Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dear Occupy Wall Street: Here Is How You Can Really Win--Even the Right Wingers Will Support You

There are two reasons the right wingers do not support the OWS movement:

1. The left wingers DO support you! The right wingers make too much money on the backs of the ol' divide and conquer routine, but the fact is, the OWS movement will not succeed without the support of the Andrew Wilkows of the world (but don't even think of getting the support of the Glenn Becks...Beck actually endorsed Ron Paul at one time...I knew that support had to be bogus because a short time later he said he hated Ron Paul. Now he supports Michelle Bachmann, who has much much less chance of winning the nomination than Paul does. And don't forget how Beck screwed Debra Medina when she was running for governor of Texas!)

2. Too many "non-leader" leaders of OWS are anti-capitalist, that is, they favor socialism. Some are outright Marxists, and too many OWS supporters favor some sort of co-optation by unions like SEIU (I, for one thing, want nothing to do with anything SEIU is involved with, after seeing videos of SEIU thugs bullying voters and tea party supporters). If you want the support of MOST Americans not just the 30 or so percent that is jobless or loaded with student loan debt or has an underwater mortgage or just feels as if the "something for nothing" lifestyle is about to disappear, than you are gonna have to throw out the anti-capitalist meme some of you all have adopted.

I know of what I speak since I myself used to be a radical leftist...guys, working class people in the USA DO NOT WANT SOCIALISM, COMMUNISM, OR ANY COMBINATION OF THE TWO. I used to pass out leaflets with Marxist ideas, and man, did working class folks reject this stuff! Guys, this ain't Europe, and it won't be Europe no matter how much you wish it was Europe! President Obama is about as socialist as you all are gonna get!

Want to know why a fairly large minority of Americans are cheering the cops beating you up and pepper spraying you? A few cheer because they are just psychopaths underneath it all. Some cheer because they will cheer cops no matter what. Some cheer because they are too brainwashed by the Limbaughs and Hannitys of the world. Some cheer because they are just crusty old reactionaries. Some cheer because if even one leftist supports OWS, they can't support it no matter what. But I think most who cheer the cops, do so, because you all have invaded private property and they simply don't approve of that. Just like Wilkow has an article on his site about OWS in LA occupying farmland...do you have the owner's permission?

Now I said in a previous article denouncing the right wing's anti-right-to-protest deal that the excuse they are using to denounce you is that you are all dirty hippies messing up private property (which is, of course, a pretext--they'd denounce you guys no matter what...after all they are owned by their corporate masters and your use of private property has nothing to do with it, right Andrew?). Now, I know not all of you are dirty hippies messing up private property, and that the right wing is using a broad brush to paint you.

But here is what you could have done:

1. Instead of occupying private property, you could have simply protested outside of Federal Reserve Banks (for one thing, uninformed folks like Wilkow think that the Fed banks are public property because "the government runs the Fed banks"...Wilkow doesn't know or won't admit the Fed banks are privately owned--and if Wilkow doesn't know, neither do most of his followers, who are denouncing you right now as I type). Occupying outside of Fed banks would also get the Ron Paulians on your side, and real libertarians as well. Right now, Ron Paul has lots of support.

2. Instead of occupying places like Zucotti Park you could have protested outside Bloomberg's place. What is wrong with protesting outside Gracie Mansion? Memo to Occupy DC folks...ever hear of the White House?

3. Instead of wasting you time protesting against the those who do the bidding of criminals, those "let 'em eat cake types" that live above your protests...stock brokers, hedge fund folks and the like who do as they are told by folks like Jamie Dimon, try protesting outside the mansions of those who actually have caused your problems. You protested outside Jamie Dimon's place, but then you left--you should have stayed, and done Ben Bernanke, Paulson, Larry Summers, Timmy Geitner, Rockefeller, etc. as well. By "inconveniencing" folks who work on Wall Street, all you are doing is pissing them off. Jamie Dimon could care less what you do to his underlings!

Come to think of it, why are you protesting Wall Street workers or even CEOs when what you really should be doing is getting a million or two outside Congress, outside the SEC, outside the Supreme Court and DEMANDING JAIL for these fraudsters??? 'Cos if anyone needs occupying it's Congress with its NINE PERCENT APPROVAL RATING!!!

You should be forcing Congress to force the court system to try these criminals and psychopaths for massive, economy-destroying fraud!

Oh, yeah! Congress won't do it because (as "Sixty Minutes" so wonderfully showed) Congress is in on the fraud!

So then! Maybe you all should get yourselves down to Washington DC...a couple of million of you, I know you can do it...in front of the Capitol Building. Others of you locally can "occupy" in front of the homes of Congresspersons and Senators and send them a message as well.

Now, if the more reasonable right wing radio types like Wilkow see you protesting in front of Pelosi or Dodd or Frank or (wait for it...) Kucinich--and the left wing folks like Olbermann see you protesting in front of Beohner's or Bachmann's or McCain's or (God forbid) Ron/Rand Paul's...then I guarantee it


In my next post, I will present an even better idea!

'Cos right now you ain't...

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