Thursday, December 29, 2011

On Ron Paul

If you read this blog or my original Something Happening Here site, you know that I have usually supported Ron Paul for president based on his support for the Constitution and denunciation of US Imperialism. The other thing is that everyone else running for the Republican Party nomination is a neocon. I cannot and will not support a neocon. Neocons are Trotskyites in conservative clothing, or they are Israel-firsters, or they are Dominionists.

Ron Paul appears to favor liberty. Well, good. But "favoring liberty" can be a double edged sword: liberty also means the liberty of business owners to exploit their workers; it also means liberty to let everyone fend for themselves...sure, many could do this but not the very young or the very old. Randians like Andrew Wilkow think liberty means the liberty of the poor to die off and just go away. Could it be that Ron Paul also favors this Social Darwinism? Maybe.

There is the issue of "racist newsletters." Very possibly, Ron Paul was once a racist. Clearly, if he allowed someone to write racist stuff in his newsletters many years ago, it could mean he once was a racist (so what? he repented, right? After all, I once hated the rich, regardless of how they made their me, all of the rich were exploiters and greedy psychopaths who deserved to die, but I no longer believe that...). More likely, since he is a libertarian who believes in Freedom of Speech, Paul allowed racists to write stuff into his newsletters and since he is for free speech, he has never apologized for letting racists write stuff into the newsletters. I do know for a fact that many white supremists, white separatists and neo-nazis DO support Ron Paul and have been doing so since the 90s.

But that is not why right wing talk radio and FOX News and the rest of the lamestream media hate Mr. Paul. The "he's a racist" BS is just a smokescreen.

Here is why they hate Ron Paul...

1. He is "outside the mainstream." Guys like Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, Levin, and the rest of what Mike Church calls the "decepticons" MUST, and I mean MUST, stand with the mainstream, and by that I mean their corporate owners and sponsors. A stand-in for Andrew Wilkow today, December 29, 2011, named Tom Rose--who worked at the Jerusalem Post, which tells you where his main allegiance lies--laid it out in decent-sounding terms without all the Levin-inspired hate for the Republican from Texas: Rose, who went to Columbia Journalism School, told a listener that in the media it is all about "groupthink." The man is absolutely right. THAT is why right-wing talk show hosts (with the exception of Mike Church, the exception that proves the rule) not only hate Ron Paul, but hate him for the same reasons, day by day. This is despite the fact that they cannot really justify, even to themselves, going with Romney or Gingrich. That is why they generally mention Santorum or Bachmann as alternatives when listeners question Gingrich or Romney. (Funny--they don't mention Huntsman, who seems to be fairly decent a choice despite his BS on "taking out Iran."). In other words: Paul cannot win because if he does, then how can they justify their existence? So, though they might agree with Paul on some things, they cannot and must not support him...the neocons being who they are, if they aren't going to support Paul, then they have to issue the most ridiculous ad hominem attacks on him. Levin's utter hatred of Paul on his radio show is just one of the most insane examples.

2. Ron Paul puts America first, not Israel. In the world of the present-day Republican Party which is run by the neocons, this is a no-no. I really don't care about all the platitudes guys like Glen Beck or Rusty Humphries or any of the others have for "our troops." The fact is, Beck and the rest are on the radio or TV to ensure the superiority of Israel and to hell with the USA. I honestly believe that. Beck and the rest do not give a crap if the US goes bankrupt as long as Israel keeps getting taxpayer funds so that they can get American weapon technology and then turn around and sell it to China, or just give it to China. Has anyone reading this actually heard Beck or Hannity or Levin or anyone else even bring this up? Of course not, because Israel selling US weapons or technology to China is just fine with them. Yesterday Sean Hannity on America Right (aka SiriusXM Patriot) had some woman stand in for him, and she was dissing Obama because NYC or DC is not going to have a parade for returning Iraq War vets. Well, Boo-Hoo! Did returning Vietnam War vets get parades? I don't think so! It was former Trotskyite-turned-neocons like this woman, and Hannity and the rest, who probably applauded those who threw tomatoes and lemons and stuff at returning Vietnam War vets, or insulted our vets at airports, themselves. So, why should Obama or anyone give folks who couldn't even win a war against a fourth-rate power a parade? Parades are given when you WIN wars, idiot! But the reality is--and I really think this is the truth, until I have proof otherwise--that these neocon radio and TV hosts HATE THE UNITED STATES under the guise of loving Israel! If they are not Mossad agents or Sayanim otherwise, they sure sound and act like it. But because Ron Paul thinks Israel can take care of itself and does not need additional billions of US taxpayer funding, Ron Paul is anti-Israel, "anti-Semitic" and worthy of their hatred.

3. Ron Paul is NOT an entertainer. Entertainers, like Romney or Gingrich or Bachmann or Perry or Santorum, who either constantly flip-flop or say stupid things just to convince folks they really are "just like" the average American (after all, the average American can't find Iraq on a map, so it is perfectly fine to call Africa a country, or say they can see Russia from their house). Entertainers like Gingrich can divorce his first wife on her deathbed, then divorce his second wife because she's not good looking enough for "a future president," and get away with it because as we all know this is the way politicians are, but some second-rate stand-in for Levin, Mark Simon, can refuse to forgive Ron Paul for "doing racist newsletters for ten years" twenty-odd years ago, showing as much utter hatred for Paul as Levin has! So that because Paul has been fairly consistent in his positions for over 40 years and has never flip-flopped, has never said stupid things to appear "folksy", and has never CONFORMED to their group-think, he cannot be forgiven for allowing racists to write in his newsletters, he cannot be forgiven for not putting Israel ahead of the United States, and he just cannot be forgiven for anything--because of Ron Paul becomes our next president, their lying lives are over and they have to join the rest of us and get REAL JOBS!

Finally, though I defend Ron Paul I probably will not vote for him.

1. It is entirely possible that he still is (if he ever was) a racist, and, further, accusations that he is a Dominionist and that he will cause the old, the poor, and the sick to fend for themselves--he is somewhat of a Randian, after all (or else he would not have named his son Rand, right?)--just might be right on the mark. Meaning, Ron Paul will end "entitlements" such as Social Security and Medicare and (despite millions of us baby boomers who have put into these funds all of our lives) and not give us who have put in our money back. We all know Paul wants to end Social Security and Medicare--but what does he replace them with? Does the money we have put in our entire lives just POOF! Disappear?

2. It is entirely possible that Ron Paul is the greatest controlled opposition operative in American history. That is, Ron Paul just might be the most clandestine agent of the Rothschilds that could ever be created. It might hard to believe that someone so damned consistently Constitutional over the years could be a deep-cover Rothschild agent, but more and more bloggers are seeing him that way. What if they are correct?

3. Forget the "what-ifs" above, and here is a real "what-if": what if Ron Paul gets the Republican nomination despite every and all efforts to keep that from happening by the Republican insiders (already in Iowa there are plans to "count the ballots in a double-secret location"), and then what if Ron Paul becomes President?

A. Ron Paul gets assassinated right after the Electoral College confirms his presidency, or right after he takes over and starts on his Constitution-Restoration project. If Paul truly is "a man of the people" there is almost no doubt in my mind that he will be taken out...the power elites cannot afford to let him do what he says he will do. Paul at this point seems twice or thrice the leader JFK was before they took him out!

B. Ron Paul does confirm that he was a deep-cover controlled opposition person after all and he does what one would expect Romney or Gingrich or Obama to do--invade iran or completely sell the country into slavery to the bankers with no recourse.

C. Ron Paul must do what he would never before think of doing--issue one Executive Order after another to restore the rule of law, the US Constitution, because without Executive Orders, he can accomplish nothing through a Congress that has long ago sold out the American people to the bankers, the oligarchs, and Israel, and a Supreme Court that has long ago abandoned the Rule of Law, and nailed that coffin shut when they voted to make corporations "persons" under color of the 14th amendment. That is, Ron Paul WILL BE UNABLE TO DO ANYTHING TO RESTORE LIBERTY IN THE US unless he acts like a dictator! Further, he will have to arrest every last neocon and every last neolib to do anything that might even smack of being Constitutional. He will have to become what he hates.

And I cannot vote for him and watch him get assassinated, or co-opted, or turn into his own worst enemy.

Thus, we Americas will have to get what we deserve for it to get before things can change.

Because we love not the truth, we will continue to be under strong delusion, and thus we will vote for Romney or Gingrich, or Obama. We do not deserve a true statesman, which is what Ron Paul has shown himself to be.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My "Next Post" in Praise Or Criticism of OWS and An Even Better Idea!

Praise Occupy Wall Street? Me? The Non-Progressive?

Here are a few things they have done right:

1. Some are occupying foreclosed houses on behalf of foreclosed families, or, rather, families foreclosed-upon by the banks who have no clear title to these foreclosed homes, cannot prove they "own" the homes using the tried and true Marcy Kaptur method of "showing the note" that proves they own it, and cannot prove they did not acquire the home fraudulently. Ipso facto, if the bank doesn't own it then the family does! Take that, Andrew "no protesting on private property without permission" Wilkow!

2. Shutting down the ports in Oakland, etc., may not sound like a great idea because that stops folks from getting perhaps needed goods (like, say, meds from India purchased through US pharmacy Progressive RX, where you can save up to 80 percent on your prescription meds!), but it is in fact a great idea, because this is an instance where ACTUAL WORKERS HAVE BEEN SHOWN TO ACTIVELY SUPPORT "the 99 percent", lending credence to the truth that it isn't just a bunch of "dirty hippies wanting something for nothing." Besides which, don't we have a huge inventory of worthless crap from China anyway?

3. Occupy DC is actually moving in the direction of protesting the government instead of just the oligarchs that own it. For one thing, protesting the oligarchs will NOT move the oligarchs to stop owning the government. But perhaps protesting the government in large enough numbers just might send some--and then a few more then a few more--in Congress and the bureaucracies to grow a pair...and a conscience...and do what they should have already done: jail the banksters and fraudsters, and re-establish the rule of law in the US.

4. Speaking of Occupy DC, when are they gonna "occupy" the Pentagon? Or do a better job of protesting, not the war in Iraq or Afghanistan, but the entire BS war on terrorism? Better yet, go after the REAL terrorists--the US government! Ah, but now let me continue the criticisms beyond just the notion that most OWS folks wrongly want to overthrow capitalism for socialism, and that many really do want something for nothing.

5. Now that the Senate and Congress have passed (and Obama WILL sign!) that Indefinite Detention, No-More-Habeas-Corpus, No-More-Trial, Obama-Can-Murder-Whomever-He-Wants-To FOR ALL US CITIZENS addition to the National Defense Authorization Act, I have a really good idea! Those of you whom have served in the military should maybe consider this: occupy military bases! As in this: HELL NO! WE WON'T GO ARRESTING OUR FELLOW AMERICANS JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE PROTESTING OR DISSENTING OR CRITICIZING THE PRESIDENT OR BECAUSE THEY ARE OUT AFTER "CURFEW" AND WILL NOT PARTAKE IN INSTITUTING A FASCIST TOTALITARIAN POLICE STATE FOR THE BENEFIT OF YOU ONE-TENTH-OF-ONE-PERCENTERS! And that goes for you whom have served as cops, National Guardsmen, Border Patrolmen, Sheriffs, Deputies, Constables, Meter Maids, Dog Catchers, Dumpster police, highway patrol or any other "duly delegated authorities"...and do NOT go throwing Romans 13 or any other "religious" rational for allowing the growing North-Korea-like conditions to exist in this once-free nation.

6. Instead of protesting, like I said in a previous post, I have a much, much, better idea: protest an unlawful, unjust, lawless, criminal and psychopathic and money-loving system by GETTING OUT OF THIS SYSTEM AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

If It's "Battlefield America" You Want...

Dear Inbred Idiots...Er, Power Elites

Now that you have had your puppet Senators pass the new indefinite detention bill without the amendment Rand Paul sponsored, so that now you can indefinitely imprison whomever you want including me, I suppose, because I am writing this on my blog, let me say this before you put me in Gitmo:

If it is "Battlefield America" you want, then it is "Battlefield America" that you will get.

And (despite the denial of the 50 to 70 percent who are either still asleep or just waking up) in your "War" against the 90 plus million of the American people with guns and more of us, let me say this:


I pray, however, to God Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth, that those who capture you traitors, along with your media syncophants and the criminals and psychopaths who own you, show more mercy toward you than you have shown toward us, and put you on trial for your crimes against God, the American people and the Constitution and Rule of Law, instead of handing you what you deserve, which is a hanging, being shot by a firing squad, or a guillotine.

For what you have done is set us up for civil war; I know why you passed this travesty (S 1867 and its partner "laws"); you are scared shitless of us and in your fear of the rule of law and justice you went even farther than Hitler or Stalin would have: pre-emptive totalitarianism, for you know that you are destroying this country economically and politically and socially, according to your master's bidding, and thus you know civil unrest is coming, so you have to pre-emptively squelch it. Next to come, of course, is the final straw of martial law and gun confiscation.

Most gun owners will not submit while a few pussies will because they are afraid of FEMA camps. In fact, most gun owners will "occupy" their guns and their land, and, further, many military persons and law enforcement officers will stand with We the People against you. And once that happens, you oligarchs, criminals and psychopaths are toast.

You thought we were all "sheep," but while some are and always will be, you attacked the wrong people, for unlike Russians with the Bolsheviks or Germans with the Nazis, whom had just barely begun to taste liberty, we Americans have had liberty too long and remember what it is, and oh yeah, we have 90 million gun owners and many times that guns and billions of bullets, while you will almost assuredly have to bring in foreign armies to stop us.

I would rather just live my life in peace, going about my business, being close to my Father God and His Son Christ.

It is YOU TRAITORS who are setting us up for a "battlefield."

So, if it is civil war you want, it is civil war you will get.

And may the Almighty God, the Lord Jesus Christ beside him, have mercy on your souls.

Final Argument Against Wilkow: There Is NOTHING In The Constitution About Only Protesting "With Permission" Regarding Property

Mr. Andrew Wilkow, you may think it a bit too strong of me calling you a "traitor" to the Constitution because of your argument that the Occupy movement has no "practical" right to protest while you skirt around the issue of something that sounds like "I never said OWS has no right to protest." (Well, you never said "I never said OWS has no right to protest" but for all practical purposes you DID say OWS has no right to protest because they are "violating public or private ordinances" and misusing Property.

This carries with it the same convoluted argument that Meygn Kelly used to describe pepper spray as a "vegetable" (just like President Reagen once said ketchup was to cut funding for school lunches and Head Start programs).

Well, Mr W, pepper spray IS technically a vegetable, just like technically if the Occupy protesters are using either public or private property they ought to keep this property in good working order as well as allow others to use it.

Now, you may have forgotten in your zeal to denounce OWS's Constitutionally-granted right to protest because it is "run by dirty hippies and other leftists," which I think you once admitted you couldn't Ayn Randian of you! Gee, Andrew, some folks think Jesus Christ looked like a dirty hippie! But must have forgotten at some point that the OWS protesters in Zucotti Park WERE GIVEN PERMISSION TO PROTEST THERE BY THE OWNERS OF ZUCOTTI PARK! Furthermore, the OWS protesters DID share the park, for one, with homeless New Yorkers, and did let folks walking their dogs use the park, etc.

Now, go back a couple of days to Tuesday, November 30, when you (during your interview with Matthew something-or-other of the Weekly Standard) stated that some Tea Party protest in Richmond (I think) was fined for using some property or other without some form of permission from the city authorities, but that the OWS movement has not been fined and how terrible is that! Well, Mr. Wilkow, right then and there you destroyed your own argument: if the Tea Party has to pay a fine then it must mean that they were "illegally" protesting, no? And, conversely, if the OWS movement doesn't have to pay a fine then it means they are LEGALLY protesting, maybe?

Of course, I could be wrong and it could be that the Tea Party was fined because the city could get money out of the leaders of the movement there, because everyone knows that since the Koch Brothers hijacked Ron Paul's movement with the help of Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, you--ah, but aren't you, Glenn, Sarah, and the Koch Brothers PART OF THE ONE PERCENT??? MAYBE THAT IS WHY YOU HATE OCCUPY WALL STREET, MR. WILKOW??? ISN'T IT TIME TO TELL THE TRUTH, MR. WILKOW???--well, everyone knows that since (insert a certain onerous word here) to the Constitution such as yourself, Glenn and the rest of you neoconservative media clowns have hijacked Ron Paul's movement simply to enrich yourself at the lair's table and wish "us little people" would just go away and die, that there is no way you would uphold the right to protest except when it is your Koch-supported-(insert onerous word here)-to-the-Constitution-movement that is protesting!

Gee, I bet you laughed along with your Wall Street pals when a Marine in the Oakland OWS protest got hit with a projectile by the Oakland police that not only sent him to the hospital but has disabled him really good, or when a former police chief from Philly got beat up really good, or some pregnent lady in Olympia lost her unborn child...did you, Mr. Wilkow, get together with Meygn, Bill O'Really, Rush, and the Koch's to party over it? "Take that, you worthless, unproductive, "something for nothing" 99 percent!"

BTW, who said everyone in the OWS movement was a "hippie," "unproductive," "something for nothing"? As untrue as that is (being about 100 airline pilots protested early on...gee don't airline pilots make almost as much fiat currency as you, Mr. Wilkow; being Marines, former and current peace officers, union and non-union laborers, public and private-sector employees, old folks, old well as "dirty hippies") the fact is that people of all walks of life are protesting because the so-called "one percent" has looted this country for its own greedy gain...ah, but Randians like you think greed is good...and also, BTW, how productive are you, Andrew, making six figures sitting a few hours a day in front of a radio/internet mike? What do you actually produce? Or are you as much a parasite as those you denounce? How many "jobs" do YOU provide?

Oh, by the way, Andrew, there is nothing...nothing! the Constitution about folks trying to redress grievances (ie. protesting) only when they have the property owner's "permission" to do so (and no, Andrew, there's nothing in the Constitution that says only right wing protesters have the right to protest regardless of property rights) in a manner that says "one can only redress grievances on property where it is permitted by the property owner." Andrew, it doesn't say that! Seriously! Read the Constitution some time and see if you can find anywhere that it says one can protest only where one is permitted to. And don't hand me that worn out argument that the Constitution only applies to the Federal government! I know that, Andrew! But, thanks to the Fourteeth Amendment, aren't we all UNITED STATES CITIZENS now? Ipso facto, the Constitution applies to us!

Finally, let me clue you in to how stupid your argument is. Let's say I am a member of the one percent..I'd have to be for this to happen...but I was sick and tired of my fellow one-percenters screwing and looting the 99 percent, so, since I owned one hundred thousand acres out in the middle of nowhere, I decided that I would let every single OWS person, regardless of where their OWS protest was, protest on my land, put up tents, toilets, etc. (think about what the farmer Yasgar did for the Woodstock crowd in 1969 up in Saugherties, NY). There would be no way cops or troops or whatever could come on my land and hurt the protesters. Fine. The thing is, what effect would it have to do this? The government and the one percent (you, for one) could just simply ignore the protesters and nothing would be of any effect. You know, if a tree falls in a forest but the mainstream media (again, you, for one) doesn't hear it, does it make a sound?

Note: But we are now beyond Gandhi's phase one: "First they ignore you". We are now in phase two: "Then they denounce you." Because OWS does NOT want to be ignored, they are not protesting on someone's private property out in the middle of nowhere where it would be okay by you to protest. Since they are protesting on the thick of things on either public streets or private parks, you are denouncing them. But still, it IS having some effect and might have a whole lot more (if they can keep themselves from being co-opted by the MoveOn, SEIU, or Michael Moore crowd of the left).

That is why, Andrew, the OWS protesters MUST protest on public property, on Wall Street, in front of the White House or the Capitol, in front of the Oakland or Philly or LA mayor's office or city council, or in front of the Dallas Federal Reserve Building. Because the Constitution you claim to so clearly uphold DOES NOT SAY THIS CANNOT HAPPEN BECAUSE OF PRIVATE OR PUBLIC PROPERTY ISSUES.


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What Andrew Wilkow Really Said

So I listened Tuesday November 29 to Andrew Wilkow's actual broadcast instead of just reading his posts on his site Wilkow Majority where it seemed he was saying the Occupy Wall Street protesters nationwide had no right to protest.

Now he actually didn't say they had no right to protest during his talk Tuesday with some Weekly Standard writer named Matthew...I didn't catch his last name.

What Wilkow actually said was, and I paraphrase, that the Occupy protesters could theoretically protest but couldn't actually protest in practice because they did not have "permission" to protest by the owners of Zucotti Park, for instance.

That's like saying the Continental Army had no right to fight the American Revolution because the land owner of the land on which fighting was fought did not give them "permission" to fight on it!

Like I said, he's just another traitor in Constitutional clothing.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Right Wing Talk Hosts Violated Their Own Argument!

Whether it is neo-fascists like Bill O'Reilly, who never met a taser-wielding cop or authority figure he didn't praise, Wilkow or anyone else dissing the OWS protests--who claim to be against folks right to protest because those protesting are doing it on private property and are dirty hippies and whatever other pretext they have to denounce the US Constitution when anyone other than co-opted Tea Party or Islamophobes are exercising that right to protest. As if the Wall Street banks that ultimately own them own the streets of New York City as well...except when protesting a mosque or whatever...

So O'Reilly and his Fox News buddy anchor Kelly whatsername, who said pepper spray is a vegetable, claims that the cops have aright to be as brutal as possible to these "dirty hippie students" because these students are paying to go to UC Davis--or their parents are---okay, okay, I admit it...some of these students may be getting Pell Grants or scholarships...and thus since they are paying for the cops to brutalize them they should just shut up and let the cops brutalize them. After all, they are paying the salaries of the cops since they are paying tuition to go there, and that is why they should shut up and let the cops do their jobs that the students are paying them to do. You know, paying to eat their "vegetables"...

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dear Occupy Wall Street: Here Is How You Can Really Win--Even the Right Wingers Will Support You

There are two reasons the right wingers do not support the OWS movement:

1. The left wingers DO support you! The right wingers make too much money on the backs of the ol' divide and conquer routine, but the fact is, the OWS movement will not succeed without the support of the Andrew Wilkows of the world (but don't even think of getting the support of the Glenn Becks...Beck actually endorsed Ron Paul at one time...I knew that support had to be bogus because a short time later he said he hated Ron Paul. Now he supports Michelle Bachmann, who has much much less chance of winning the nomination than Paul does. And don't forget how Beck screwed Debra Medina when she was running for governor of Texas!)

2. Too many "non-leader" leaders of OWS are anti-capitalist, that is, they favor socialism. Some are outright Marxists, and too many OWS supporters favor some sort of co-optation by unions like SEIU (I, for one thing, want nothing to do with anything SEIU is involved with, after seeing videos of SEIU thugs bullying voters and tea party supporters). If you want the support of MOST Americans not just the 30 or so percent that is jobless or loaded with student loan debt or has an underwater mortgage or just feels as if the "something for nothing" lifestyle is about to disappear, than you are gonna have to throw out the anti-capitalist meme some of you all have adopted.

I know of what I speak since I myself used to be a radical leftist...guys, working class people in the USA DO NOT WANT SOCIALISM, COMMUNISM, OR ANY COMBINATION OF THE TWO. I used to pass out leaflets with Marxist ideas, and man, did working class folks reject this stuff! Guys, this ain't Europe, and it won't be Europe no matter how much you wish it was Europe! President Obama is about as socialist as you all are gonna get!

Want to know why a fairly large minority of Americans are cheering the cops beating you up and pepper spraying you? A few cheer because they are just psychopaths underneath it all. Some cheer because they will cheer cops no matter what. Some cheer because they are too brainwashed by the Limbaughs and Hannitys of the world. Some cheer because they are just crusty old reactionaries. Some cheer because if even one leftist supports OWS, they can't support it no matter what. But I think most who cheer the cops, do so, because you all have invaded private property and they simply don't approve of that. Just like Wilkow has an article on his site about OWS in LA occupying you have the owner's permission?

Now I said in a previous article denouncing the right wing's anti-right-to-protest deal that the excuse they are using to denounce you is that you are all dirty hippies messing up private property (which is, of course, a pretext--they'd denounce you guys no matter what...after all they are owned by their corporate masters and your use of private property has nothing to do with it, right Andrew?). Now, I know not all of you are dirty hippies messing up private property, and that the right wing is using a broad brush to paint you.

But here is what you could have done:

1. Instead of occupying private property, you could have simply protested outside of Federal Reserve Banks (for one thing, uninformed folks like Wilkow think that the Fed banks are public property because "the government runs the Fed banks"...Wilkow doesn't know or won't admit the Fed banks are privately owned--and if Wilkow doesn't know, neither do most of his followers, who are denouncing you right now as I type). Occupying outside of Fed banks would also get the Ron Paulians on your side, and real libertarians as well. Right now, Ron Paul has lots of support.

2. Instead of occupying places like Zucotti Park you could have protested outside Bloomberg's place. What is wrong with protesting outside Gracie Mansion? Memo to Occupy DC folks...ever hear of the White House?

3. Instead of wasting you time protesting against the those who do the bidding of criminals, those "let 'em eat cake types" that live above your protests...stock brokers, hedge fund folks and the like who do as they are told by folks like Jamie Dimon, try protesting outside the mansions of those who actually have caused your problems. You protested outside Jamie Dimon's place, but then you left--you should have stayed, and done Ben Bernanke, Paulson, Larry Summers, Timmy Geitner, Rockefeller, etc. as well. By "inconveniencing" folks who work on Wall Street, all you are doing is pissing them off. Jamie Dimon could care less what you do to his underlings!

Come to think of it, why are you protesting Wall Street workers or even CEOs when what you really should be doing is getting a million or two outside Congress, outside the SEC, outside the Supreme Court and DEMANDING JAIL for these fraudsters??? 'Cos if anyone needs occupying it's Congress with its NINE PERCENT APPROVAL RATING!!!

You should be forcing Congress to force the court system to try these criminals and psychopaths for massive, economy-destroying fraud!

Oh, yeah! Congress won't do it because (as "Sixty Minutes" so wonderfully showed) Congress is in on the fraud!

So then! Maybe you all should get yourselves down to Washington DC...a couple of million of you, I know you can do front of the Capitol Building. Others of you locally can "occupy" in front of the homes of Congresspersons and Senators and send them a message as well.

Now, if the more reasonable right wing radio types like Wilkow see you protesting in front of Pelosi or Dodd or Frank or (wait for it...) Kucinich--and the left wing folks like Olbermann see you protesting in front of Beohner's or Bachmann's or McCain's or (God forbid) Ron/Rand Paul's...then I guarantee it


In my next post, I will present an even better idea!

'Cos right now you ain't...

Left Wing TV-Radio Talk Show Hosts are Traitors to the Consitution and Rule of Law! Period! End of Story!

And besides, they were against the Occupy Wall Street protesters before they were for them...typical leftists, eh?

Let's see...Rachel Maddow made fun of them before they "got serious," and stayed in Zucotti Park day after day after day, even when it rained? Even when cops were beating them up? Now, of course, Maddow says she "supports" the protesters--I guess her bosses at MSNBC told her she had to support OWS if she wanted to maintain her time slot.

But let us not forget that Maddow was part of the 1 percent and still is...can she actually be blamed for NOT supporting the protests at the beginning?

Now, as I said in my previous post about Andrew Wilkow and the rest of the right wing radio hosts who claim to uphold the Constitution--but only when Tea Party or Islamophobics are protesting--these folks would never come right out and say "these damned hippies" can't protest, so they denounce these folks as hippies instead, and say they leave their protest areas a mess--as if Tea Party protesters or anti-Muslim protesters leave their protest areas squeaky-clean! Further, when cops beat up these folks and pepper spray them, Wilkow, O'Reilly, Becvk and the others cheer on the cops. Who knows? Maybe Wilkow and the rest think these protesters are Palestinians in disguise!

Back to Maddow. Now, of course, she thinks it is perfectly fine to protest with OWS, and her fellows--Ed Schultz and Keith Olbermann on MSNBC, and radio hosts Thom Hartmann, Sheila "Red Hot Liberal" Miller, Mark "I make Micheal Savage look tame" Malloy, and the rest of Sirius Left and any and all other "progressive" talk show hosts, as well. Good for them for standing up for Constitutionally-protected right to protest and exercise freedom of speech.

Too bad that when it comes to Tea Party protests, or anti-Muslim protests (such as that BS protest against the "World Trade Center Mosque"), or protests at "Town Hall" meetings of Democrats, these same folks who defend OWS denounce protests when right wingers do it!

While they denounced the Republican National Convention in St. Paul Minnesota back in 2008 for being "fascist" or whatever, they similarly denounced Ron Paul's "protest" Convention not far down the road, which pretty much got the Tea Party movement that the Tea Party has been co-opted by Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and the rest of the Israel-firsters and neo-cons, they refuse to acknowledge that the movement Ron Paul started is now as pro-statist and anti-freedom as they are!

But no! Folks who want our borders secure from illegals of any country, folks who protest leftists wanting to take our guns away, folks who protest robbing from the productive folks to give to the "something for nothing" folks--ad I don't just mean welfare queens, either!--folks who think families who knowingly bought homes they could never pay off, or folks who get loans for college knowing they might never pay them back...when "right wingers" protest left-wingers wanting the government to force tax payers forced to pay back these bad loans because they debtors can't pay them back, by wanting taxes raised...dangit! If the left thinks it is okay for OWS to protest, but not Tea Party folks, then they are supporting the destruction of Constitutionally protected right to protest and freedom of speech--thus, leftists who think this way (and they pretty much all do!) are TRAITORS TO THE CONSTITUTION AND THE RULE OF LAW!

Just like they hate wars that Republicans start but love wars--think Libya--that Democrats start...even though by now they ought to know that Libya is now run by...wait for Qaida! Which, of course, means that ten years from now "we" will be invading Libya again to remove al Qaida...

As smarmy as leftists are, they really do not believe in the right to protest unless it is some leftist (or union like the anti-freedom and racist SEIU), but they will never admit it because, after all, being leftist, they "know what is best" for the rest of us "unenlightened." Want proof? See how many of leftist and "anti-racist" folks come out to shout down protests by neo-Nazis.

Now, I despise the ideas and racism of neo-Nazis, Skinheads, Identity Christians and the like, but darn it, this is America and they have the right to protest just like OWS does! Just like Hasidic Jews in Brooklyn did when they protested the arrest of that rabbi who raped a young Jewish boy. Just like protesters in Israel...the Nazi-like settlers in the West Bank can protest Palestinians even if Palestinians can't protest back, just like Tel Aviv folks can protest the cost of hummus and cottage cheese there.

Leftists: the right to protest MEANS the right to protest. Period, End of Story.

Like the right wing talk show hosts you claim to defend the Constitution.

Start acting the part!

My next post will praise and criticize Occupy Wall Street, both, because while I support their right to protest maybe they ought to be doing something even more effective...getting out of the system!

Right-Wing Talk Radio Hosts Are Traitors to the Constitution, the Rule of Law. Period. End of Story.

Which Right-Wing Talk Show Radio Hosts are Traitors to the Constitution and the Rule of Law?

All of them!

Okay, okay...I have not heard pro-Ron Paul radio host Mike Church's opinion on Occupy Wall Street's right to protest and exercise Freedom of Speech like his Tea Party protest buddies (because Church is on radio from 5 am to 8 am and I simply do not wake up at those hours). But it would not surprise me if he did not support their right to protest because his "Sirius Patriot" (satellite radio) buddy, Andrew "We're right, they're wrong, and that's the end of the story" Wilkow, does not support their right to protest. And do not get me started on Bill "pepper spray is a vegetable" O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Rusty Humphries, and Mark Levin....and hundreds of other supporters of the denial of Bill of Rights advocates on right wing radio.

But of course none of them comes right out and says they do not support "those damned hippies" right to peacefully protest because that would be sounding waaaay too hypocritical, so they come out with the same BS right wingers used to claim during Vietnam War protest--which, of course, some of these folks used to be a part of--such as "they leave the place a mess, they need showers, etc." Since they can't--they claim to stand for the Constitution, after all--demand that OWS stops protesting, they will vilify these protesters as much as possible and lie about them as much as possible. Meanwhile, they think it is okay for cops to beat them up and pepper spray them--but God forbid authorities in Muslim countries do the same thing!! Overthrow the bastards, Wilkow and his ilk might say...but those damned OWS protesters ought to be shot! Correct?

These folks, Wilkow, Hannity and the rest of 'em, are such TRAITORS to the rule of law that they make me want to be a leftist!

(Note: Since I used to actually be a leftist, there is no way I'm going back to being one...but the trash these right wing idiots say is enough to make most sane human beings want to be leftist...)

Don't believe that Wilkow, whom I used to think was one of the more sane right wing talk show hosts and listened to him almost every day, could be that anti-freedom of speech and anti-first amendment?

Then go here and click on the bottom of the page at his archives, and start reading the material he has posted. Every single article he uses on his show about OWS is negative. Folks, I realize that maybe OWS folks did leave a mess at Zucotti Park and did take advantage of the kindness of store and eatery owners letting them use the rest rooms, and they should have been held more to account over messes they left. But to call for rubber bullets, pepper spray, beatings and the like makes Wilkow and the others no better than the Brits in 1776--and their loyalist cronies--who probably said the same things about the Continental Army!

Further, since these folks refuse to support the right of their political opponents to exercise their first amendment right to protest and use freedom of speech, AT THE SAME TIME SUPPORTING THE RIGHT OF EGYPTIANS TO PROTEST IN TAHRIR SQUARE AND SYRIANS TO PROTEST AS WELL...AND OF COURSE THEY WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT ANY TEA PARTY PROTEST ESPECIALLY IF IT IS AGAINST MUSLIMS, these folks--all of them mentioned above and their wannabes on lesser programs, are TRAITORS to the Constitution they claim to uphold so dear. Because, as Emile Zola (who is a Jew, no?) once said: "I do not agree with what you say, but I will defend to my death your right to say it."

But no. Wilkow, who once claimed on radio (I heard him say) that he would love to be a Wall Street billionaire and that way he could screw the rest of us for not being enterprising enough...Wilkow, who is a follower of Ayn Rand, the same Ayn Rand who believes that the wealthy have to the right to rip off everyone else's wealth because they are not among "the elites"...Wilkow, who believes that Wall Street has the right to own our government because Wall Street creates most of the wealth of this if small businesses, farmers, ranchers, growers, factory workers, etc. etc. etc. have nothing to do with it...Wilkow, whp arrogantly claims "we're right, they're wrong, and that's the end of the story"... YOU, ANDREW WILKOW, WHO REFUSE TO SUPPORT THE RIGHT OF THOSE IN THE OCCUPY WALL STREET MOVEMENT TO EXERCISE FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND TO PROTEST PEACEFULLY, ARE A TRAITOR TO THE US CONSTITUTION!


Of course, Beck, Hannity, O'Reilly, Levin and the rest are far worse, but they are Israel-first, war mongering neocons, so that is to be expected. Thing is, I personally expected better from Andrew Wilkow, who ought to know better.

In my next post, I will skewer the left for the same reasons!

Friday, November 11, 2011

When Hope for the Future is Seemingly Lost, Remember the Elites are Insane Idiots!

Jim Quinn's recent post on Washington's Blog about having no shame is definitely worth reading even if you have no interest in the fate of Joe Paterno and Penn State's football program. But the article seems very pessimistic.

I may be one of the few bloggers on the insanity of the so-called "one percent" or "the elites" that actually is optimistic (Horse 237 of and Les Visibleis another) that the elites will lose, and lose badly, and We the People will win, despite all odds and no matter what the elites throw at us.

Some of the obvious reasons for my optimism are:

1. There a 7 billion or so of us and only about 10,000 of them. Yes, they presently control all sorts of armies and cops and mercs, but (other than the mercs anyway) even now members of the military and even cops are starting to turn against the elites. And, when mercenaries are no longer being paid what is requested--or whenever these folks grow a conscience (some will, most won't)--then they too will turn against the elites, Or perhaps they will sell their services to one branch of the elites against another branch.

2. Not everything about globalization is bad; consider that globalization has allowed more and more people than ever--pert near everyone on the planet--to instantly communicate over the internet, Twitter, Facebook, etc. This caused the so-called Arab Spring, which did some good in that it got millions in Egypt and elsewhere talking to each other, at least, and has been a boost to protests in the West, such as Occupy Wall Street. While I do not agree with some of the elements of OWS---those that blame capitalism, for instance, or those who refuse to acknowledge that government has no business in taking care of us--I do agree with their right to protest.

Side note: On the day of Sul Ross State University's Homecoming, October 29, 2011, the town in which it is located, Alpine, Texas (population about 5,000) had its own "Occupy" protest! There were perhaps 30 to 50 protesters on the main street corners shouting "We are the 99 percent!" I was astounded. Even small rural towns are doing it!

3. The elites have NEVER succeeded in their ultimate plans--enslavement of the rest of us and owning 100 percent of the wealth of Earth--and they won't this time, either. Considering these folks send their kids to Oxford or Harvard, belong to Skull & Bones and the Bilderbergers, and control about 90 percent of the world's wealth already, you'd think they would have studied history or mathematics. The longest empires have only lasted a couple of hundred years, mostly because empires tend to debase their currencies. When they debase their currencies the troops that maintain these empires for the elites soon enough realize they aren't paid what they ought to be paid and realize working for less and less for the sake of the elites simply isn't worth it. Then the elites have to hire mercenaries at exorbitant rates and if they don't pay what is demanded then you have military coups and the like. That is how, every fifty years or so, new imperial families took over in Rome. Things really got hairy in Rome after Commodus was assassinated around 200 AD or so (Commodus is the son of Marcus Aurellius, the last of the so-called "Five Good Emperors"). After that, the Emperorship was basically sold to the highest bidder. Just like the Presidency in the US: everyone knows that the Democrat or Republican that gets the most money from Wall Street and the banks gets to be the next president. Which, of course, will not alter the fact that the US empire is toast, whether or not "we" invade Iran.

Now it is possible that the US empire is being caused by the elites to fail, just as the European Union is being allowed to fail, just as the US dollar is being allowed to fail. That way, the elites can set up their own one world currency backed by a one world government. But a one world government and its currency must have unity of purpose THAT WILL APPEAL to the masses such that the masses will accept their enslavement, and even desire their enslavement. But--and the elites will never get it into their thick skulls--the only way this can happen is if they turn us into complete robots or zombies.

In a previous post I discussed the 1927 Fritz Lang masterpice movie, "Metropolis," with its virtually impossible caste system of the rich above ground and the workers below ground in perpetuity servicing the machines for the rich. NO ONE WOULD EVER AGREE TO LIVE THIS WAY!! Just like an idea that floats around on conspiracy sites on the internet--FEMA will take over all the abandoned houses in the US and turn these busted subdivisions into concentration camps for the masses who can't pay their debts or some such so that FEMA completely controls their lives--guys, this won't work, not even if you put Prozac into the water! At some point, reality does seep through to the masses and they rebel against what has been done to them.

But of course, reality is something the elites have no clue about because they don't have to live in reality.


For who are the truly insane on Planet Earth?

It is the elites. For thousands of years, from the time history began, the elites have been doing the same thing over and over again expecting that this time it'll work.

But Sumeria fell. But Egypt fell. But the Hittites, Elamites, Edomites, Moabites, Canaanites, Israelites (or as some say, Hyksos), Assyrians, Babylonian, Persians and Medes, Greeks, Romans, Spartans, the various Chinese, Aryan, Mongolian, Teutonic, Islamic, Holy Roman Empire, Byzantine, Ottoman, Spaniard, Portugese, Dutch, Prussian, Russian, French, British, Nazi, Shogun, Militarist...fell, and that is now happening to the American as well.

So now the elites want to set up their own little one world government empire doing it the same ol' way it's always been done.

Expecting different results. Ain't gonna happen, Rothschild. Ain't gonna happen.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Things I Just Have To Say..I Don't Care If No One Else Reads This, Either!

Heck...ten million Americans just might sue me for what I am about to say.

Dear (Most) Americans:

You're idiots, plain and simple, and you love it! Like many of my public school high school and junior high math students, ignorance is a badge of honor for you.

Goerge Orwell, in "1984," created the Ministry of Truth to spout lies. But a Ministry of Truth here in the USA is superfluous...why do we need the Ministry of Truth when we already have the Mainstream Media?

I see poll after poll claiming the American people distrust the media. But boy, they are just "voting" so to speak the way the pollsters want them to. No. The American people DO TRUST the mainstream media, and I can verify that, so to speak, by how they will react when (no longer if, but when) the USA goes to war with Iran. How will most americans react? Glued to their CNN/FOX/ABC/CBS/NBC newscasts about "Operation So-and-so."

Now I have a great idea to get the 70 percenters to really really go rah-rah for this war: have a contest to "name the operation." How about "Operation Too Fast Too Furious"? Because Vin Deisel would sue me if I used his name, so I'll use his movie instead. But anyway, "Fast and Furious" needs to be in there somewhere because this dog and pony show is being set up precisely because of what Holder, Obama, and the ATF have wrought. And, with the drug angle, the CIA.

I have spoken to, IMHO, too few eye-witnesses and whistleblowers in my life, but one of them was an officer in Vietnam and later a DEA officer in Latin America who told me point blank that the CIA AND DEA rogue agents were running drugs not only from Latin America and Vietnam, but the rest of Southeast Asia as well. He pretty much verified what Bo Gritz had said about the drug lord Kum Sah of Burma. Sorry, Myanmar.

The other eye-witness was in fact an infiltrator. Supposedly, various militia members in Kansas (where this guy was before he came out to my part of Texas) were out to kill this guy for being an infiltrator, working for the FBI. Well, "Republic of Texas" leader Rick Mclaren didn't believe this to be true (though they warned Mclaren several times), and he paid the price, but not before he got rid of this infiltrator in November, 1996--with the consequence that the wife and five kids of the infiltrator were being left homeless at the time of year when things start getting cold out here. So, in exchange for food and other supplies until they had other accommodations, this infiltrator explained to me why I had to "get out" of the movement (which I was planning to do anyway when I found out what Rick was really up to--money laundering), how and why Timothy McVeigh was set up in the Okie City "terrorist" act in 1995, what would happen to the Militia of Montana and there "The Freeman" compound in Justus, Montana (and their "sovereign citizen monetary instruments," which were for--you guessed it--money laundering, as with McLaren's "Republic of Texas Bucks."

In a nutshell, BOTH Okie City (and the Republic of Texas and the Freemen of Montana) and CIA drug running are intertwined big time. Wouldn't surprise me if Bill "Mena Arkansas" Clinton funded all of this!

But NOOOOO! You seventy percenters probably think these eye-witnesses just made it all up in conspiracy theory!

I don't hate you seventy percenters. It's just that I hate your mentality, your mindset, your inability or your deludedness or your complete lack of independent and critical thinking or whatever it is that prevents you from seeking the truth.

Well, the Bible has the answer: 2 Thessalonians 2:10-11--"...because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie."

We aren't just talking about love of Christ here. The Bible also says" "Seek the truth in all things."

It is this mentality under strong delusion that leads many if not most Americans to denigrate what Christ said and turn His truth on its head: Christ said love your enemies, so what do Americans do? Hate Muslims. Christ said "Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees," so what do most American Christians do? Uphold Christian Zionist doctrine of hating Muslims (and, in fact, hating Jews as well, for this doctrine desires the slaughter of two-thirds of the world's, or Israel's, Jews, in order that either the rapture occurs of Christ comes back, whichever comes first.) "Vengeance is mine sayith the Lord." So what do American Christians (and non-christians alike) do? Cry for war with Iran over completely unsubstantiated claims that "Iran" tried to assassinate a member of Saudi Arabia's diplomatic staff and blow up Israel's embassy. The FBI--who got that idiot Iranian-american used car salesman and his cousin "of the Quds Force" (when in fact he is MKO, an MEK offshoot, meaning he is anti-Iranian govt., and furthermore, he may have been given his passport papers through the Mossad...I stress may have been...even I can't go blaming the Mossad for everything before I know the absolute truth!), to "hire" the Mexican Mafia to do the hit!

Folks! The Mexican Mafia isn't that stupid!

But I guarantee it: once the troops and planes and whatnot weapons of war hit Iran, the American people will support this war just like they supported the phony Iraq war and the phony war in Afghanistan. Plus: Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Uganda (which, well I'll be a monkey's uncle, just discovered oil), and let's not forget Pakistan...di I miss anyone? Oh yeah! The American People....

Yes, I said it, and I believe it, and we deserve it--ALL OF US, EVEN ME! The oligarchs or the power elites or the "1 percent" or whatever you want to call the enemy ARE WAGING WAR ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!

When truth be damned and lies be praised in and out of the mainstream media, THEY, the enemy, is waging war on the American people.

When the rule of law becomes the rule of lawless, THEY THE ENEMY IS WAGING WAR ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

When the insane are running the asylum--when criminals and psychopaths, whether on Wall Street of K Street (or Pennsylvania Avenue for that matter), are, like vampires, feasting on the carcass of a once decent and sane nation--THEY THE ENEMY IS WAGING WAR ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

When most of the American people refuse to take responsibility for allowing our enemy to wage war on us, and we allow then to divide and conquer us, and when we allow ourselves to practice how they do because "the devil made me do it," then we are allowing our enemy to wage war on us.

But the enemy isn't just the oligarchs and the "one percent." These are just minions of our enemy, the spiritual forces of lies and all evil. As long as Americans hate, as long as Americans practice any form of corruption and lies and refuse to seek the truth, then our enemy will wage war on us.

So, go ahead and protest, just don't forget to look in the mirror to find the enemy and take the log out of your own eyes first.

Finally, a song that pretty much echoes my sentiments, by the late, great Johnny Cash, "The Man Comes Around."

Thursday, October 13, 2011

So the American People Are "Waking Up." Fine. When Will the American Elites?

So, it says in large print at one of those--or all of those--"Occupy Wall Street" protests that "the American people are waking up."

The thing is, the American people have demonstrated over and over again that they will not allow THE TRUTH to interfere with the following:

1. Their love of war. The old saying went that the only way to get the US out of the great depression was WW2. Now, let's not let the truth of Nixon getting the US completely off the gold standard to fiat-currency fund the deficit as a result of the soon-to-be-ended Vietnam War, an event which real economic experts agree had led ultimately to the crisis we are in now. Who needs truth when myth will suffice?

2. Their love of hate. Used to be that the amount of hate exhibited by Americans could be outweighed with the love, or at least goodness, exhibited by Americans. Or, at least that one too is a myth. But clearly now Americans are full of hate. I will never forget that Vietnam War era song by Barry Maguire, "Eve of Destruction." That song came out in 1965 (and it was that song that led Green Beret Staff Sargeant Barry Sadler to do his "Ballad of the Green Beret"). Anyway, here is a line from that song that describes Americans to a tee:

"Hate your next door neighbor, but don't forget to say grace."

In fact--as testified to by the slaughter of Native Americans from the beginning--American have ALWAYS hated somebody! The "injuns," followed by the Irish, the Jews, the Guineas/Wops/Dagos, the "Negroes" (to put it kindly, instead of "that other word,"), the Ruskies, Chinks, Japs, "Spicks," "Wetbacks," "Polacks," (and their East European fellows, but heck, they all look like Polacks), and now, of course, every damned Muslim on the face of the planet.

Now, if you poll Americans they will never admit they really hate Muslims. But they do. Honestly, they do. Who knows? They may hate Muslims more than Brits or "Frogs" do. You know, French people.

In fact, Americans have hated for so long it is ingrained in their consciousnesses, in American DNA. For one thing, America has been a bully most of its existence. When not bullying Native Americans, they were bullying Latin America ("the Monroe Doctrine"), Canada (at least three invasions, on the pretext that they needed to avenge themselves on the "loyalists" who fled north of the border, as if defeating them in the American Revolution wasn't enough), Mexico (the Mexican-American war, after the US forced Texas to "join the union"...since the treaty to have Texas join the US was never properly ratified--kinda like the 16th Amendment which gave us the IRS, and the midnight vote during Christmas, in Congress, that gave us the Federal Reserve privately owned Bank.), North Africa (the Barbary Pirates BS...but at least the deal was done properly using that Constitutionally archaic practice known as issuing "Letters of Marque and Reprisal"), Africa as a whole (triangle trade and all that) and in particular Liberia (whereupon freed slaves proceeded to steal the country from its natives and then enslaved them, showing that American blacks can bully just as well as American whites...which is why Liberia, like its British equivalent, Sierra Leone, is the hellhole it is today), Australia (yep, even white Australia, who was bullied into joining America in that Vietnam misadventure by the BS "Anzus" pact), and speaking of ANZUS--wasn't it SEATO that got the US involved in Vietnam in the first place? Or was it dominoes?

But anyway, Americans love to bully. so much so that few Americans even realize that America, too, is being bullied. But no one--okay, no one but a few--will ever acknowledge that the country that bullies us has already done so, in 1967, when this country attempted to sink the USS Liberty. To acknowledge this is to commit a hate crime, so few will ever opening acknowledge this.

Thing is, TRUTH is not a hate crime!

3. Their hatred of TRUTH. There are two, and only two, ways to understand and grasp the truth. One is to fully discern the Word of God, and this discernment can only be given to those who seek the truth...since so few Americans truly believe the Word of God and depend on it and obey it as well, then so few Americans get discernment of the truth of the Word of God.

What is the other? A truth that even non-believers, even atheists, can learn?


If you want to learn the truth, if you want to love the truth, and if you want to seek the truth without having to proclaim your faith in something you have been told does not exist, then, eschewing God, understand mathematics.

George Orwell, in his book "1984," really hit upon the core meme of man-as-god: 2+2=5.

How could a government actually convince anyone involved in building, machine making, road maintenance, or even war, that 2+2=5 was true? Try building something or paying for something with 2+2=5!

But that is exactly what the American power elites have been doing: instead of 2+2=5, we have the oligarch-owned United State government creating "money" out of nothing. Most do not know this, but before Bernanke can print his Quantitative Easing "money" it has to be LOANED into existence: the US Treasury gets a "loan" from the Federal Reserve Bank, after which the Fed prints the "Federal Reserve Notes." Thing is, if the Treasury asks for a million Fed notes, the Fed will require that the "loan" be paid back with INTEREST at a set rate, which of course means that the "loan" is already costing more than the amount of money printed! Which means of course that the "loan" can never be paid back unless the Treasury gets more "loans" if you know what I mean. Now Rothschild and company can rest easy for a few hundred years, but at some point this ponzi scheme can go on no longer.

So now it happens that the power elites--well, some of them, anyway, the ones who still have a conscience (I don't mean the soulless criminals and psychopaths among them, whom the OWS crowd might call the ".1 percent")--are starting to realize this, that things cannot keep on going as they ghave been for a couple of hundred years. Some of these "one percenters" actually think that it is not a good thing for the so-called "99 percent" to be forced to give all their wealth to the "one percent"
because then all progress stops, all commerce stops...and just who the hell is gonna grow and pick all the food? Hell, dummy, you gotta let 'em keep something! Or else life won't be worth living, right?

Before I close, let me mention a 1927 movie that I saw on Turner Classic Movies a few months back, the remastered and recovered "Metropolis" by Fritz Lang. I had avoided that movie at all costs earlier in my life because of the sheer inhumanity of it: how can a privileged few possibly confine and consign masses of literal slaves into a completely underground existence, with no sunlight except through vents? How can it be that these slaves would actually want to marry and have children that had no future except as slaves? Who would do this? Who would want to bring nothing but a slave into the world to live never seeing the sun, moon, and stars, and all of God's creation? Who would want to bring into the world a person who would never do anything but work? Are you kidding me? And what elite group of utter monsters would force folks who provided their very existence through working their machines to live this way?

But I saw it anyway, and I came into watching it just as that son of an elitist, the main character who just had to see how those underground workers existed (why I don't know since I missed the first few minutes of the movie, but he exchanged places with a worker who looked like him, and the worker was thrilled to go above ground), was trying like the dickens to move the hands of that clock to the positions they had to be in or else the machines would go kaplooey, pert near collapsing at the job! And it would turn out, of course--this is a movie after all--that this son of an elitist and his female worker friend (whom was some sort of prophetess, comparing the plight of the workers to the Tower of Babel) would start a chain of events that would ultimately bring the workers up to the real world to live alongside the elites. At long last, the leaders of the elites woke up to what they had done.

Now, just as more and more Americans--the "99 percent"--are waking up to what the elites and their fiat currency have done to them, a few, more and more elites, are waking up the the FACT, the TRUTH, that the system they have created to gather up all of the world's wealth for themselves is not sustainable. No--you cannot have one-hundred-percent of the world's wealth, because 2+2 does not equal 5. It equals 4. Period. End of Story! As Mike Rivero is fond of posting on his What Really Happened site, there is no eleventh marble!

So, when do the elites wake up, the ones that haven't already?

We won't need the failed "new world order/one world government" to find out since it'll never get that far (clue: the Euro is dying and so is the European Union!).

For one thing, the Americans who continue to hate (Muslims or anyone else) will--after we invade Iran based on that BS pretext with the Mexican mafia deal, American hate will ratchet up a few notches led by FOX Commentators and the Glen Becks and Sarah Palins of the nation, and those who refuse to see the truth will do things that maybe some of them will regret later but many won't, and then that karmic moment will come when, in a fully operational totalitarian police state they clamor for, they themselves live in "safety and security" in a FEMA "safesmart community" nearest them, with all the amenities like electricity, TV, Rush Limbaugh, TSA--er, NFL--football, GMO food and Prozac-laden water, all to keep them happy from all Muslims, whom of course will be deported en Gitmo? Bill O'Rielly will get the hard-on of his life! And, as a bonus, safe and secure from all dissent which might actually cause some of them to use a brain cell or two.

So, it looks as though I just don't have a lot of expectations that the American people will actually start to think, because I don't, not when it is okay with most for the US government to kill a citizen just because he's a Muslim! And nor when few Americans will even ask about the possibility that the Iranian-American who patsied himself so that the Big O could nuke the country of his birth had no authorization by the government of Iran to do such a thing.

Now all thinking Americans know that the US has been looking for any excuse to make war on Iran (for Israel's benefit or not). And, of course, all thinking Americans also know that there is no way the Iranian government would want the US to make war with it (because unlike the US govt., the Iranian govt., which hasn't made war in a few hundred years save the one they got into with Iraq because Saddam started that one, isn't gonna use war in order to "save" the economy!). Nope, the folks running Iran, for all their BS and Sharia crapola, aren't that stupid.

But the US elites are that stupid, so it's no wonder that one can say the same thing about most Americans! Follow the leader, right?

Saturday, October 1, 2011

I Support the Wall St. Protests, BUT

Of course, I support protesting the criminals and psychopaths on Wall Street...and, when they get around to it, the White House, the Congress, and the Supremes as well...but folks, this will do nothing, change nothing--just like Tahrir Square did nothing to change Egypt; the London riots did nothing to change Britain, the French riots (all hundred of them) did nothing to change France and the Greek riots have done nothing to change Greece. I could go on and on here.

But it did give the NYC cops a reason to show just what psychopaths some of them are, a reason to give Jon Stewart a shot at "Tony Baloney" and Chris Hedges another reason to divide Americans into "rebels and slaves".

According to Hedges, if you aren't "joining" the Wall Street protests you are a "slave" to the oligarchs! I just love it when so-called Christian preachers use Leninist tactics! But if you want to read what I think of his BS go to his article (which, in Bushian fashion, he shoulda titled, "You're Either With Us Or With The Oligarchs," but I guess he's too clever by half to do that), and read my comment on it under the username "somethinghappening". And to think I actually had to join OpEdNews to comment--what a waste of time that was!

This is my comment:

"Hedges is Right, BUT--to claim that those who don't "join" the Wall St. protest, or protests in other financial districts of other cities is a "slave" to the criminals and psychopaths sounds like some old Leninist buddies I used to have back in the early 70s when they said things like if the dumb sheeple working class didn't join the "movement of the proletariat" they were slaves to the bosses, or something like that... I live about 500 miles from Dallas and not much closer to Austin or San Antonio, so I won't be going to these protests, either. In fact (as my bio says) I have been protesting the oligarchs since the early 80s! How? By INDIVIDUAL EFFORT: getting out of the system, growing our own food, building our own house, having kids on the front lawn not the hospital and homeschooling them, and by seeing what most do and doing the opposite!

"I am glad these protests are succeeding about as well as can be expected, but what happens when these protests get co-opted like the Ron Paul-inspired Tea Party did thanks to Glen Beck, Sarah Palin, Rick Perry and the rest of the warmongering Israel-firsters?

"Honey, the only one I'm a "slave" to is God! I will never be a slave to man and his rule of lawlessness!"

And those of you who have read my old Something Happening Here blog know that I say what I mean and mean what I say. And, yes, I did used to hang out with Leninists so I know what I'm talking about! And, having been a small part of the early "Republic of Texas" movement of Rick McLaren's, I know something about being co-opted, in that case, by the FBI, and I was fortunate enough to realize what was happening and get as far away from that movement as I could (considering the ROT Embassy was mile from my house!). Or, maybe infiltrated is a better word.

In any case, I'm not going to any protest but I support it as far as it goes and if it stays non-violent. Yet, even if it is not co-opted/infiltrated, what is it going to accomplish? My reckoning is, not much.

Protests are fine but they really do not accomplish anything, and that's the problem. The oligarchs figure, go ahead and protest as long as you pay your taxes, right? Does anyone honestly think Jamie Dimon, for instance, is quaking in his Armani shoes (or whatever--hey I'm no fashion expert and proud of it!) over a few thousand protestors? (And, I'll repeat this since I think I've said it before: 5,000 protesters is fine but when it becomes 5 million, let me know! THEN maybe the oligarchs will take notice and do what the Saudis did: actually do something to ameliorate the masses...but with these psychos, I'm not holding my breath!. Just what we need: a few crumbs off the table!)

Well, I know for a fact that many of the protesters are young folks without jobs and perhaps living with parents, so they got nothing to lose by staying in "Liberty Plaza" for weeks on end, but what about all those union workers who are supposed to be coming in? There are pix of airline pilots protesting. How long can these guys go without working? Pilots make 6 figures and some probably have mortgages. How long can they protest? Same with Teamsters, Verizon workers, AFL-CIO folks: how long can, say, a million protesters hang out in a small section of Manhattan? And how long before some cop kills a protester by taser, and then the real violence begins?

Like I said in my comment (and you know this if you have ever read my old Something Happening Here blog), I have been protesting the oligarchs since the 80s. My husband and I built our own house, borrowed money to build it and paid that back, put in our own water well, planted our own garden and when possible catch or shoot our own meat and fish (one of these days we will have chickens--been planning that for years!), had kids at home and home schooled 'em, buy our own vehicles with cash, etc. My husband used to say, "If everyone else is doing it, do the opposite!" As poor as we have been at times, we never went on the dole. We never rely on others and we do for ourselves if possible, or don't do if impossible. We only spend what we have. In other words, we have gotten out of the system as much as we could.

The protesters? I suspect that many of them are there simply to game the system. But, if you want real and lasting change, you must GET OUT OF THE SYSTEM!

Otherwise--and notice some media mogul is now getting involved as well as the head of the AFL-CIO...Big Media meets Big Labor? Not a good sign, my friends!--it could be that if these folks have their way we will be replacing one oppressor for another: another Leninist tactic!

Be careful what you wish for, Mr. Hedges!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Special Ops of One

Well, I can't say "An Army of One" because that would be a copyright infringement, correct?

Nor can I say a "Clandestine Ops of One" because using the word "clandestine" would associate me with the CIA which would put me in the ranks of various "alternative media" types who I think just might be CIA themselves. If you used to visit my old website you know exactly to whom I refer.

So, why "Special Ops"? Because they are special to me. Because I ain't "joining" anyone, any so-called "protest" movement. It would be nice to find out if all that stuff happening on or near Wall St. was actually doing any good, but since I already know it won't change anything, why not just stay here and make things better?

No. Sorry, guys hoping that Wall St. protest stuff will change the hearts and minds of criminals and psychopaths, but none of that--not even if ten million Americans could fit into that small area and scare the living daylights out of folks who have to work down there--will change (as Christ once said) "one jot or tittle". One "jot" or "tittle" or what? Of the Rule of Lawlessness the USA is operating under these days. All the criminals and psychopaths who rule us have to do is call out the national guard or whatever and institute martial law, kill a few thousand protesters, and that will scare the sheeple back to watching Oprah and Jersey Shore!


What I am saying is that, number one, protests, even involving millions of Americans, will not change anything. They will not instill fear in the power elites, because they are already fearful, because their so-called solutions to the problems they created in the first place won't work, and they know it. But it will give them excuses to institute martial law in the places these protests are taking place---and maybe the nation as a whole. It will give them excuses to kill innocent people, who are the only people they enjoy killing.

Here is what will work, and no one in the protest movement that I know of is even close to making this suggestion: GET OUT OF THE SYSTEM!

The folks organizing the protests like "Anonymous" and websites like "Amped Status" are actually giving the system legitimacy by protesting it. And what drives folks like them crazy is folks like me: while I watch what is going on, observe what is going on, like these protests, I can see that they will do no good even before they happen. Just like in France last year when millions protested the hike in the retirement age from 60 to 62--the government of France passed that law anyway! Just all all the riots in Greece--the Greek government passed austerity anyway! What in fact does protesting do? It makes it APPEAR you are "doing something" when in fact you are not. You are not doing anything MEANINGFUL! You are GOING THROUGH THE MOTIONS, NOT ACTUALLY MAKING THINGS BETTER!

Now I'm not gonna say "don't protest." If you wanna protest, go right ahead and exercise your First Amendment rights. Be my guest. But don't get all huffy and call me a "sheeple" just because I don't feel like driving 2500 miles to be at some protest that won't do me any good.

Who are the "sheeple" anyway?

They are like sheep: they do what everyone else does. Either they do absolutely nothing and sit home watching "The X-Factor" and other mindless nonsense or they "do something" (meaningless) like protest. IN either case they do not commit to independent thinking and, worse, put themselves into a situation where they are "seen" by the powers-that-be so that at some point they can be identified and messed with (or recruited, whichever comes first). They are either afraid to do something (the masses who sit at home watching TV either fearful or completely apathetic or on drugs--which means they are all three), or "do something" that will in fact do nothing.

Now, they say the millions of protesters during the Vietnam War were the reason Nixon ended the war. Well, the US government was saner back then, and, don't forget, didn't Nixon have to take the dollar off the gold standard completely and completely inflate the currency to do that? At about the same time, he knew he had to end the war--in other words, end the spending for it! Believe me, if the PTBs back then could have kept the war going without destroying the economy, they would have. DEAR PROTESTERS: THE POWER ELITES DO NOT GIVE A CRAP HOW LONG YOU PROTEST, WHERE YOU PROTEST, AND HOW MANY, EVEN MILLIONS OF YOU, DO THE PROTESTING! YOU ARE NO THREAT TO THEM! BUT IF YOU WANT TO DELUDE YOURSELVES INTO THINKING YOU ARE, YOU HAVE THAT RIGHT.

But IO got news for you guys: what I am doing, what my husband and I have been doing for twenty-five plus years...trying to live independently from the system beginning when we were a lot younger in order to do the heaviest of the back breaking labor to do so now we don't have to (now that we are twenty-five plus years older)...has hurt the elites and will hurt the elites far more than what you are doing. You are thinking inside the box while we are thinking outside the box. They have your picture on their surveillance cameras. Where we are, there ARE NO surveillance cameras (except for the occasional drone plane looking for illegals).

Yes, the criminals and psychopaths ruling us can get us if they want to--send a drone and pop us like they pop folks in Pakistan every day--or if you have no clue, watch the movie "Syriana" and see what happens to the brother of the new puppet emir, who is supposedly a "terrorist"--and his wife and daughter--at the end of the movie. That is what those high tech soldiers who think they are playing a video game are doing somewhere in Nevada or something. Killing innocent civilians every minute or every day. Yes, like I said, the CPs (criminal psychopaths) who rule us can kill us faster than you can say Barack Obama. Thing is, they will be too busy with you guys, rounding you up and sending you to some camp or jail or whatever.

The rest of the time they are too busy groping at airports--and now NFL games! Or transport places or highway checkpoints. Or public buildings, some of which they have to sell to pay down their debt to China or whatever.

Yes, I know, when the electricity goes out, the grid goes down, no TV, no internet, no computer games or DVD movies, the microwave and oven won't work and the water well pump won't work either so that we may have to rig the power generator we bought years ago up to a battery to run either the refrigerator or the water well. In the heat of the summer I may need to run the fan for a few hours. But in the winter we don't need electricity for heat. Yes, I know, it'll be tough for the first week or so, but after that we will be used to it and will have developed other passtimes...board games, reading books, playing cards, walks, relearning the guitar, etc. And, in our spare time, guarding the mountain neighborhood from looters.

What about you guys?

Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Planned Collapse? Yes, But No

You might be wondering WHY I have STILL not put up my Something Happening Here.Net articles on gardening and rural remote living. Well, the gardening season is too well under way to advise on starting and maintaining a good garden--it is nearly September, after all--and it is getting to a point right now that it is almost too late to START THINKING about moving out of the cities and suburbs to the rural remote because the thinking stage should already have happened, and you should be preparing to move, now, not just "thinking" about it!

I am the Office Manager for a rural remote mountain subdivision in far west Texas, and since I take care of account cards and property sales deed records, I know for a fact that more and more properties are being bought and sold, and that more and more folks who bought land years ago are developing their properties, perhaps precisely because the SHTF scenario is coming into play.

Just about everyone out here I talk to KNOWS that they made the right decision to live out here "in the boonies." The level of awareness, even among those who have a more-or-less nanny-state attitude, an "I (and the govt.) know best" attitude, KNOW they are living in an area that will NOT bear the brunt of the worst aspects of a possible USA Collapse scenario, even if they themselves did not grow a garden (many out here are elderly or frail, not exactly folks who would grow gardens, a job that requires physical stamina to say the least) or can easily deal with situations (such as what happened early February out here) like three full days of single-digit temps--can you say frozen and broken plumbing? And even though--thanks to "la nina"--in other words, severe drought--many trees are dying (and the "big freeze" only exacerbated it) around here (but we are better off than many in Texas, who STILL have seen virtually no rain at all!), we are STILL better off than we would be if we stayed in the cities. In fact the only time I've seen folks being fearful was during "the big fire" periods in May when this subdivision was surrounded by fires.

In fact, we are overdue. But anyway...

This isn't about gardening and moving to the boonies. This article is about the notion that "they"--the PTBs, the oligarchs, the bankers, "the illuminati" or whatever you want to call "them"--have planned the collapse of the USA. Many alternative media websites have claimed this. The reasons for this planned collapse? Well, the Rothschilds want to pay back the "colonies" for wanting to be independent from their banking system (despite the best efforts of their lackey, Alexander Hamilton). Or maybe it's because every now and then some political leader wants to, again, deal a blow to the Rothschild-founded banking system (think JFK then, Ron Paul now) known as the "Fed." Or maybe it's because too damned many American "little people" own guns and are less likely to adhere to any confiscatory plan than anyone other country on earth, and so they must set up all sorts of false flag ops in order to get many of us to voluntarily and willingly give up our guns. Or maybe it's because too many of us do not think the way they want us to think: collectively. Ironically, maybe they are trying this because while we don't usually think collectively, too many of us DO think collectively when it comes to "the other": many of us hate Muslims, or liberals, or conservatives, or Southerners and rednecks or Northerners and yankees, or Catholics, or whites or blacks, or Jews or Evangelicals or atheists or Creationists or Evolutionists, or Ron Paulians or anti-Ron Paulians, or illegal aliens or even legal ones!

Or, maybe it's some other reason, but many believe that "the rulers" have had a plan for many years to destroy the USA. Many think "they" want to turn the rest of us into slaves or serfs or something on that order. That way, "they" can have it all! Bwahahahahahaha!

But like I said in my last post: they can't take it with them, and despite what folks like Ben Fulford say, they will not live forever! So, then, why even try it when you won't get to enjoy the fruits of your plunder for more than a short period of time?

Imagine this: Evelyn de Rothschild and his wife Lynne Forrester each have three people to wipe their butts every time they go poop in the toilets...and imagine each time one of their butt-wiping "slaves" or "serfs" or whatever sends a tapeworm, via toilet paper, into their rectum or anus. Or you can apply this logic also to a George Soros or a Warren Buffett or a Timothy Geitner or a Lloyd Blankfein. Imagine! All us little people have to do is get close enough to these psychopaths and in a couple of weeks...dead. Gone. Baddabingbaddabang. And I don't care how many slaves they'll need to test their food for poison! The lady that brushes Lynne's hair won't use lice; she'll use flesh-eating bacteria. The many who puts Evelyn's clothing on and brushes it won't use flesh-eating bacteria; he'll use some biohazard that will get on "his highness's" skin. The child they molest for the fun or it won't let them put their peckers up his ass unless he's got something up his sleeve...or rather his butt, that will pay these criminals back.

I am not wishing this on anyone (even if they deserve it) because I know that when they stand before God they are finished, period, end of story. After they pass through the Lake of Fire there won't be enough of them left to reconcile to God...okay, okay, just as Hitler loved dogs, I am sure Evelyn has at least one decent quality that God will save...

But is likely that these "masters of the universe" have no clue that they will not destroy the USA--and the planet, too, for that matter--unscathed, because all they have heard their entire lives (in Lynne's case, the last twenty-five years or so when Kissinger introduced her to Evelyn) is that they are supermen and women and we the 99.9 percent of the world's population are "the herd"...cattle that is (and if you are ultra-Talmudic, us goyim, for goyim means cattle), and thus they have no idea, and I mean NO IDEA, that we the people are not cattle, are not subhuman, are not "slaves" or "serfs" for their pleasure. They truly have no clue. Further, while some of these folks have actually turned out to be reasonably decent (one Rothschild was appalled at the notion that he was supposed to prey on his "inferiors" and I'm sure there is a decent Rockefeller, as decent Saxe-Gotha, a decent scion of an "illuminist," out there somewhere!), event these folks haven't been exposed to us subhumans enough to truly understand that we cannot be defeated.

I tend to think of a "planned collapse" like this: yes, they may have planned something but if that's the case they surely ain't much at planning! When a new parent plans for a baby that wants a pacifier to chew on or suck on and then they take the pacifier away, they know they must have something to replace it. What I do not see is that these folks trying to collapse the USA having something to replace it AND keep themselves in power. Yeah, yeah, feudalism! RIGHT! SURE! If you actually think these folks are stupid enough to replace what they have now with feudalism--even a high-tech one with barbed-wire concentration camps for "serfs"--when the "serfs" are not only literate (okay, many serfs are literate at any rate) but also have some idea of technology enough to throw a monkey wrench into this "feudalism"--okay, okay, maybe these "masters" are that stupid! The thing is, Americans are not like feudal Brits or French or Germans or Russians or whatever, 900 years ago. Americans have tasted liberty, and there are probably enough of us that it can be preserved from psychos and criminals, no matter what idiot "plans" they have!

Folks, there is NOTHING they have planned to replace what they have now; their "new world order" is nonsense (heck, they can't even make the European Union work correctly,and they think they can have a one-world government? Don't make me laugh!), and if folks would stop listening to Alex Jones they'd realize that!

So, thus, it is an unplanned collapse...or no collapse--except for them, of course!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thoughts on London Riots and More Proof the Power Elites are Idiots, Criminals and Psychopaths

Syd Vicious is dead, right? Or is it Johnny Rotten? Or some other Sex Pistol? Remember that Nancy Spungeon biz back several years ago? Well, that's what I refer to. Yeah, I know--you aren't supposed to end a sentence with "to."

But anyway... I saw a Video of some of the events relating to the riots in London set against the background music of the Sex Pistols' song, "Anarchy in the UK."

Now, if the riots had started in Brixton, we'd be hearing their song, "The Guns of Brixton."

I could barely make out the lyric. Why, oh why, don't singers these days actually sing their words so you can figure them out without having to download the printed lyric? Yeah, I get it, the words say the singer is an anarchist. But aren't all rock singers (okay, okay, Ted Nugent is a neoconservative twit...)

But anyway, these rioters are burning their homes? Why? Supposedly, the riots had since spread to Hackney. Now I've actually seen Hackney--walking--yes, I said walking--after all it was mid-afternoon so no danger--walking through Stepney and Whitechapel to get there. A friend and I who were "student visitors" through a mostly college-sponsored-study abroad program (I had just graduated HS and this was a graduation gift) had gotten off the "tube" at Bow Road (where the "great bells of Bow" know the ditty about farthings and St. Martins, but anyway...), which is near Stepney and Whitechapel. Now, if you've never read Dickens or saw the movie "To Sir with Love" you may not know that Stepney and Whitechapel are in what's calll the East End of London and are considered "slums" by western standards. That is where they speak "Cockney." So, we walk through those districts and eventually, walking toward the north, we get to Hackney. Then, Hackney was pretty much loaded with high rise apartment dwellings (called "Tower Estates" in England). The place was called "Trelawney Estates." Why were we there? Because my friend (who is Jewish, BTW) had relatives there...her mother's family was originally from England and this family we visited were an aunt and a cousin. The aunt was home and soon enough the son came home as well--he worked for British Rail. I don't remember if she worked. The apartment--four rooms--was somewhat cramped but definitely NOT slum-ish. this was in 1970.

Sometime in the mid-90s I read something in a magazine about how Hackney was now a slum. I was hoping these folks had moved out by then. They were very nice people.

But anyway...the riots had moved to Hackney and now I was really hoping these nice folks (she might be in her 80s and he in his 60s by now) were nowhere near this stuff!

There are two schools of thought on these events. One is that these mostly young folks who have been mostly poorly schooled, they say, and have no prospects, supposedly--as well as the so-called fact that they are mostly non-white, which is debateable since the riots are now spreading north...if they hit Tyneside, then "non-white" is BS because places like Newcastle are still mostly white...Geordies don't cotton to outsiders if you know what I mean, unless they can help Newcastle United (which was recently relegated down) get back to the Premier League! But anyway...The other school of thought--which of course makes a lot more sense--is that Cameron and the Met Police deliberately held back for a day or so in order that the mostly poor folks in Tottenham, Enfield and the rest would burn their homes and loot their shops and so on so that now they'd be homeless and the object of blame by the middle class, who would proceed to call for martial law and other draconian measures, which, of course, the power elites would happily oblige!

Yet, this would also mean that the man whom the cops shot, Duggan, shot him deliberately knowing that this would causes riots and burnings and lootings and what not. Which sounds like the notion that the "illuminati" did "weather modification" in the Gulf in August 2005 setting up Hurricane Katrina on New Orleans, which would lead residents still there (because they didn't have cars) to loot the place, which brought about martial law there. Some think that is what happened. But, if the "illuminati" were really smart--they aren't, but they think they are--they would have sent a weather modified hurricane on Houston, Texas, which is a lot bigger and a lot badder. Oh! Wait! They DID try that! But Hurricane Rita didn't exactly follow their flight plan, and hit SW Louisiana instead.

Sometimes God allows those dimwits to carry out their plans, and sometimes He doesn't.

But anyway...There is no martial law in England as I write this, and their probably won't be, despite various trolls in online-newspaper forums calling for such...and shame on you, Nigel Farage! Are you too stupid to see what the power elites are trying to do?

So my question is: will they try this in the US?

Now we all know (okay, we think we know!) that Americans won't protest anything, right? Isn't that what my previous post was about--WHY Americans are not protesting and rioting? And didn't I say that was likely a good thing? And, of course, if there is rioting and protesting it'll be over some racial thing...Rodney King and all that. We all know how the power elites here have run their "divide and conquer" thing, and how the left and right continue their "divide and conquer" dog and pony show: while one said blames "Tea Party" folks for the recession the other side blames "big govt. liberals and welfare queens." Folks, this ain't gonna end, but it doesn't have to.

And we all know--even those of us who act like we don't know--I'll get to that more in a minute--that the powers that be are doing their best to loot the country as I write...cut Social Security and Medicare and Food Stamps and Medicaid and loot 401Ks and the like, including not paying Federal employees...we know all this will happen, "Super Congress" or not. Heck, my 70-something mother-in-law knows it, and she still watches CNN and FOX! But she STILL knows it!

That is what I mean by those who "don't act like they think they know, but they know." I realize there are CIA-connected bloggers (even if they aren't CIA, they are CIA for all practical purposes because they are carrying out the agenda) that want all of us who know what's going on to think that "the masses" don't know what's going on--I used to think this, too! But no longer. When Rasmussen takes a poll and over 80 percent of "likely voters" (that means folks who are between 30 and 70 years old, in other words, representing about 250 million Americans or about 70 percent of the population--there's that 70 percent again!) say that Congress doesn't represent them and Obama's satisfaction numbers are way down, then you know that MOST AMERICANS GET IT!

Funny, but on the way back from a shopping trip we had NPR on, and these (use any perjorative term you wish here) were actually saying that "random" Americans loved what Obama was doing and why is everyone so upset? They solved the debt ceiling thing, after all! Okay, okay: we ought to thank Obama and Congress for destroying the Constitution with the Super Congress and making sure that money we have put into Social Security and Medicare our entire lives will NEVER be given back to us!!! Thank you, sirs, may I have another! Now, that's the spirit, NPR! Take my advice and go back to North Korea, please!

But anyway...they are idiots, but unfortunately, they are also criminals and psychopaths. Unfortunately for them, that is! Criminals? Guess what, stupids! NO CRIMINAL HAS EVER COMMITTED THE PERFECT CRIME! Since you are too stupid to understand why, I will tell you: because one of you idiots will rat on the others to the point where no synchophantic media will be able to hide this one; either that or you all will eat your own until you consume yourselves. Or, maybe, just maybe, some of you will go to jail while the angry populace either hangs, burns, shoots, or dismembers the rest of you--and your families! And your dogs, cat, birds, tigers and any other exotic pets your trillionaires have. "Grilled Evelyn" (de Rothschild, that is) and "Baked Lynn Forrester" just might become the meal de jour one of these days...but I jest, of course. Or maybe, just maybe, one (or more) of you will grow a conscience and stop this death and destruction. The more the merrier.

Psychopaths? Probably more than they are criminals, even. In the unlikely event that one of more of them DOES grow a conscience that automatically disqualifies this or these power elites from being psychopaths. For, to be a psychopath one must not have a conscience! But, to not have a conscience means also that one not has a heart and a soul, and that also means they do not have a clue as to the consequences of their actions. That is right: THESE PSYCHOPATH POWER ELITES HAVE NO CLUE AS TO THE CONSEQUENCES OF THEIR ACTIONS! THAT IS BECAUSE THEY THINK THERE ARE NO CONSEQUENCES FOR THEM!

But, there are. Yet, because they are psychopaths, they have no is mutually exclusive, like an oxymoron. Psychopaths CANNOT see/feel/hear/taste/smell/understand consequences. It is a vicious circle...they are psychopaths because they don't understand consequences and they don't understand consequences because they are psychopaths. It isn't just that they do not live the way the rest of us do, or that they (because they are insulated int heir own enclaves) do not know anyone that is outside their group. IT IS BECAUSE THEY ARE PSYCHOPATHS!!! AND CRIMINALS!!! AND IDIOTS!!!

One more thing: all that money you power elites are robbing from the world's people? Don't you dimwits know that you are going to die soon and that YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU???

Enjoy your trillions in loot, Dave're what, 90 now? How much longer you got? Five years, maybe? Now, you, Goerge Soros? Oh...twenty more years or so. But you can loot double what you've looted by now and guess what? When you die you'll be as poor as the rest of us.