Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Special Ops of One

Well, I can't say "An Army of One" because that would be a copyright infringement, correct?

Nor can I say a "Clandestine Ops of One" because using the word "clandestine" would associate me with the CIA which would put me in the ranks of various "alternative media" types who I think just might be CIA themselves. If you used to visit my old website you know exactly to whom I refer.

So, why "Special Ops"? Because they are special to me. Because I ain't "joining" anyone, any so-called "protest" movement. It would be nice to find out if all that stuff happening on or near Wall St. was actually doing any good, but since I already know it won't change anything, why not just stay here and make things better?

No. Sorry, guys hoping that Wall St. protest stuff will change the hearts and minds of criminals and psychopaths, but none of that--not even if ten million Americans could fit into that small area and scare the living daylights out of folks who have to work down there--will change (as Christ once said) "one jot or tittle". One "jot" or "tittle" or what? Of the Rule of Lawlessness the USA is operating under these days. All the criminals and psychopaths who rule us have to do is call out the national guard or whatever and institute martial law, kill a few thousand protesters, and that will scare the sheeple back to watching Oprah and Jersey Shore!


What I am saying is that, number one, protests, even involving millions of Americans, will not change anything. They will not instill fear in the power elites, because they are already fearful, because their so-called solutions to the problems they created in the first place won't work, and they know it. But it will give them excuses to institute martial law in the places these protests are taking place---and maybe the nation as a whole. It will give them excuses to kill innocent people, who are the only people they enjoy killing.

Here is what will work, and no one in the protest movement that I know of is even close to making this suggestion: GET OUT OF THE SYSTEM!

The folks organizing the protests like "Anonymous" and websites like "Amped Status" are actually giving the system legitimacy by protesting it. And what drives folks like them crazy is folks like me: while I watch what is going on, observe what is going on, like these protests, I can see that they will do no good even before they happen. Just like in France last year when millions protested the hike in the retirement age from 60 to 62--the government of France passed that law anyway! Just all all the riots in Greece--the Greek government passed austerity anyway! What in fact does protesting do? It makes it APPEAR you are "doing something" when in fact you are not. You are not doing anything MEANINGFUL! You are GOING THROUGH THE MOTIONS, NOT ACTUALLY MAKING THINGS BETTER!

Now I'm not gonna say "don't protest." If you wanna protest, go right ahead and exercise your First Amendment rights. Be my guest. But don't get all huffy and call me a "sheeple" just because I don't feel like driving 2500 miles to be at some protest that won't do me any good.

Who are the "sheeple" anyway?

They are like sheep: they do what everyone else does. Either they do absolutely nothing and sit home watching "The X-Factor" and other mindless nonsense or they "do something" (meaningless) like protest. IN either case they do not commit to independent thinking and, worse, put themselves into a situation where they are "seen" by the powers-that-be so that at some point they can be identified and messed with (or recruited, whichever comes first). They are either afraid to do something (the masses who sit at home watching TV either fearful or completely apathetic or on drugs--which means they are all three), or "do something" that will in fact do nothing.

Now, they say the millions of protesters during the Vietnam War were the reason Nixon ended the war. Well, the US government was saner back then, and, don't forget, didn't Nixon have to take the dollar off the gold standard completely and completely inflate the currency to do that? At about the same time, he knew he had to end the war--in other words, end the spending for it! Believe me, if the PTBs back then could have kept the war going without destroying the economy, they would have. DEAR PROTESTERS: THE POWER ELITES DO NOT GIVE A CRAP HOW LONG YOU PROTEST, WHERE YOU PROTEST, AND HOW MANY, EVEN MILLIONS OF YOU, DO THE PROTESTING! YOU ARE NO THREAT TO THEM! BUT IF YOU WANT TO DELUDE YOURSELVES INTO THINKING YOU ARE, YOU HAVE THAT RIGHT.

But IO got news for you guys: what I am doing, what my husband and I have been doing for twenty-five plus years...trying to live independently from the system beginning when we were a lot younger in order to do the heaviest of the back breaking labor to do so now we don't have to (now that we are twenty-five plus years older)...has hurt the elites and will hurt the elites far more than what you are doing. You are thinking inside the box while we are thinking outside the box. They have your picture on their surveillance cameras. Where we are, there ARE NO surveillance cameras (except for the occasional drone plane looking for illegals).

Yes, the criminals and psychopaths ruling us can get us if they want to--send a drone and pop us like they pop folks in Pakistan every day--or if you have no clue, watch the movie "Syriana" and see what happens to the brother of the new puppet emir, who is supposedly a "terrorist"--and his wife and daughter--at the end of the movie. That is what those high tech soldiers who think they are playing a video game are doing somewhere in Nevada or something. Killing innocent civilians every minute or every day. Yes, like I said, the CPs (criminal psychopaths) who rule us can kill us faster than you can say Barack Obama. Thing is, they will be too busy with you guys, rounding you up and sending you to some camp or jail or whatever.

The rest of the time they are too busy groping at airports--and now NFL games! Or transport places or highway checkpoints. Or public buildings, some of which they have to sell to pay down their debt to China or whatever.

Yes, I know, when the electricity goes out, the grid goes down, no TV, no internet, no computer games or DVD movies, the microwave and oven won't work and the water well pump won't work either so that we may have to rig the power generator we bought years ago up to a battery to run either the refrigerator or the water well. In the heat of the summer I may need to run the fan for a few hours. But in the winter we don't need electricity for heat. Yes, I know, it'll be tough for the first week or so, but after that we will be used to it and will have developed other passtimes...board games, reading books, playing cards, walks, relearning the guitar, etc. And, in our spare time, guarding the mountain neighborhood from looters.

What about you guys?

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