Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My "Next Post" in Praise Or Criticism of OWS and An Even Better Idea!

Praise Occupy Wall Street? Me? The Non-Progressive?

Here are a few things they have done right:

1. Some are occupying foreclosed houses on behalf of foreclosed families, or, rather, families foreclosed-upon by the banks who have no clear title to these foreclosed homes, cannot prove they "own" the homes using the tried and true Marcy Kaptur method of "showing the note" that proves they own it, and cannot prove they did not acquire the home fraudulently. Ipso facto, if the bank doesn't own it then the family does! Take that, Andrew "no protesting on private property without permission" Wilkow!

2. Shutting down the ports in Oakland, etc., may not sound like a great idea because that stops folks from getting perhaps needed goods (like, say, meds from India purchased through US pharmacy Progressive RX, where you can save up to 80 percent on your prescription meds!), but it is in fact a great idea, because this is an instance where ACTUAL WORKERS HAVE BEEN SHOWN TO ACTIVELY SUPPORT "the 99 percent", lending credence to the truth that it isn't just a bunch of "dirty hippies wanting something for nothing." Besides which, don't we have a huge inventory of worthless crap from China anyway?

3. Occupy DC is actually moving in the direction of protesting the government instead of just the oligarchs that own it. For one thing, protesting the oligarchs will NOT move the oligarchs to stop owning the government. But perhaps protesting the government in large enough numbers just might send some--and then a few more then a few more--in Congress and the bureaucracies to grow a pair...and a conscience...and do what they should have already done: jail the banksters and fraudsters, and re-establish the rule of law in the US.

4. Speaking of Occupy DC, when are they gonna "occupy" the Pentagon? Or do a better job of protesting, not the war in Iraq or Afghanistan, but the entire BS war on terrorism? Better yet, go after the REAL terrorists--the US government! Ah, but now let me continue the criticisms beyond just the notion that most OWS folks wrongly want to overthrow capitalism for socialism, and that many really do want something for nothing.

5. Now that the Senate and Congress have passed (and Obama WILL sign!) that Indefinite Detention, No-More-Habeas-Corpus, No-More-Trial, Obama-Can-Murder-Whomever-He-Wants-To FOR ALL US CITIZENS addition to the National Defense Authorization Act, I have a really good idea! Those of you whom have served in the military should maybe consider this: occupy military bases! As in this: HELL NO! WE WON'T GO ARRESTING OUR FELLOW AMERICANS JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE PROTESTING OR DISSENTING OR CRITICIZING THE PRESIDENT OR BECAUSE THEY ARE OUT AFTER "CURFEW" AND WILL NOT PARTAKE IN INSTITUTING A FASCIST TOTALITARIAN POLICE STATE FOR THE BENEFIT OF YOU ONE-TENTH-OF-ONE-PERCENTERS! And that goes for you whom have served as cops, National Guardsmen, Border Patrolmen, Sheriffs, Deputies, Constables, Meter Maids, Dog Catchers, Dumpster police, highway patrol or any other "duly delegated authorities"...and do NOT go throwing Romans 13 or any other "religious" rational for allowing the growing North-Korea-like conditions to exist in this once-free nation.

6. Instead of protesting, like I said in a previous post, I have a much, much, better idea: protest an unlawful, unjust, lawless, criminal and psychopathic and money-loving system by GETTING OUT OF THIS SYSTEM AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!

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