Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Things I Just Have To Say..I Don't Care If No One Else Reads This, Either!

Heck...ten million Americans just might sue me for what I am about to say.

Dear (Most) Americans:

You're idiots, plain and simple, and you love it! Like many of my public school high school and junior high math students, ignorance is a badge of honor for you.

Goerge Orwell, in "1984," created the Ministry of Truth to spout lies. But a Ministry of Truth here in the USA is superfluous...why do we need the Ministry of Truth when we already have the Mainstream Media?

I see poll after poll claiming the American people distrust the media. But boy, they are just "voting" so to speak the way the pollsters want them to. No. The American people DO TRUST the mainstream media, and I can verify that, so to speak, by how they will react when (no longer if, but when) the USA goes to war with Iran. How will most americans react? Glued to their CNN/FOX/ABC/CBS/NBC newscasts about "Operation So-and-so."

Now I have a great idea to get the 70 percenters to really really go rah-rah for this war: have a contest to "name the operation." How about "Operation Too Fast Too Furious"? Because Vin Deisel would sue me if I used his name, so I'll use his movie instead. But anyway, "Fast and Furious" needs to be in there somewhere because this dog and pony show is being set up precisely because of what Holder, Obama, and the ATF have wrought. And, with the drug angle, the CIA.

I have spoken to, IMHO, too few eye-witnesses and whistleblowers in my life, but one of them was an officer in Vietnam and later a DEA officer in Latin America who told me point blank that the CIA AND DEA rogue agents were running drugs not only from Latin America and Vietnam, but the rest of Southeast Asia as well. He pretty much verified what Bo Gritz had said about the drug lord Kum Sah of Burma. Sorry, Myanmar.

The other eye-witness was in fact an infiltrator. Supposedly, various militia members in Kansas (where this guy was before he came out to my part of Texas) were out to kill this guy for being an infiltrator, working for the FBI. Well, "Republic of Texas" leader Rick Mclaren didn't believe this to be true (though they warned Mclaren several times), and he paid the price, but not before he got rid of this infiltrator in November, 1996--with the consequence that the wife and five kids of the infiltrator were being left homeless at the time of year when things start getting cold out here. So, in exchange for food and other supplies until they had other accommodations, this infiltrator explained to me why I had to "get out" of the movement (which I was planning to do anyway when I found out what Rick was really up to--money laundering), how and why Timothy McVeigh was set up in the Okie City "terrorist" act in 1995, what would happen to the Militia of Montana and there "The Freeman" compound in Justus, Montana (and their "sovereign citizen monetary instruments," which were for--you guessed it--money laundering, as with McLaren's "Republic of Texas Bucks."

In a nutshell, BOTH Okie City (and the Republic of Texas and the Freemen of Montana) and CIA drug running are intertwined big time. Wouldn't surprise me if Bill "Mena Arkansas" Clinton funded all of this!

But NOOOOO! You seventy percenters probably think these eye-witnesses just made it all up in conspiracy theory!

I don't hate you seventy percenters. It's just that I hate your mentality, your mindset, your inability or your deludedness or your complete lack of independent and critical thinking or whatever it is that prevents you from seeking the truth.

Well, the Bible has the answer: 2 Thessalonians 2:10-11--"...because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie."

We aren't just talking about love of Christ here. The Bible also says" "Seek the truth in all things."

It is this mentality under strong delusion that leads many if not most Americans to denigrate what Christ said and turn His truth on its head: Christ said love your enemies, so what do Americans do? Hate Muslims. Christ said "Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees," so what do most American Christians do? Uphold Christian Zionist doctrine of hating Muslims (and, in fact, hating Jews as well, for this doctrine desires the slaughter of two-thirds of the world's, or Israel's, Jews, in order that either the rapture occurs of Christ comes back, whichever comes first.) "Vengeance is mine sayith the Lord." So what do American Christians (and non-christians alike) do? Cry for war with Iran over completely unsubstantiated claims that "Iran" tried to assassinate a member of Saudi Arabia's diplomatic staff and blow up Israel's embassy. The FBI--who got that idiot Iranian-american used car salesman and his cousin "of the Quds Force" (when in fact he is MKO, an MEK offshoot, meaning he is anti-Iranian govt., and furthermore, he may have been given his passport papers through the Mossad...I stress may have been...even I can't go blaming the Mossad for everything before I know the absolute truth!), to "hire" the Mexican Mafia to do the hit!

Folks! The Mexican Mafia isn't that stupid!

But I guarantee it: once the troops and planes and whatnot weapons of war hit Iran, the American people will support this war just like they supported the phony Iraq war and the phony war in Afghanistan. Plus: Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Uganda (which, well I'll be a monkey's uncle, just discovered oil), and let's not forget Pakistan...di I miss anyone? Oh yeah! The American People....

Yes, I said it, and I believe it, and we deserve it--ALL OF US, EVEN ME! The oligarchs or the power elites or the "1 percent" or whatever you want to call the enemy ARE WAGING WAR ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!

When truth be damned and lies be praised in and out of the mainstream media, THEY, the enemy, is waging war on the American people.

When the rule of law becomes the rule of lawless, THEY THE ENEMY IS WAGING WAR ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

When the insane are running the asylum--when criminals and psychopaths, whether on Wall Street of K Street (or Pennsylvania Avenue for that matter), are, like vampires, feasting on the carcass of a once decent and sane nation--THEY THE ENEMY IS WAGING WAR ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

When most of the American people refuse to take responsibility for allowing our enemy to wage war on us, and we allow then to divide and conquer us, and when we allow ourselves to practice how they do because "the devil made me do it," then we are allowing our enemy to wage war on us.

But the enemy isn't just the oligarchs and the "one percent." These are just minions of our enemy, the spiritual forces of lies and all evil. As long as Americans hate, as long as Americans practice any form of corruption and lies and refuse to seek the truth, then our enemy will wage war on us.

So, go ahead and protest, just don't forget to look in the mirror to find the enemy and take the log out of your own eyes first.

Finally, a song that pretty much echoes my sentiments, by the late, great Johnny Cash, "The Man Comes Around."

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