Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Elites Are Insane: Ten Things To Look For

I'll get right to it. What ten things will the Powers-that-Be do that will ensure that they are truly insane, so insane that even a garden variety psychopath will know just how insane they are!

1. The US/NATO invades Iceland. Iceland, of course, has told the IMF-World Bank-Rothschild fiat currency system to go stick it up their asses the moment the Fed Res owned old Icelandic government was peacefully thrown out by the people of Iceland back in 2010. That means the "new world order" crowd no longer controls Iceland. That also means Iceland at this point is the last bastion of true freedom on this planet (no, North Korea doesn't count.) That is especially true since the US/NATO invaded Libya after Kaddafi took the country off the pertodollar standard (and "humanitarian issues" had nothing to do with it...I mean al-Qaeda runs the "humanitarians" right?), and the US/NATO is on the heels of invading Syria for pretty much the same reasons, with Iran (which opens its oil bourse in late March) next. This will leave Iceland the lone bulwark against the bankers who control the rest of the world's governments (and I don't put N. Korea here, either.) But the thing is, the US/NATO can ONLY invade Iceland over a pretext--otherwise, no American, no Isreali, no Brit, no German, no no-one will support this nonsense! Thsi means the CIA-Mossad-MI6-whatever will find a way to set up a false flag. What I want to know is what percentage of the Icelandic population is the current-patsy-group-of-the-moment, Muslim? My guess is Iceland, which is a very closed society of like Nordic stock--in other words, 99 percent white folks--has virtually no Muslims and thus a Muslim patsy is unlikely. So my guess is some banker somewhere will raise a stink about how the new Icelandic government needs to bail them out or else!

2. The day Iran's new non-petrodollar-oil bourse opens is the same day that some important Israeli leader is assassinated by probably the Mossad, but the Palestinians don't get blamed for it. Why blame Hamas when you can blame Iran and set up the perfect Israeli-people support mechanism for nuking Iran? So, look for some event around the time that Iran's new oil bourse opens.

3. In the very unlikely event that Ron Paul is the next President of the United States, look to him being assassinated before he even takes the oath of office in January, 2013, and look to see who they blame it on. It won't be a Muslim...and it won't even be a black person who does it to get the "racist" out fo the White House. No. The patsy will be some brain-challenged Christian Zionist who believes Paul has it coming because he's anti-Israel (not to mention merely anti-Semitic) who attends John Hagee's San Antonio church, because he's been told one too many times this will bring about "the rapture." Or maybe he thinks Paul is "the anti-Christ"! That way, the event many Christians in the US fear is coming, persecution, will be far more acceptable...and the ever-growing population of Americans who don't like Jews will now have the "Zionist" meme to carry out their own private agendas, and finally the persecution of Jews will lead some to think (because of Zecharaia 12:14) that the end-times is near.

4. Or, the above event will lead to a Dominionist takeover of the US...some folks actually believe Ron Paul is a Dominionist because Gary North likes the guy!

5. The elites allow Rick Santorum to become President and he starts nuking the entire Muslim Middle-East. And even though the nuclear fallout will severely hurt Israel, Santorum will claim he's doing it for Israel's sake.

6. Obama gets re-elected (because who in their right mind will vote for Romney?) and (as many gun owners believe) he outlaws gun ownership in the US. Well, some Democrat had to do it! But why is this insane? I mean, the ONLY way the elites can completely destroy freedom in the US is to outlaw gun ownership! But this is insane because few Americans will comply. Period. End of story. Yes, too many Americans still don't get it. But when the guns are outlawed, they will. The elites simply cannot afford to completely expose themselves. That is why an outlawing of guns in the US is insane.

7. Supposedly the formula for creating a virus or something that will wipe out most of humanity is on the Internet. This means that some elite-sponsored mad scientist has created some virus that will wipe out most of humanity. Yes, this is clearly insane, but why would the elites want to do this when "enslavement of humanity" is their purported goal? what fun is it for psychos when their aren't enough "slaves" to bully?

8. The elites expect taxpayers of the world to subsidize their fraud and looting to the point that the elites control all monetary wealth. This is supposedly another purported goal of the elites. Why is this insane? Because if fifty-or-so trillions in derivatives that couldn't be paid off in ten trillion light-years is held by the elites against the world's taxpayers, then the world's taxpayers will by default set up a new exchange system and let the elites have 50 trillion worthless fiat dollars! Do these Rothschilian idiots actually think 99.99999 percent of the world's population actually wants to live like the underground slave-workers a la Fritz Lang's "Metropolis"? Do they actually think they can make this happen?

9. The elites continue to drug Americans with Prozac and the rest. Supposedly some cities are putting anti-depressants into the water supply. This would have the effect of putting those who are already (for the most part) asleep (city-dwellers and suburbanites who still own their homes or rent) to sleep even more (and supposedly if Alex Jones is correct for once, when they wake up it'll be in a FEMA camp)...and those of us in the rural remote and small towns that have our own water supplies--those of us most expect to take care of business because we've been awake for years--won't have to deal with roughly 120 million sleep-walking Americans who will just get in our way...I am being facitious here, because I want the folks in the cities and suburbs to wake up, but unfortunately these folks are more likely to attack each other than the criminals and psychopaths who "rule" us...and, not that I want violence, but honestly I can't see a way out of it, the way the elites are runnig things. If the elites were the least bit sane they'd drug us "prepper" folks! I did not mention the city and suburb folks who are or will be made homeless, for obvious reasons. Of course, if enough are made homeless, it won't matter much what the elites do to those who aren't.

10. The elites, based on some false flag pretext, declares martial law in the US and then calls upon US troops (or even more insane, foreign troops!) to shoot their fellow Americans for some dumbass reason. Why is this insane? Because many will refuse (a la Russian soldiers at the Winter Palace in Petrograd on the eve of the October Revolution), and instead they just might fire on the bankers instead! Remember that 29 Palms army Base survey taken in the mid-90s that claimed 25 percent of American soldiers would fire on their fellow citizens if ordered to? Left unsaid of course is that 75 percent would not!

Look. If I haven't convinced the reader yet that the elites who rule us are actually criminals and psychopaths, maybe some of these signs will!

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