Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What Andrew Wilkow Really Said

So I listened Tuesday November 29 to Andrew Wilkow's actual broadcast instead of just reading his posts on his site Wilkow Majority where it seemed he was saying the Occupy Wall Street protesters nationwide had no right to protest.

Now he actually didn't say they had no right to protest during his talk Tuesday with some Weekly Standard writer named Matthew...I didn't catch his last name.

What Wilkow actually said was, and I paraphrase, that the Occupy protesters could theoretically protest but couldn't actually protest in practice because they did not have "permission" to protest by the owners of Zucotti Park, for instance.

That's like saying the Continental Army had no right to fight the American Revolution because the land owner of the land on which fighting was fought did not give them "permission" to fight on it!

Like I said, he's just another traitor in Constitutional clothing.

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