Thursday, December 1, 2011

If It's "Battlefield America" You Want...

Dear Inbred Idiots...Er, Power Elites

Now that you have had your puppet Senators pass the new indefinite detention bill without the amendment Rand Paul sponsored, so that now you can indefinitely imprison whomever you want including me, I suppose, because I am writing this on my blog, let me say this before you put me in Gitmo:

If it is "Battlefield America" you want, then it is "Battlefield America" that you will get.

And (despite the denial of the 50 to 70 percent who are either still asleep or just waking up) in your "War" against the 90 plus million of the American people with guns and more of us, let me say this:


I pray, however, to God Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth, that those who capture you traitors, along with your media syncophants and the criminals and psychopaths who own you, show more mercy toward you than you have shown toward us, and put you on trial for your crimes against God, the American people and the Constitution and Rule of Law, instead of handing you what you deserve, which is a hanging, being shot by a firing squad, or a guillotine.

For what you have done is set us up for civil war; I know why you passed this travesty (S 1867 and its partner "laws"); you are scared shitless of us and in your fear of the rule of law and justice you went even farther than Hitler or Stalin would have: pre-emptive totalitarianism, for you know that you are destroying this country economically and politically and socially, according to your master's bidding, and thus you know civil unrest is coming, so you have to pre-emptively squelch it. Next to come, of course, is the final straw of martial law and gun confiscation.

Most gun owners will not submit while a few pussies will because they are afraid of FEMA camps. In fact, most gun owners will "occupy" their guns and their land, and, further, many military persons and law enforcement officers will stand with We the People against you. And once that happens, you oligarchs, criminals and psychopaths are toast.

You thought we were all "sheep," but while some are and always will be, you attacked the wrong people, for unlike Russians with the Bolsheviks or Germans with the Nazis, whom had just barely begun to taste liberty, we Americans have had liberty too long and remember what it is, and oh yeah, we have 90 million gun owners and many times that guns and billions of bullets, while you will almost assuredly have to bring in foreign armies to stop us.

I would rather just live my life in peace, going about my business, being close to my Father God and His Son Christ.

It is YOU TRAITORS who are setting us up for a "battlefield."

So, if it is civil war you want, it is civil war you will get.

And may the Almighty God, the Lord Jesus Christ beside him, have mercy on your souls.

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