Thursday, July 14, 2011

So Americans Aren't Protesting and Rioting. Why Not?

Again I apologize for not posting, or reposting my Something Happening Here articles like I said I would.

Reposting my stuff on protecting your garden from grasshoppers, birds, and whatnot aside, I had no intention of posting anything new until I actually had something worthwhile to post, and I finally have something I think can give a clue as to that all important question "everyone" is asking, in light of the "Arab Spring" and "European Summer": In the US, WHERE'S THE OUTRAGE?

So, considering Obama's opinion that the American people can kiss his ass and that we the taxpayers will have to foot the bill some more so that the oligarchs can enslave us, literally as serfs (I mean, what's the difference between slavery and serfdom?) and figuratively as mentally enslaved--which a majority of American already are (I called them "the 70-percenters"; a Lew Rockwell writer named Eric Peters calls them "Clovers"), I have asked, as have many others in the alternative media, WHERE'S THE OUTRAGE?

Well, I have a clue. It may not be what you want to read, see, or hear, but I do have a clue, seeing that the Arab-speaking nations are rebelling and so is Greece, as well as France (as usual), Spain, and to a lesser extent, Britain. I mean, Britain! Britain? those stoggy ol' Brits are protesting en masse? You know the Brits hardly made it out to the streets during the Iraq War! Britain, where there are surveillance cameras everywhere you turn, informants everywhere if you don't pick up your dog poop or put trash in the correct bins, where the term "nanny state" reigns supreme? THAT BRITAIN??? But, by golly, even the usually cowardly Brits are protesting!

So what the GD hell is wrong with Americans? Surely we aren't as cowardly as the Brits have been! Surely we don't have to be like the French, who will protest when the PM sneezes the wrong way? Just why the GD hell ain't we rioting on Wall Street and throwing the oligarchs out on their rears and hanging the lot?

I will now tell you why in a few reasons that, if you look at it are highly logical, and to do this I must compare Americans to Europeans. I won't even try comparing Americans to those in the Arab-speaking world because there really is no comparison.

1. Think about why they are rioting in Greece. It isn't just rebelling against austerity measures like they say in the lamestream media. I have read this on any number of sites but the fact is this: the Greeks are, almost to a man, tax feeders. Under austerity, their "something for nothing" lifestyles will go out the window. I mean, not only do the oligarchs get something for nothing--the vast majority of regular Greeks do as well! Virtually NO ONE pays taxes in Greece! Is it any wonder that, with the gravy train passing down the tracks for good, the Greeks are rioting? France: last year they rioted just because the government was going to raise the retirement age to 62! (The govt. passed it anyway). Now I don't think the French are lazy, but they do have a fairly strong "something for nothing" mentality. Spain? Same thing since Franco had been removed and the Socialists took over and just handed out entitlements to most everybody. (Want proof? When my folks visited Spain right after the overthrow of Franco in 1975 or so, my dad got really sick there from something--he was taken to a Spanish hospital and treated for pert near FREE! In the US, it would have cost him mucho dinero if you know what I mean.) Ireland? Well, you know how lazy the Irish are...just kidding! But what is Ireland known for? Guinness beer and pubs (and pedophile priests, but anyway...).

Now, compare this to Americans. Americans didn't bat an eyelash when the retirement age went up to 67, and won't bat an eyelash when it goes to 70 and then 72--anything to keep us baby boomers from collecting the Social Security and Medicare we've been paying out since we turned 18 or so! (True story: my mother turned 65 in February, 1988 and began to get her hard earned benefits--she died four months later!) Now, of course, some Americans ARE lazy, but the vast majority of Americans hate laziness, hate (okay, that may be too strong a word) being on welfare and getting "something for nothing" and have nothing but contempt for themselves when they are forced to get "something for nothing" (such as myself, when I had to go to the hospital because I was throwing up blood because I had a killer headache that the doctor KNEW I tended to get but refused to give me the medication I needed on the off chance I was "faking"--well, now the guy knew I wasn't--but when we got the $8,000 bill for ONE FREAKING NIGHT and knew we couldn't pay it, I went on "temporary medicaid" so that I was a "tax feeder" for one night, and I still revolt at the notion!), and of course some Americans have nothing but contempt for those who regularly get "something for nothing" (unless they are vets who "served their country", of course. I knew a "vet" who did absolutely nothing when she was with the WACs or whatever for just two years and now gets benefits that most would have to run for and win Congress to get!). But folks, that is how Americans are. Whether Americans have been brainwashed, cajoled, brow beaten, or just plain "convinced" that's the way God wants us, we Americans hate laziness and sometimes hate the lazy. Having read Senator Jim Webb's "Born Fighting" about the Scots-Irish influence in this country, this could explain some of it, but not all of it.

My point? While Greeks may riots because they will lose their gravy train, there IS NO GRAVY TRAIN in the US unless you are an oligarch or lackey of the ruling class, and never has been. But how can this change? Very very easily, as unempolyment and debt eat up the middle class and the "working class" and turns these folks into "lifetime welfare recipients"--or worse. As Gerald Celente--who I think gets WAAAY to much credit for stating the obvious--says, "When you lose everything, you lose it." Debt ceiling or no debt ceiling, more and more Americans will "lose it." when this happens, there WILL be protests and riots--and, take note, you criminals and psychopaths aka oligarchs, 90 million or more of us own guns!

2. Europeans are relatively homogenous; Americans are not. Why does being homogenous matter? It helps to further a sense of community. When the French riot, they riot as Frenchmen. Same for the Spaniards, Greeks, Irish, and even Brits. Now, remember back to when the last time Americans "rioted." Was it Haymarket? Bonus Army? 1864 in New York to protest the draft? (See "Gangs of New York") The "long hot summer" in Detriot and elsewhere? Rodney King? Well, when was it? But more importantly, who was it? It was not "Americans" but blacks, Irish, workers, soldiers, was subsets of Americans but not Americans. Those calling for "outrage" complain that Americans are under "divide and conquer" mentality, which is true, but not because the oligarchs did it that way. America will ALWAYS be divided along ethnic lines even while we are a "melting pot." There is virtually nothing that can be done about this until another event I will now bring up happens.

3. Europeans are CLASS CONSCIOUS! Americans have NEVER been class conscious, because of the myth (and it IS a myth!) that "any boy could grow up to be President" (and now that also holds true for "minorities" right? And, soon, women as well, I suspect) and the myth (and it IS a myth!) of "the American Dream." "The Shining City On The Hill" is now turning into "The Shining" as this country is clearly and obviously being run by criminals and psychopaths--but even now when they aren't even trying to hide what they do, many Americans are still in denial over this. Yet, it took a while for the Brits, Russians, French, Italians, Germans, etc. to become class conscious--heck, they didn't need Marx or Lenin to do this despite the fact that these two are given most of the credit for making Europeans class conscious. Marx and Lenin didn't wave their magic wands and "poof! Europeans became suddenly class conscious. In fact, I will say here and now that soon enough Americans will become class conscious by default. It is inevitable, and this is true because it almost happened during the Great Depression--except WW2 intervened to "end" that Depression. War won't stop class consciousness now, because the US is permanently at war anyway so what's the difference? When we have a sort of feudalism redux--there will be some still in the middle and working class, it means feudalism will lose out and fast (like I said, about 90 million serfs with guns? Who do the oligarchs think they're fooling? Themselves, of course!). When even this sad state can no longer be covered up in the lamestream media is when americans will see it finally and will no longer be under the strong delusion of the oligarchs. 90-plus million serfs with guns and the ruling class won't be laughing all the way to the bank the way they are now.

4. Guns? Just think. Most Europeans are NOT ALLOWED to own guns thanks to their nanny state government mentalities, and they still riot! Could it be that gun ownership makes any difference? Could it be that protests and riots--which ain't doing much good, I might add--are the only things Europeans have to vent their frustrations? Maybe if they had a vast majority of citizens owning guns (gee, do the Swiss riot? I don't think so!), maybe then (like the Swiss) they would NOT riot? Instead, they might be buying bullets and laser sites and machine guns and pistols and rifles and cleaning materials and gun racks and even more deadly things in preparation for the day when Obama or Hillary Clinton or Mitt Romney or McCain or some other Rethuglicrat "Do-what-he-she-is-told" wholly-owned-subsidiary of the oligarchs tries to ban and/or confiscate guns from the citizenry? Why pointlessly riot when "showing outrage" can be a bit more productive to prepare for when "outrage" might actually have an effect?

Now it seems to most--Europeans and some Americans calling for "outrage"--that Americans cannot wait for impending serfdom to make it happen, that We the People are all but ensuring that the oligarchs win unless we go a-riotin' now.

But I say patience is still a virtue. First of all, there is still a chance--a slim one, but still a chance--that We the People can do this "revolution" peacefully; Ron Paul is gaining on 'em, and now we have Rand "SPLC terrorist" "he's his father's child" Paul as well, and maybe one or two others. Screw the Tea Party! Bachmann is an idiot! Palin is even moreso! Glenn "Israel first" Beck? Are you kidding me? Pawlenty? Who the hell is he? Cain? Which proves a black neo-con is still a neo-con? Mitt "I love the Fed" Romney? and any other neo-con BS artist the "Rethuglican" leadership throws our way to screw We the People! I can actually say with some optimism that Ron Paul can win the Republican nomination for President and beat the nonsense out of any Democrat he runs against (yes, even Kucinich or Mike Gravel)...the hardest part will be keeping him alive after he becomes President!

Well, there you have it: my reasons why Americans are not rioting in the streets. Yet.

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