Sunday, June 10, 2012

Part 2 of What Will Make Americans Completely Wake Up?

In Part 1 of this post I claimed that four of the issues or events that will surely wake up all but the most comatose Americans are the following: first, the experience of the "prison-industrial-complex" including the experience of debtor's prisons; second, hyperinflation; third, homelessness; fourth, a race war that very few really want. In this post I will mention a few more likely scenarios that should wake folks up really because they will have no choice.

5. I honestly DO see the end of the US dollar as the world's reserve currency, and that alone will collapse the US economy. "But now wait a minute," you say, "When the British Pound stopped being the world's reserve currency at Breton Woods in 1944, that did not cause the collapse of Britain's economy." True, but that is because (I think, heck, I'm not the Queen of England who was just fine with that eventuality) Britain had already had many years to prepare for that--since the end of WW1, the Brits knew that the "sun" would "set" on their Empire, which had become unsustainable, and the other reason was that the British Pound Sterling wasn't called "Pound Sterling" for nothing: this currency was NOT the worthless fiat currency the present-day US dollar is! THAT pound-sterling was BACKED BY GOLD AND SILVER! Since the British people had a currency back by a real asset (as opposed to the dollar being "backed by the full faith and credit" of the US CPE (criminal psychopathic elites) Since the British people-at-large had a real asset, they'd face hard times but NOT utter collapse. In fact, as for Britain, those folks face much worse now than they did when their empire went down, for now "the British pound" is, like the US dollar, backed by nothing and is worthless.

"But Americans are buying gold and silver in droves," you say. I say, SOME Americans are, but most are not because after all, the collapse of the US economy is just "conspiracy theory" and fearmongering! FOLKS, I DO NOT FEARMONGER! I engage in truth (as far as I know it...not that the elites tell me what they plan, but I do know a little history...the Roman Empire collapsed precisely because its currency did, and when the Preatorian Guard was no longer paid what they thought they should be paid, the stopped propping up the corrupt Emperors, and the same can be said for the Roman Legions, many of whom married "barbarian" wives and joined "the barbarians." Further, the elites at the time could hardly be bothered to care, spending half their days in vomitoriums (if you have a chance and don't mind seeing X rated movies, catch Federico Fellini's "Satyricon" sometime. I do not think anyone has captured the spirit of the end of Rome and its depraved elites better.) Further. MOST Americans cannot afford physical gold and silver at $1,000 an ounce for gold and (a way undervalued) $30 an ounce for silver. Most Americans are too busy trying to pay off the mortgage, put kids through college, pay bills, buy food and gas, and the like.

I am going to assume that the reader might have a bit of gold (or more likely, silver) and really can't afford to buy more, so here is what you ought to do: get out of debt! I mean it about those debtor's prisons! Buy a month's supply of food, gas, medications, first aid supplies, cleaning stuff, pet foods. GROW A GARDEN! If you can, get out of the cities and suburbs into the rural remote (which necessitates buying TWO MONTHS of extra gasoline!). And, oh yeah, the means of protection: guns and bullets for them, and a good knife wouldn't hurt either. If the only rural remote option is a "covenant community," then choose one with the fewest restrictions. A "gated" (very strict covenants) community is NOT an option! But even if you cannot move out of cities and suburbs, you need to prepare as best you can for the collapse of the US dollar, because the Federal Reserve's "kicking the can down the road" only goes so far...dead end ahead for the "road".

6. Food shortages for a variety of reasons. When you can't feed yourself and your family even if you have the money to do so, THAT will wake you up! Now, here are some of the reasons why a food shortage probably will occur in the US:

a. GMO foods, especially corn (and our favorite additive, "high fructose corn syrup" which big ag failed to get labled "corn sugar"--after all, "the body doesn't know the difference" [THE dumbest piece of propaganda EVER put on TV!] have been engineered to do these two following things: NOT produce viable seeds (but if they do, Monsanto will sue you for using them), and produce foods that are NOT compatible to the human body, or the animal body for that matter, and can harm you. Those who believe the CPE (criminal psychopathic elites) want to reduce the world's population by 90 percent or so say that is precisely why Big Ag is literally forcing farmers to use GMO seeds--the kill-off-die-off scenario. the other thing is that GMO seeds DO NOT grow the amount of food that Monsanto and Dow Chemical preport ot grow, and much of the corn being grown now is for ethanol, not food.

b. Seafood in the Gulf of Mexico has been poisoned (in fact on the reality TV show, "Big Shrimpin'" shown earlier this year, the shrimping industry had to go from Bayou LeBatre, Alabama, to offshore Texas to catch any viable shrimp, thanks to BP. Scientists have discovered along with fisher folks that shrimp off Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida are quite deformed, as are crabs, clams, red snapper, etc. and then you have the entire northern Pacific fin tuna have way-over-the-limit-amounts of cesium radiation off the coast of California and Oregon and Washington, etc. thanks to Fukushima, Japan, nuclear melt-downs caused partially by the Seimens computer software not shutting down the reactors in time because they were infected by the STUXNET worm (GEE THANKS A WHOLE LOT, ISRAEL! DID THE TALMUD TELL YOU TO KILL OFF US GOYIM USING A COMPUTER VIRUS???). Thus, the sea life in US coastal waters is heavily damaged and might be totally dying off as we speak. Thank God for farmed tilapia!

c. Lack of money to fix highways and byways (again, thanks, Israel, for forcing the US government to kill off more goyim for you!). This means lack of raod maintenance, which means poor highways, which means more truck repairs, which cuts into profits, doesn't it? And then you have artifical shortages of gasoline and diesel to run the 18-wheelers that carry the food and everything else. Already, according to my husband who is a paramedic, medical supplies are running short almost continuously and many EMS services are using, with medical director permission, expired medications, because orders for new ones are on "backorder." Do not forget that many of these meds come from China and India, and supply problems happen, but now they happen a lot more frequently. You cannot grow your own meds (it's illegal) but you can grow you rown food. So do so!

d. "President" Obama (more like dictator Obama) has issued an executive order (I forget the number he issues so many of them) that "in case of emergency" the US government has the right to confiscate all food, all land, all assets--and human beings if necessary (funny that a BLACK MAN wants to reinstitute slavery!...yeah, I know, he'll only enslave white folks...gimme a break!). What happens after that sounds like what happens in good ol' North Korea, where the Party insiders get the best food, then the army, then the party outsiders, and then the peasants that grow the stuff, if any of it is left, that is. The Kims took this line from Uncle Joe Stalin, who starved the farmers in the Ukraine in the early 30s, stole their food, gave it to the Party folks in the cities or sold it overseas to prove just how much food could be grown and sold overseas under his Communist System.

e. The FDA, in league with Monsanto and the rest if Big Ag are actually destroying food in the upper mid-west, whether it's raw milk (also in California) or pigs that have a different color hair, because organically grown farm animals are a threat to Con-Agra's factory farm system. And now farmers and ranchers have to deal with drones flying over their fields because, after all, we can't trust farmers and ranchers to feed the country--just government bureaucrats and mad scientists.

7. Possible Civil War, because, like I've said many many times, Americans love war. Let's see if Americans love war when it comes to them. Don't think it can't happen? For one thing, most of the countries of the world are tired of us invading country we damned well please. It seems a bit far off, but eventually the collapse of the dollar will mean collapse of the perto-dollar was well, which means the collapse of the monetary means to build all and sundry military equipment and pay military people. That includes foreign mercs that some claim are already in the US to crush rebellion (fat chance! Most Americans, let alone all patriots, would have no problem shooting a Rooskie or Chinese soldier, rebellion or not!). I actually read a post somewhere on a blog stating that, due to crimes against humanity by the US government, the UN needs to organize a "regime change" here like the US is trying to do in Syria now (and Iran later). I really would not totally discount that happening.

Kharma is a bi-otch! We WILL get, each of us, what we deserve!

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