Monday, June 18, 2012

Prepare For The Worst 101: Understand Psychopathy

Most of my recent posts deal with the CPEs: Criminal Psychopath Elites.

Understand that there are two overriding traits shared by nearly all CPEs:

1. The seek and crave power. They literally cannot live without power.

2. They have NO CONSCIENCE. None whatsoever. The Bible denotes these folks, like Pharoah, as those whom God "has seared their consciences shut" or "burned their consciences" or "hardened their hearts." Anyone who studies psychopathy knows that psychopaths are highly manipulative, but it is the lack of conscience that allows them to be that mainipulative, because they are manipulating their victims into giving them exactly what they want and do not want to have to feel bad about that later.

Notice I did not say psychopaths crave money. Not all psychopaths are rich oligarch banksters and their political cronies...

Rick McLaren was certainly not wealthy, but he was and still is a psychopath. He craved power (and still does) and he has no conscience. I have proof of this: he once refused to help a mother of a nursing 8-month-old in a legal issue he swore he would help with, and in fact convinced that mother that legally he was right and no way would the courts see otherwise, and, as a result of not helping that mother, she spent 3 days in jail when he nursing child needed the mother's breast milk. All McLaren did was sit and watch. And he did nothing again when he convinced two men that it was okay to drive in a car with no license plate; when the cops stopped the men they dragged both men through car windows they'd just broken, and dragged the men through broken glass and beat up both of them besides. All McLaren did was go through the motions of consoling the wife of one of the men. McLaren could care less even though he was the one who put these BS "sovereign citizen" notions in their minds. And, by putting BS "sovereign citizen" "common law" notions into people's minds in a time that the US was becoming more and more lawless (in other words, the 90s, when it was becoming clear that the US government was abandoning the US Constitution), McLaren was in short time able to cajole the unsuspecting victims who would go along with his bogus "Republic of Texas" movement--which was nothing more than a gun-running, money-laundering, and fruad operation in league with something called the "Washitaw Nation" (headed by a "Queen" called "Dugdamoundya"!). [Note: That is one reason I do NOT support any of the secession groups still active in Texas. Most of them had soemthing to do with McLaren's bogus movement at some point.]

Robert Hare is the most well-known theorist on psychopathy. His overall view of the psychopath is that a psychopath has no conscience and seeks power, but there are twenty specific traits he claims psychopaths have that sets them apart from "normal" folks, and people need to recognize what these traits are:

1.Glibness and Superficial Charm – Smooth-talking, engaging and slick.

2.Grandiose Self-Worth – Greatly inflated idea of one's abilities and self-esteem, arrogance and a sense of superiority.

3.Needs Stimulation/Prone to Boredom – An excessive need for new, exciting stimulation and risk-taking.

4.Pathological Lying – Shrewd, crafty, sly and clever when moderate; deceptive, deceitful, underhanded and unscrupulous when high.

5.Manipulative – Uses deceit and deception to cheat others for personal gain.

6.No Guilt/Remorse: no feelings or concern for losses, pain and suffering of others, coldhearted and unempathic.

7.Emotional Poverty – Limited range or depth of feelings; interpersonal coldness.

8.Lacks Empathy – A lack of feelings toward others; cold, contemptuous and inconsiderate.

9.Parasitic Lifestyle – Intentional, manipulative, selfish and exploitative financial dependence on others.

10.Poor Behavioral Controls – Expressions of negative feelings, verbal abuse and inappropriate expressions of anger.

11.Promiscuity – Brief, superficial relations, numerous affairs and an indiscriminate choice of sexual partners.

12.No Realistic Long-Term Goals – Inability or constant failure to develop and accomplish long-term plans.

13.Impulsiveness – Behaviors lacking reflection or planning and done without considering consequences.

14.Irresponsible – Repeated failure to fulfill or honor commitments and obligations.

15.Fails to Accept Responsibility for Own Behavior – Denial of responsibility and an attempt to manipulate others through this.

16.Many Short-Term Marital Relationships – Lack of commitment to a long-term relationship.

17.Early Behavior Problems – A variety of dysfunctional and unacceptable behaviors before age thirteen.

18.Juvenile Delinquency – Criminal behavioral problems between the ages of 13-18.

19.Revocation of Conditional Release – Violating probation or other conditional release because of technicalities.

20.Criminal Versatility – Diversity of criminal offenses, whether or not the individual has been arrested or convicted.

Add to that the substituition of power for sex (McLaren simply had NO SEX LIFE at all, as claimed by two women he was married to, including his "common law wife" Evelyn Horak, whose life was ruined by McLaren--he married he for her money, which she made by being an assistant postmaster in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, meaning her salary was close to six figures a year; she gave that up to go to jail for ten years out of loyalty to a psychopath), and numbers 1 through 16 definitely describe McLaren. I do not know about 17 or 18 (but his mother does, I'm sure). He has not done 19, but money laundering, gun running (using the Washitaw), and other types of fraud, such as paying the company that made badges for his "RoT Embassy Staff" with "Republic of Texas bucks" counts for number 20 I'm sure.

If nothing else, the psychopathy and megalomania of a Rick McLaren PROVES that the only resistance method that can work has leaderless resistance as a core principal. So-called "patriot groups" must realize that any leader they choose could be just another psychopath like McLaren.

Learn to know the twenty traits above, and look for them in individuals you meet. If the individual exhibits one or two of these but no more, then he or she is probably just a typical American. Many Americans do superficial relationships or have no long-term goals (it is hard to have long-term goals when the economy is so depressed). Many Americans are impulsive, which is why so many Americans are so deep in debt. I would say a good minority of Americans lack a sense of responsibility. But what separates most Americans (who exhibit one or two or even three of the above traits) from a psychopath, who exhibits most of them, if the overweening desire for power and a COMPLETE LACK OF CONSCIENCE.

But let me end with a high note of optimism: Number 12--inability to achieve long-term goals (even though the CPEs have certainly come up with a lot of plans for achieving these goals, like world government, stealing all the world's wealth and enslaving the rest of us). Since these folks really are psychopaths as well as criminals, number 12 clearly states THEY WILL NOT ACHIEVE THESE GOALS!

But they are too full of hubris, grandiosity, arrogance, and "superior" to us little people to notice this! And that's a good thing!

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