Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Left Wing TV-Radio Talk Show Hosts are Traitors to the Consitution and Rule of Law! Period! End of Story!

And besides, they were against the Occupy Wall Street protesters before they were for them...typical leftists, eh?

Let's see...Rachel Maddow made fun of them before they "got serious," and stayed in Zucotti Park day after day after day, even when it rained? Even when cops were beating them up? Now, of course, Maddow says she "supports" the protesters--I guess her bosses at MSNBC told her she had to support OWS if she wanted to maintain her time slot.

But let us not forget that Maddow was part of the 1 percent and still is...can she actually be blamed for NOT supporting the protests at the beginning?

Now, as I said in my previous post about Andrew Wilkow and the rest of the right wing radio hosts who claim to uphold the Constitution--but only when Tea Party or Islamophobics are protesting--these folks would never come right out and say "these damned hippies" can't protest, so they denounce these folks as hippies instead, and say they leave their protest areas a mess--as if Tea Party protesters or anti-Muslim protesters leave their protest areas squeaky-clean! Further, when cops beat up these folks and pepper spray them, Wilkow, O'Reilly, Becvk and the others cheer on the cops. Who knows? Maybe Wilkow and the rest think these protesters are Palestinians in disguise!

Back to Maddow. Now, of course, she thinks it is perfectly fine to protest with OWS, and her fellows--Ed Schultz and Keith Olbermann on MSNBC, and radio hosts Thom Hartmann, Sheila "Red Hot Liberal" Miller, Mark "I make Micheal Savage look tame" Malloy, and the rest of Sirius Left and any and all other "progressive" talk show hosts, as well. Good for them for standing up for Constitutionally-protected right to protest and exercise freedom of speech.

Too bad that when it comes to Tea Party protests, or anti-Muslim protests (such as that BS protest against the "World Trade Center Mosque"), or protests at "Town Hall" meetings of Democrats, these same folks who defend OWS denounce protests when right wingers do it!

While they denounced the Republican National Convention in St. Paul Minnesota back in 2008 for being "fascist" or whatever, they similarly denounced Ron Paul's "protest" Convention not far down the road, which pretty much got the Tea Party movement going...now that the Tea Party has been co-opted by Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and the rest of the Israel-firsters and neo-cons, they refuse to acknowledge that the movement Ron Paul started is now as pro-statist and anti-freedom as they are!

But no! Folks who want our borders secure from illegals of any country, folks who protest leftists wanting to take our guns away, folks who protest robbing from the productive folks to give to the "something for nothing" folks--ad I don't just mean welfare queens, either!--folks who think families who knowingly bought homes they could never pay off, or folks who get loans for college knowing they might never pay them back...when "right wingers" protest left-wingers wanting the government to force tax payers forced to pay back these bad loans because they debtors can't pay them back, by wanting taxes raised...dangit! If the left thinks it is okay for OWS to protest, but not Tea Party folks, then they are supporting the destruction of Constitutionally protected right to protest and freedom of speech--thus, leftists who think this way (and they pretty much all do!) are TRAITORS TO THE CONSTITUTION AND THE RULE OF LAW!

Just like they hate wars that Republicans start but love wars--think Libya--that Democrats start...even though by now they ought to know that Libya is now run by...wait for it...al Qaida! Which, of course, means that ten years from now "we" will be invading Libya again to remove al Qaida...

As smarmy as leftists are, they really do not believe in the right to protest unless it is some leftist (or union like the anti-freedom and racist SEIU), but they will never admit it because, after all, being leftist, they "know what is best" for the rest of us "unenlightened." Want proof? See how many of leftist and "anti-racist" folks come out to shout down protests by neo-Nazis.

Now, I despise the ideas and racism of neo-Nazis, Skinheads, Identity Christians and the like, but darn it, this is America and they have the right to protest just like OWS does! Just like Hasidic Jews in Brooklyn did when they protested the arrest of that rabbi who raped a young Jewish boy. Just like protesters in Israel...the Nazi-like settlers in the West Bank can protest Palestinians even if Palestinians can't protest back, just like Tel Aviv folks can protest the cost of hummus and cottage cheese there.

Leftists: the right to protest MEANS the right to protest. Period, End of Story.

Like the right wing talk show hosts you claim to defend the Constitution.

Start acting the part!

My next post will praise and criticize Occupy Wall Street, both, because while I support their right to protest maybe they ought to be doing something even more effective...getting out of the system!

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