Saturday, October 1, 2011

I Support the Wall St. Protests, BUT

Of course, I support protesting the criminals and psychopaths on Wall Street...and, when they get around to it, the White House, the Congress, and the Supremes as well...but folks, this will do nothing, change nothing--just like Tahrir Square did nothing to change Egypt; the London riots did nothing to change Britain, the French riots (all hundred of them) did nothing to change France and the Greek riots have done nothing to change Greece. I could go on and on here.

But it did give the NYC cops a reason to show just what psychopaths some of them are, a reason to give Jon Stewart a shot at "Tony Baloney" and Chris Hedges another reason to divide Americans into "rebels and slaves".

According to Hedges, if you aren't "joining" the Wall Street protests you are a "slave" to the oligarchs! I just love it when so-called Christian preachers use Leninist tactics! But if you want to read what I think of his BS go to his article (which, in Bushian fashion, he shoulda titled, "You're Either With Us Or With The Oligarchs," but I guess he's too clever by half to do that), and read my comment on it under the username "somethinghappening". And to think I actually had to join OpEdNews to comment--what a waste of time that was!

This is my comment:

"Hedges is Right, BUT--to claim that those who don't "join" the Wall St. protest, or protests in other financial districts of other cities is a "slave" to the criminals and psychopaths sounds like some old Leninist buddies I used to have back in the early 70s when they said things like if the dumb sheeple working class didn't join the "movement of the proletariat" they were slaves to the bosses, or something like that... I live about 500 miles from Dallas and not much closer to Austin or San Antonio, so I won't be going to these protests, either. In fact (as my bio says) I have been protesting the oligarchs since the early 80s! How? By INDIVIDUAL EFFORT: getting out of the system, growing our own food, building our own house, having kids on the front lawn not the hospital and homeschooling them, and by seeing what most do and doing the opposite!

"I am glad these protests are succeeding about as well as can be expected, but what happens when these protests get co-opted like the Ron Paul-inspired Tea Party did thanks to Glen Beck, Sarah Palin, Rick Perry and the rest of the warmongering Israel-firsters?

"Honey, the only one I'm a "slave" to is God! I will never be a slave to man and his rule of lawlessness!"

And those of you who have read my old Something Happening Here blog know that I say what I mean and mean what I say. And, yes, I did used to hang out with Leninists so I know what I'm talking about! And, having been a small part of the early "Republic of Texas" movement of Rick McLaren's, I know something about being co-opted, in that case, by the FBI, and I was fortunate enough to realize what was happening and get as far away from that movement as I could (considering the ROT Embassy was mile from my house!). Or, maybe infiltrated is a better word.

In any case, I'm not going to any protest but I support it as far as it goes and if it stays non-violent. Yet, even if it is not co-opted/infiltrated, what is it going to accomplish? My reckoning is, not much.

Protests are fine but they really do not accomplish anything, and that's the problem. The oligarchs figure, go ahead and protest as long as you pay your taxes, right? Does anyone honestly think Jamie Dimon, for instance, is quaking in his Armani shoes (or whatever--hey I'm no fashion expert and proud of it!) over a few thousand protestors? (And, I'll repeat this since I think I've said it before: 5,000 protesters is fine but when it becomes 5 million, let me know! THEN maybe the oligarchs will take notice and do what the Saudis did: actually do something to ameliorate the masses...but with these psychos, I'm not holding my breath!. Just what we need: a few crumbs off the table!)

Well, I know for a fact that many of the protesters are young folks without jobs and perhaps living with parents, so they got nothing to lose by staying in "Liberty Plaza" for weeks on end, but what about all those union workers who are supposed to be coming in? There are pix of airline pilots protesting. How long can these guys go without working? Pilots make 6 figures and some probably have mortgages. How long can they protest? Same with Teamsters, Verizon workers, AFL-CIO folks: how long can, say, a million protesters hang out in a small section of Manhattan? And how long before some cop kills a protester by taser, and then the real violence begins?

Like I said in my comment (and you know this if you have ever read my old Something Happening Here blog), I have been protesting the oligarchs since the 80s. My husband and I built our own house, borrowed money to build it and paid that back, put in our own water well, planted our own garden and when possible catch or shoot our own meat and fish (one of these days we will have chickens--been planning that for years!), had kids at home and home schooled 'em, buy our own vehicles with cash, etc. My husband used to say, "If everyone else is doing it, do the opposite!" As poor as we have been at times, we never went on the dole. We never rely on others and we do for ourselves if possible, or don't do if impossible. We only spend what we have. In other words, we have gotten out of the system as much as we could.

The protesters? I suspect that many of them are there simply to game the system. But, if you want real and lasting change, you must GET OUT OF THE SYSTEM!

Otherwise--and notice some media mogul is now getting involved as well as the head of the AFL-CIO...Big Media meets Big Labor? Not a good sign, my friends!--it could be that if these folks have their way we will be replacing one oppressor for another: another Leninist tactic!

Be careful what you wish for, Mr. Hedges!

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