Friday, November 11, 2011

When Hope for the Future is Seemingly Lost, Remember the Elites are Insane Idiots!

Jim Quinn's recent post on Washington's Blog about having no shame is definitely worth reading even if you have no interest in the fate of Joe Paterno and Penn State's football program. But the article seems very pessimistic.

I may be one of the few bloggers on the insanity of the so-called "one percent" or "the elites" that actually is optimistic (Horse 237 of and Les Visibleis another) that the elites will lose, and lose badly, and We the People will win, despite all odds and no matter what the elites throw at us.

Some of the obvious reasons for my optimism are:

1. There a 7 billion or so of us and only about 10,000 of them. Yes, they presently control all sorts of armies and cops and mercs, but (other than the mercs anyway) even now members of the military and even cops are starting to turn against the elites. And, when mercenaries are no longer being paid what is requested--or whenever these folks grow a conscience (some will, most won't)--then they too will turn against the elites, Or perhaps they will sell their services to one branch of the elites against another branch.

2. Not everything about globalization is bad; consider that globalization has allowed more and more people than ever--pert near everyone on the planet--to instantly communicate over the internet, Twitter, Facebook, etc. This caused the so-called Arab Spring, which did some good in that it got millions in Egypt and elsewhere talking to each other, at least, and has been a boost to protests in the West, such as Occupy Wall Street. While I do not agree with some of the elements of OWS---those that blame capitalism, for instance, or those who refuse to acknowledge that government has no business in taking care of us--I do agree with their right to protest.

Side note: On the day of Sul Ross State University's Homecoming, October 29, 2011, the town in which it is located, Alpine, Texas (population about 5,000) had its own "Occupy" protest! There were perhaps 30 to 50 protesters on the main street corners shouting "We are the 99 percent!" I was astounded. Even small rural towns are doing it!

3. The elites have NEVER succeeded in their ultimate plans--enslavement of the rest of us and owning 100 percent of the wealth of Earth--and they won't this time, either. Considering these folks send their kids to Oxford or Harvard, belong to Skull & Bones and the Bilderbergers, and control about 90 percent of the world's wealth already, you'd think they would have studied history or mathematics. The longest empires have only lasted a couple of hundred years, mostly because empires tend to debase their currencies. When they debase their currencies the troops that maintain these empires for the elites soon enough realize they aren't paid what they ought to be paid and realize working for less and less for the sake of the elites simply isn't worth it. Then the elites have to hire mercenaries at exorbitant rates and if they don't pay what is demanded then you have military coups and the like. That is how, every fifty years or so, new imperial families took over in Rome. Things really got hairy in Rome after Commodus was assassinated around 200 AD or so (Commodus is the son of Marcus Aurellius, the last of the so-called "Five Good Emperors"). After that, the Emperorship was basically sold to the highest bidder. Just like the Presidency in the US: everyone knows that the Democrat or Republican that gets the most money from Wall Street and the banks gets to be the next president. Which, of course, will not alter the fact that the US empire is toast, whether or not "we" invade Iran.

Now it is possible that the US empire is being caused by the elites to fail, just as the European Union is being allowed to fail, just as the US dollar is being allowed to fail. That way, the elites can set up their own one world currency backed by a one world government. But a one world government and its currency must have unity of purpose THAT WILL APPEAL to the masses such that the masses will accept their enslavement, and even desire their enslavement. But--and the elites will never get it into their thick skulls--the only way this can happen is if they turn us into complete robots or zombies.

In a previous post I discussed the 1927 Fritz Lang masterpice movie, "Metropolis," with its virtually impossible caste system of the rich above ground and the workers below ground in perpetuity servicing the machines for the rich. NO ONE WOULD EVER AGREE TO LIVE THIS WAY!! Just like an idea that floats around on conspiracy sites on the internet--FEMA will take over all the abandoned houses in the US and turn these busted subdivisions into concentration camps for the masses who can't pay their debts or some such so that FEMA completely controls their lives--guys, this won't work, not even if you put Prozac into the water! At some point, reality does seep through to the masses and they rebel against what has been done to them.

But of course, reality is something the elites have no clue about because they don't have to live in reality.


For who are the truly insane on Planet Earth?

It is the elites. For thousands of years, from the time history began, the elites have been doing the same thing over and over again expecting that this time it'll work.

But Sumeria fell. But Egypt fell. But the Hittites, Elamites, Edomites, Moabites, Canaanites, Israelites (or as some say, Hyksos), Assyrians, Babylonian, Persians and Medes, Greeks, Romans, Spartans, the various Chinese, Aryan, Mongolian, Teutonic, Islamic, Holy Roman Empire, Byzantine, Ottoman, Spaniard, Portugese, Dutch, Prussian, Russian, French, British, Nazi, Shogun, Militarist...fell, and that is now happening to the American as well.

So now the elites want to set up their own little one world government empire doing it the same ol' way it's always been done.

Expecting different results. Ain't gonna happen, Rothschild. Ain't gonna happen.

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