Friday, June 8, 2012

Each American Will Wake Up When Each American Has To Wake Up, Part One

I had said in a previous post The American People Are "Waking Up." Fine. when Will the Elites? that slowly but surely the American people are waking up and discovering that their so-called "money" is actually debt, not wealth. And, further, the people, more and more, are realizing that their House of Representatives are (to steal a cliche from the movie Idiocracy) actually nothing more than the "House O' Representin'" and their Senate is pretty much as corrupt as the one in ancient Rome, and their Supreme Court? Hey, many have more faith in "the Supremes" and I mean Diana Ross and Company. Besides which, didn't Obama just claim that he doesn't have to follow any Supreme Court or lower Court decision, as in "I don't have to abide by the lower Court decision to NOT indefintely detain Americans without trial! I'm the dictator--er, President" (Note: If Obama really is of Kenyan descent we'll know soon enough...when he declares himself "President for Life" like many of the corrupt dictators in Africa have done in the past and in the present)

It is now a well known fact--not conspiracy theory, but fact--that elections in the US are as rigged as in, say, Belize (where, thanks to Joe Bageant, RIP, who lived in Belize when they were having elections there, we know that politicans basically and simply buy votes. This fact is as clear as day there. Getting money for voting is one top notch way folks in Belize make money to feed their families there during election years. They might get $25 from one politician and then $50 from another one--and then they vote for whomever they damned well please--or not vote, period!) In fact, Belizians have it better because at least they get paid to vote, whereas Americans vote for Criminal Psychopath A over Criminal Psychopath B and don't get paid a damned thing! Honestly, having just voted for Ron Paul in the Texas primary (won by Romney by 69 percent--and if you believe that I have the Big Bend National Park to sell you!), I ain't-a gonna-vote again for "the lesser of two evils" unless one of 'em pays me a million dollars (and by that I mean backed by gold and silver), and then I just might not vote for the psycho anyway!

Yeah, I know. Vote buying is "illegal."

Of course elections are not rigged here the way they are in Belize or other places where elections are rigged. In the US (and, I presume, most of the rest of the West), elections are rigged by voting machines, which means the COUNTERS of the votes from the voting machines. Didn't Uncle Joe Stalin once say he cares not who votes but cares who counts the votes? Example: instead of going into one of the many rigged vote counts to make Romney the Republican Nominee by primary and caucus...I mean, I know NOT ONE PERSON who actually voted for Romney or wanted to vote for Romney, and being our subdivision office manager I know a lot of people. That is, folks out here either voted Ron Paul in the Repub primary or voted for some local person in the Democrat primary, but would have voted Ron Paul except they wanted to vote for this local guy (who also supported Ron Paul, but had to run Democrat because in far West Texas anyone who wants to win locally runs Democrat). I repeat: I know not one person who supports Romney! and yet Romney won Texas with 69 percent of the vote in Texas when a Congressman from Texas was also running? How rigged is that? But anyway, I refer to the very recent recall election held in Wisconsin to recall governor Scott Walker. Walker was the guy who destroyed public employee unions in that state. Being in the upper mid-west, Wisconsin is a state like Michigan where public employee unions are fairly strong and, I think, do have a fairly good amount of support. Now, as for me, I think unions are fairly useless and rigged themselves, but I have no problem with workers, public or private, being in unions. We have unions for a reason, right? But anyway, supposedly a whole lot of people put their signatures on petitions to recall Walker, which is why the recall election occured. The results of the election show that the vote count against Walker being the governor reflects that Walker's Democrat opponent's total is the same amount as the total number of voters who signed the petitions, plus one more percent! Which means that 99 percent of those who did NOT sign the petition voted for Walker! How ridiculous is that?

Remember what I said in that "Wake Up" post I mentioned at the top of this post about the truth and mathematics? Just as 2 + 2 can never equal 5, a properly run vote count cannot have 99 percent of those who refused to sign the petitions vote for the guy who the petitions (for opposing him) were about! How do I know this? Because I actually tried to run for a political office once: Justice of the Peace for Jeff Davis County, Texas. What happened was when I was out on a drive to get voters to sign the petition so I could run (I did not have the $300 I needed to get on the ballot automatically) was that amny of the folks I tried to get to sign my petition simply told me, "I don't sign petitions." These were folks I KNEW PERSONALLY! I did not get on the ballot though even though I had enough signatures, because some of the signers were not registered voters in Jeff Davis County. The point is this: there are many voters out there who simply will not sign petitions, period, even if they support what the petition is about. So how can the vote riggers in Wisconsin actually expect me and others to believe that 99 percent of the non-petition folks voted for Walker?

Oh, and, BTW, isn't Wisconsin largely Democrat?

But anyway. My husband is right: he has not voted for President, Congress, Senate, Statehouse, and locally--ever! Why? Because "I'm not gonna vote for someone who wants to harm me."

So that, unless Ron Paul somehow finds a way to win the Republican Nomination in Tampa when the RNC will do whatever it can to keep delegates pledged to Ron Paul out of the convention, Ron Paul will have been the last person (nationally and statewide maybe, I may continue to vote for local stuff) nationally I will have voted for. Because "voting the lesser of two evils" is still voting for evil. Period. And I don't vote for evil.

I do not know what it wil take for the many Americans who are still asleep or are maybe just now waking up but confused. Here are some of the things that could happen (and if things run their course have a very high percentage to happen):

1. It is also now a well known fact that Corrections Corporation of America is taking over more and more publically run prisons and beneath all the coverups is turning prison labor into a cheaper version of the slave-wage labor they have in China. Chinese slave-wage workers can quit their jobs at least and get better ones: prisoners can't. Add to this the fact that more and more folks, for usually victimless crimes like drug use, are winding up in these prisons. Further, it is also a fact that many folks are now going to these prisons because they are in debt. Fact: Debtors Prisons (aka "Workhouses", think Scrooge's famous line: "Are there no workhouses? Are there no prisons?" in A Christmas Carol by Dickens) are not only coming to America many years after the Constitution outlawed them (but who gives a crap about the rule of law? Not our Criminal Psyhcopath Elites that's for sure!), but are already here. Heck, if you are going to go to college, and you are NOT a wiz in math or science, there are really only two options if you want a job when you graduate: teaching certification in English with a TESOL so you can go overseas and work teaching English, or a degree in Criminal Justice which will allow you to be a prison guard (or a cop, but what's the difference these days?) (note: my daughter, who is NOT a wiz at math or science, is choosing the first option I mentioned; unfortunately, Japan is where she wants to go...radiation central! Really, I'd rather she choose China). Anyway, at some point a huge amount of people will be slave laborers in the prison system. Who needs FEMA concentration camps?

How will slave-labor prisons wake more people up? One, if you have a loved one trapped in these prisons the truth will hit you as hard as truth hit me many years ago when I woke up--but that is a subject for the next post. I would say, simply based on the fact that the US incarcerates by far the highest number of people in any nation on the planet, that this truth wil wake more ans more people up. Further, the more folks who know someone who is in jail because of debt, the more folks will wake up and start getting out of debt. That means the more people will wake up to realize they don't need all that useless crap made in China. That means that more people wil wake up to discover what is REALLY IMPORTANT! Family, friends, and good times for free. Not stuff!

2. Hyperinflation. Believe me, if you want folks to stop worshiping worthless fiat currency, hyperinflation will do that in spades. It just might make the barter economy, which makes more sense anyway, take off. That way, folks HAVE TO COOPERATE WITH EACH OTHER!

3. Homelessness. If all those folks who have underwater mortgages are made homeless because not even a judge's decision on mortgage fraud can save the homeowner if the lackeys of the criminal psychopath elites force these folks out of their home at gunpoint--something I can really see happening under either Obama or Romney--all millions and millions of them--are made homeless, and these homeless folks have friends and relatives who know them and know the truth why they are homeless, these people will wake up to the utter heartlessness and criminal psychopathy of the ruling elites. There are still too many people who do not realize what criminal psychopaths our ruling elites really are...too many people think only serial killers are criminal psychopaths, and the power elites have spent many years making sure most folks thought that way!

4. Race war. I honestly believe that MOST BLACKS and MOST WHITES are tired of the race-baiting bullcrap of Obama, the KKK/Neo-Nazi/White Supremist, Jess Jackson and his black racist cronies. Most blacks are aware completely of racism--they'd be crazy not to be--but most blacks do not hate white folks just because they are white. Just like (and since I'm white I know this) most white folks do not hate blacks just because they are black. Yes, there are whites who hate blacks just because they're black and there are blacks who hate whites because they are white. But these racists are in the definite minority, probably less than 10 percent of the population. I might add here also that I think it pretty much also hold true when it comes to Muslims: most Americans do not hate folks just because they are Muslim, and I'd say those that do come closer to 1 percent than 10 percent. For one thing, if a large number of folks REALLY HATED MUSLIMS, they'd have gone up to Dearborn, Michigan by now and killed the Muslim-majority folks living there by now. This hasn't happened, either in Dearborn or Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, so I think I am right to say most Americans do not hate Muslims.

I have to go now but I have a bunch more to write so I will continue in a day or so.

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