Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Planned Collapse? Yes, But No

You might be wondering WHY I have STILL not put up my Something Happening Here.Net articles on gardening and rural remote living. Well, the gardening season is too well under way to advise on starting and maintaining a good garden--it is nearly September, after all--and it is getting to a point right now that it is almost too late to START THINKING about moving out of the cities and suburbs to the rural remote because the thinking stage should already have happened, and you should be preparing to move, now, not just "thinking" about it!

I am the Office Manager for a rural remote mountain subdivision in far west Texas, and since I take care of account cards and property sales deed records, I know for a fact that more and more properties are being bought and sold, and that more and more folks who bought land years ago are developing their properties, perhaps precisely because the SHTF scenario is coming into play.

Just about everyone out here I talk to KNOWS that they made the right decision to live out here "in the boonies." The level of awareness, even among those who have a more-or-less nanny-state attitude, an "I (and the govt.) know best" attitude, KNOW they are living in an area that will NOT bear the brunt of the worst aspects of a possible USA Collapse scenario, even if they themselves did not grow a garden (many out here are elderly or frail, not exactly folks who would grow gardens, a job that requires physical stamina to say the least) or can easily deal with situations (such as what happened early February out here) like three full days of single-digit temps--can you say frozen and broken plumbing? And even though--thanks to "la nina"--in other words, severe drought--many trees are dying (and the "big freeze" only exacerbated it) around here (but we are better off than many in Texas, who STILL have seen virtually no rain at all!), we are STILL better off than we would be if we stayed in the cities. In fact the only time I've seen folks being fearful was during "the big fire" periods in May when this subdivision was surrounded by fires.

In fact, we are overdue. But anyway...

This isn't about gardening and moving to the boonies. This article is about the notion that "they"--the PTBs, the oligarchs, the bankers, "the illuminati" or whatever you want to call "them"--have planned the collapse of the USA. Many alternative media websites have claimed this. The reasons for this planned collapse? Well, the Rothschilds want to pay back the "colonies" for wanting to be independent from their banking system (despite the best efforts of their lackey, Alexander Hamilton). Or maybe it's because every now and then some political leader wants to, again, deal a blow to the Rothschild-founded banking system (think JFK then, Ron Paul now) known as the "Fed." Or maybe it's because too damned many American "little people" own guns and are less likely to adhere to any confiscatory plan than anyone other country on earth, and so they must set up all sorts of false flag ops in order to get many of us to voluntarily and willingly give up our guns. Or maybe it's because too many of us do not think the way they want us to think: collectively. Ironically, maybe they are trying this because while we don't usually think collectively, too many of us DO think collectively when it comes to "the other": many of us hate Muslims, or liberals, or conservatives, or Southerners and rednecks or Northerners and yankees, or Catholics, or whites or blacks, or Jews or Evangelicals or atheists or Creationists or Evolutionists, or Ron Paulians or anti-Ron Paulians, or illegal aliens or even legal ones!

Or, maybe it's some other reason, but many believe that "the rulers" have had a plan for many years to destroy the USA. Many think "they" want to turn the rest of us into slaves or serfs or something on that order. That way, "they" can have it all! Bwahahahahahaha!

But like I said in my last post: they can't take it with them, and despite what folks like Ben Fulford say, they will not live forever! So, then, why even try it when you won't get to enjoy the fruits of your plunder for more than a short period of time?

Imagine this: Evelyn de Rothschild and his wife Lynne Forrester each have three people to wipe their butts every time they go poop in the toilets...and imagine each time one of their butt-wiping "slaves" or "serfs" or whatever sends a tapeworm, via toilet paper, into their rectum or anus. Or you can apply this logic also to a George Soros or a Warren Buffett or a Timothy Geitner or a Lloyd Blankfein. Imagine! All us little people have to do is get close enough to these psychopaths and in a couple of weeks...dead. Gone. Baddabingbaddabang. And I don't care how many slaves they'll need to test their food for poison! The lady that brushes Lynne's hair won't use lice; she'll use flesh-eating bacteria. The many who puts Evelyn's clothing on and brushes it won't use flesh-eating bacteria; he'll use some biohazard that will get on "his highness's" skin. The child they molest for the fun or it won't let them put their peckers up his ass unless he's got something up his sleeve...or rather his butt, that will pay these criminals back.

I am not wishing this on anyone (even if they deserve it) because I know that when they stand before God they are finished, period, end of story. After they pass through the Lake of Fire there won't be enough of them left to reconcile to God...okay, okay, just as Hitler loved dogs, I am sure Evelyn has at least one decent quality that God will save...

But is likely that these "masters of the universe" have no clue that they will not destroy the USA--and the planet, too, for that matter--unscathed, because all they have heard their entire lives (in Lynne's case, the last twenty-five years or so when Kissinger introduced her to Evelyn) is that they are supermen and women and we the 99.9 percent of the world's population are "the herd"...cattle that is (and if you are ultra-Talmudic, us goyim, for goyim means cattle), and thus they have no idea, and I mean NO IDEA, that we the people are not cattle, are not subhuman, are not "slaves" or "serfs" for their pleasure. They truly have no clue. Further, while some of these folks have actually turned out to be reasonably decent (one Rothschild was appalled at the notion that he was supposed to prey on his "inferiors" and I'm sure there is a decent Rockefeller, as decent Saxe-Gotha, a decent scion of an "illuminist," out there somewhere!), event these folks haven't been exposed to us subhumans enough to truly understand that we cannot be defeated.

I tend to think of a "planned collapse" like this: yes, they may have planned something but if that's the case they surely ain't much at planning! When a new parent plans for a baby that wants a pacifier to chew on or suck on and then they take the pacifier away, they know they must have something to replace it. What I do not see is that these folks trying to collapse the USA having something to replace it AND keep themselves in power. Yeah, yeah, feudalism! RIGHT! SURE! If you actually think these folks are stupid enough to replace what they have now with feudalism--even a high-tech one with barbed-wire concentration camps for "serfs"--when the "serfs" are not only literate (okay, many serfs are literate at any rate) but also have some idea of technology enough to throw a monkey wrench into this "feudalism"--okay, okay, maybe these "masters" are that stupid! The thing is, Americans are not like feudal Brits or French or Germans or Russians or whatever, 900 years ago. Americans have tasted liberty, and there are probably enough of us that it can be preserved from psychos and criminals, no matter what idiot "plans" they have!

Folks, there is NOTHING they have planned to replace what they have now; their "new world order" is nonsense (heck, they can't even make the European Union work correctly,and they think they can have a one-world government? Don't make me laugh!), and if folks would stop listening to Alex Jones they'd realize that!

So, thus, it is an unplanned collapse...or no collapse--except for them, of course!

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