for the "right" to do so. I mean, the precedent has been set by the Supremes (with apologies to Diana Ross and the rest of the gals): now Obama or Romney or whoever can force you to pay a tax on anything they deem you are too stupid to rebel against it.

I mean, what is it with Americans? Are we such a bullied bunch of wusses that we actually will pay a tax on something that only affects us?

When states under Federal mandates decided we had to buy vehicle insurance in order to get registrations and safety inspections and other color of legalities we are forced to have unless we want to spend a few nights in jail (and, yes, I DID spend a few nights in jail over the "right to travel" issue--when my daughter was 8 months old and she was nursing from me! It was no fun trying to sleep with breasts full of milk, let me tell you!)...well, having vehicle insurance is one thing--vehicle insurance is a safeguard that you don't have to go bankrupt if you hurt someone else in an accident you caused...and in some states like Texas, you do not have to get insurance if you can post a $55,000 bond at the local courthouse that will cover expenses if you have an accident (I know some folks who have done this, but we can't afford a $55,000 bond, so we have vehicle insurance for all family members).

No. ObamaCare is different because you are not insuring in case of an accident. You are insuring for yourself, for...? I'll tell you what for: to allow some freaking HMO to decide whether you live or die.

My fellow Americans: we did not fight a revolution for independence from Britain in 1776, won in 1781 by our forefathers, in order that 230 some odd years later we could live like Brits--rationed healthcare and the government's right to decide if you live or die.

Whether you live or die is up to God. Now, Obama is taking God's place, and "Chief Justice" John Roberts is sitting as thise phony god's right hand. That so-called "conservative and constitutionalist" Roberts "betrayed" the right wing here is not only not a surprise (because Roberts does what he's told), but was to be expected because "conservatives" like Roberts love the idea of calling the shots on whether you live or die.

Calling the shits on whether you get health care or not, whether you die or not, IS WHAT A CRIMINAL PSYCHOPATH DOES!


My fellow Americans: just how long are you going to be put your lives and your children's lives and all you have worked for--gardens, farms, businesses, livelihoods, pasttimes, and all you hold dear, including your beliefs and your faith--just how long are you going to put all you hold dear into the hands of criminal psychopaths?

My fellow Americans: we are not just talking about oligarchs here; we are not just talking about bankers here (my dad worked for Banker's Trust for over 30 years and he's the one who told me that the Federal Reserve is a private bank, back n 1968! Not all bankers are bad guys, and not all oligarchs are either, but you'd be hard pressed to find one that isn't...). It isn't just bankers and oligarchs, and the politicans they own, because if it was just bankers and oligarchs and the politicans they own that were the problem, we really wouldn't have this problem.

That is because bankers and oligarchs and the politicans they own are not much different from the rest of us (only richer)--EXCEPT FOR ONE IMPORTANT DETAIL!

What makes guys like Jamie Dimon or Ben Bernanke or Barak Obama or David Rockefeller or Evelyn de Rothschild or Maurice Strong (of Agenda 21 fame) or George Soros different from just being bankers or very rich people is this: THEY ARE CRIMINAL PSYCHOPATHS!

The day will come, I suspect within the next few years, when a majority of Americans will recognize they are not up against "rich people" or "politicans" or "bankers", but CRIMINAL PSYCHOPATHS that MUST PAY FOR THEIR CRIMES as a "garden variety psychopath like Charles Manson" pays for his crimes.

Right now the psychopath Obama is trying to get firearms banned in the US under color of some UN "small arms" "treaty". He will not succeed, because that is, I truly believe, the straw that will break the camel's back. There are over 100 million gun owners in the US, that is, over half of all Americans over the age of 18 (and some under 18, no doubt). If you discount everyone in prisons and others who are not allowed to own firearms or are too old or physically challenged to handle them, let's say it is a good estimate that nearly two-thirds or 67 percent of able bodied adults not in jail own firearms, and, of course, since they are allowed to own them they know how to use them. There is NO FREAKING WAY over one million Americans (and counting) will voluntarily turn in their guns (okay, they'll turn in the worn out ones or maybe antiques), "tax" or no "tax".

Obama's attempt to confiscate firearms from Americans should he win a second term (and ObamaCare pretty much assures he won't, what with Romney lying to voters that he will "abolish" ObamaCare--when pigs fly that is) will not only fail but will truly ignite the "second American revolution."

My final message this Independence Day, July 4, 2012, is for the CRIMINAL PSYCHOPATHS: I do not own a gun and I will not shoot you or do violence to you. Other than the fact that you exist, you have done me no harm (even though your brainwashed law enforcement lackeys put me in jail for a few days under color of de fact "law"). I owe you low lifes nothing. I depend on God, not you. You do not own me. I am independent of you, and always will be, so help me God.

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