Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Right-Wing Talk Radio Hosts Are Traitors to the Constitution, the Rule of Law. Period. End of Story.

Which Right-Wing Talk Show Radio Hosts are Traitors to the Constitution and the Rule of Law?

All of them!

Okay, okay...I have not heard pro-Ron Paul radio host Mike Church's opinion on Occupy Wall Street's right to protest and exercise Freedom of Speech like his Tea Party protest buddies (because Church is on radio from 5 am to 8 am and I simply do not wake up at those hours). But it would not surprise me if he did not support their right to protest because his "Sirius Patriot" (satellite radio) buddy, Andrew "We're right, they're wrong, and that's the end of the story" Wilkow, does not support their right to protest. And do not get me started on Bill "pepper spray is a vegetable" O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Rusty Humphries, and Mark Levin....and hundreds of other supporters of the denial of Bill of Rights advocates on right wing radio.

But of course none of them comes right out and says they do not support "those damned hippies" right to peacefully protest because that would be sounding waaaay too hypocritical, so they come out with the same BS right wingers used to claim during Vietnam War protest--which, of course, some of these folks used to be a part of--such as "they leave the place a mess, they need showers, etc." Since they can't--they claim to stand for the Constitution, after all--demand that OWS stops protesting, they will vilify these protesters as much as possible and lie about them as much as possible. Meanwhile, they think it is okay for cops to beat them up and pepper spray them--but God forbid authorities in Muslim countries do the same thing!! Overthrow the bastards, Wilkow and his ilk might say...but those damned OWS protesters ought to be shot! Correct?

These folks, Wilkow, Hannity and the rest of 'em, are such TRAITORS to the rule of law that they make me want to be a leftist!

(Note: Since I used to actually be a leftist, there is no way I'm going back to being one...but the trash these right wing idiots say is enough to make most sane human beings want to be leftist...)

Don't believe that Wilkow, whom I used to think was one of the more sane right wing talk show hosts and listened to him almost every day, could be that anti-freedom of speech and anti-first amendment?

Then go here and click on the bottom of the page at his archives, and start reading the material he has posted. Every single article he uses on his show about OWS is negative. Folks, I realize that maybe OWS folks did leave a mess at Zucotti Park and did take advantage of the kindness of store and eatery owners letting them use the rest rooms, and they should have been held more to account over messes they left. But to call for rubber bullets, pepper spray, beatings and the like makes Wilkow and the others no better than the Brits in 1776--and their loyalist cronies--who probably said the same things about the Continental Army!

Further, since these folks refuse to support the right of their political opponents to exercise their first amendment right to protest and use freedom of speech, AT THE SAME TIME SUPPORTING THE RIGHT OF EGYPTIANS TO PROTEST IN TAHRIR SQUARE AND SYRIANS TO PROTEST AS WELL...AND OF COURSE THEY WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT ANY TEA PARTY PROTEST ESPECIALLY IF IT IS AGAINST MUSLIMS, these folks--all of them mentioned above and their wannabes on lesser programs, are TRAITORS to the Constitution they claim to uphold so dear. Because, as Emile Zola (who is a Jew, no?) once said: "I do not agree with what you say, but I will defend to my death your right to say it."

But no. Wilkow, who once claimed on radio (I heard him say) that he would love to be a Wall Street billionaire and that way he could screw the rest of us for not being enterprising enough...Wilkow, who is a follower of Ayn Rand, the same Ayn Rand who believes that the wealthy have to the right to rip off everyone else's wealth because they are not among "the elites"...Wilkow, who believes that Wall Street has the right to own our government because Wall Street creates most of the wealth of this country...as if small businesses, farmers, ranchers, growers, factory workers, etc. etc. etc. have nothing to do with it...Wilkow, whp arrogantly claims "we're right, they're wrong, and that's the end of the story"... YOU, ANDREW WILKOW, WHO REFUSE TO SUPPORT THE RIGHT OF THOSE IN THE OCCUPY WALL STREET MOVEMENT TO EXERCISE FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND TO PROTEST PEACEFULLY, ARE A TRAITOR TO THE US CONSTITUTION!


Of course, Beck, Hannity, O'Reilly, Levin and the rest are far worse, but they are Israel-first, war mongering neocons, so that is to be expected. Thing is, I personally expected better from Andrew Wilkow, who ought to know better.

In my next post, I will skewer the left for the same reasons!

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